Apple TV (4th Gen) Remote Holder

by jeffbushdesign Oct 3, 2016
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I would have liked the holder printed but the template is useless with the remote control. You would still have to edit the print template.

Hey Berliner,
Thanks for drawing my attention to that. I've uploaded an updated file so that doesn't include the remote. If you re-download the file now you should be able to print the remote holder without any problems.

The file I downloaded is scaled down, both my 3D printer software and TinkerCad load it as a very tiny object.

Hey Alj,
Thanks for downloading my model. When you open the file in TinkerCad does it ask you to choose units? (inches, mm, etc.) In most 3D modelling software the software thinks in global units. So if you have inches set as your default unit in the program then when you ask the program to make, for example, a 1 x 1 x 1 cube then it will make a 1" x 1" x 1" cube. But then if you take that file and open it in another program where mm is set as the default units it will show that cube as a 1mm x 1mm x 1mm cube—which is much smaller.
The units that were used in my model were inches, so if you were to open my model in another program where mm are set as the default units then the model would show up very very small like you're describing.
Let me know if that fixes the problem.

I think this article is describing the same issue you're having but it gives a better explanation than I have:


Quoted from the article:
"Both programs have a default scale. Maya uses centimeters (1 unit = 1 cm) while 3ds Max uses “generic” units that default to inches or centimeters depending on your geographic region (1 unit = 1 in or 1 cm). 3ds Max users that want maximum compatibility for exported file formats are best off using centimeters or meters for scale. In 3ds Max, you can always model in your preferred scale and change it later; if you model in inches, for example, then when you’re done you can change the units to centimeters using the tool shown in the video, and all measurements will convert automatically."

Thanks Jeff for the article. It was informative and I will save it as a reference. I understand the purity of using a real-world scale but when the standard models on this repository use a default scale then it should be saved that way. I can load all if not most models on Thingiverse without having to scale them first before loading them into my printer. My printer does not support me changing the scale, so I have to load it into CAD software first, save it then move it to my printer.

I very much appreciate the work you have done on this model. It is the only Apple TV 4 holder that works for me and I have looked at many. Thanks for providing it.

Thank you.

Hi Al, it's my pleasure, I'm glad you like the model. You've brought up an important issue that I hadn't thought of. I'll prepare a version of my model in metric units. What units do you think I should use that would be suited to the most people—mm, cm, or m?

Thanks, Jeff
Most models I have download from Thingiverse are in mm.

Thanks, again.