Cog Triple Spinner

by LoveWaffle Oct 4, 2016
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Had to print at 102% Anet A8

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Have you any recommandation with infill?

Love this design! We've been making these things like crazy, and we've been experimenting with different bearings that we put in them. I put a full ceramic zirconia 608 in this one, it practically goes forever.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/643j112csukuu1n/20170123_162520.mp4?dl=0

I just got some spitfire cheap shots and after a day they started hissing. Is that normal? If not, what should I do?


I find that the bearings are not completely quiet once you remove the grease, but the noise they do make is unobtrusive. I've never considered it a "hissing" noise.

Ok. Would lubricating the help?

I don't think so. Lubricant can help bearings under load run more efficiently and quietly, but this application is essentially under no load.

Printer perfectly -nice design......thank you.!

Hey I was wondering If I can use ur design and sell it. Are you ok with that

The license is non-commercial so you are not allowed to sell it

What type of bearing are those? And where could I get them?

For the little handles, are they supposed to be printed the direction they are in the stl or are they supposed to be flipped because it looks like that would take an awful lot of support.

(to test) to avoid tolerance issues of prints, i suggest you to make a small cut between the central bearing and externals to give a little elasticity to the holes for an easier insertion of bearings

Hi I just made one, but the bearing is not as smooth as in your video, so I want to change it.
How can I remove the bearing without damaging the print?

Use something just barely smaller than the bearing, set it on something to give it some room underneath, and tap the bearing out. You can also press them out with a vice if you get creative.

Did you figure out a good way to remove bearings? I need to do that on a few spinners I have.

i have tried many things, i can usually pry them out with a exacto knife end or anything like that but if not , just rip apart the spinner lol

I purchased some 608 bearings but they dont spin as freely as I thought they would. How do you recommend cleaning them?

Just FYI, some paces will clean bearings and send them dry if asked. We do that, we have a big ultrasonic cleaner. We've been making a bunch of these spinners, and they work waaaay better if you remove lubrication from the bearings. If you don't have an ultrasonic cleaner, I've heard that automotive disk brake cleaner works for degreasing bearings. You want them absolutely dry for these spinners, no grease, no oil. Mineral spirits will get rid of oil.

Remove the shields, and wash the grease out. You can use water, but I'd use WD40 after to reduce the potential for rusting. You can leave it unsheilded, or replace them.

thanks for the reply. According to Tinkercad its dimensions are 70.23mm X 76.5mm so I think it'll print just fine :)

what are the dimensions? Can I print it on my max 80x80x80 mm printer?

I know the original tri-spinner will fit on your bed, but I'm not so sure about this one.

just to confirm, it can be printed on 80x80x80mm just fine!

I printed this, and I put in the bearings, and it cracked the plastic in 4 places.Then, sadly, I dropped it and it broke in two.

You might want to scale it up by ~1-2%.

Finally something i can use to satisfy my fingers in school.. :D

Is that the normal color of that green?, it's so vibrant. If so, what filament is it?

That's Hatchbox Green!

is it pla or abs that you recommend for these? I have Hatchbox too but ive had some issues with their ABS to stick to my Duplicator i3.

How did you try to get your Di3 to print ABS?

I've just been printing in PLA. Depending on your build surface, there are different tricks you can use to get ABS to stick. Scuff up the build plate with sandpaper, use painter's tape or other adhesive alternatives, or try a glass bed with hairspray. I personally use a glass bed with hairspray - Super great, smooth surface. The bottom of my prints look like glass.

I need to get a glass plate for the ABS, I have the monoprice version of the Wanhao I3 (american rebrand) and so many people recommended getting a glass bed for printing ABS.

Home improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot will cut glass for you, very inexpensively. < $10 for two plates.

That's better than $20 for one plate from amazon, Thanks!

Very nice design! By far my favorite ive ever used. I used 608zz bearings for the outside, because they were cheap and didnt spin too well, and then a mystery bearing of the same OD for the inside which freespins much better. This thing spins for a solid 15 seconds now. Very comfortable to hold and use if you hold with your thumb and pointer, then spin with your ring finger.

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Hey, nice design, however you should probably mention what size of bearings you are using.
My guess: 608 ZZ
People will start asking ;)

"608" bearings have a diameter of 22mm