Cen-Tech (Harbor Freight) Micrometer Battery Cover

by bpopp Oct 4, 2016
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Who'd be daft enough to lose their . . .
OK, printing one off now. The original pinged off that way somewhere -------->
Thanks for the design.

Clearly you've underestimated the demand here. Thanks for taking the time to model and go through the iterations to make this. New cover fits great and looks much better than the electrical tape that's been on there for years.

Awesome, and works perfectly!!! Thank you :)

Exactly what I needed ... awesome job

great build! straight off the print bed, onto the caliper. thanks for sharing!!

Thanks. Just what I needed to fix my Micrometer !

I swear I have been without a battery cover for 7 years and i am constantly having to put a new battery in cause the old one pops out.

This is the best thing I've found so far on thingiverse!

Now we just need a hack to make it turn itself off!

OMG! This is the best thing since the invention of sliced bread. Thank you , thank you , thank you Bpoop ! You truly are a makers maker.

finally! ive been without a battery door forever and it p much makes these calipers useless

Awesome. Hope it works for you. Lemme know how it goes.

i have a printer and this calipers.. havent lost my lid, but i wont worry anymore. Thanks!

Hot glue works well if this happens to break. A little bit of isopropyl alcohol will help to remove the glue when it's time to change the battery

Ha ha..I have a 3d printer and these calipers. Haven't lost the battery cover...yet.