Cog Spinner

by LoveWaffle Oct 4, 2016
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hey some dude is selling these spinners at http://www.ehrenfidgets.com/ he isn't giving you credit and he is even implying that he designed them.

The holes on this design were a bit oversized in my printer (Kossel mini delta clone). I've printed a few different versions of these including one I designed myself. This is the first one that's oversized.

If you experience the same issue, a Little thread sealing tape around your bearing solves that issue. Or you can print a few layers, try to fit the bearing, and then adjust your print size percentage accordingly.

Great design, super cool work, Keep it up!!

hey, everytime I print this it is so tight on the bearing that it snaps when I try to push the bearing in, i'm using 608zz abec 7 skateboard bearings, any idea how to fix this problem??

When I printed the file as downloaded, I found the inner diameter of the bearing holes to be undersized by 0.5mm, I measured 21.53mm for the holes.
While the outer diameter of my bearings measured ~22.1mm.
This is called an "interference fit" meaning the part is bigger than the hole.
In order to get the bearings in (but not fall out), we need a "size for size" fit or zero/tiny "clearance fit"
You can google mechanical fits & tolerance to learn more

In general, my printer typically tends to undersize round holes by about 0.5mm or more so most likely it's an issue with my printer vs the design

so dividing 22.1/21.53 = 1.026... so in my Slic3r, I scaled the model to 102% and the bearings fit fairly snug.

after 1 day of spinning I'm finding that the bearings are starting to slide out a little bit. I'm guessing that ideally I should reprint at 101.5% or 101%... but instead I just used a dab of super-glue and I'm good to go

if you didn't design this you cant sell it, its in the license section

Ya, I know.... why else would I alert the artist to someone breaking his license?

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What size are the cogs?

What is it? My friend asked me to print him one and sent me the link to this one maybe make a video showing us?

Looks really good! Thanks for the design cant wait to try it out