Plastic Beast

by the_colorist Oct 4, 2016
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What motor size fits on the frame?

Most motors for 4 and 5 inch quad will fit this from 2202 through 2406 stator motors. If you have tolerance issues just bore out the plastic a little with a drill bit.

I could not even get close to printing this on a Monoprice Maker Select IIIP. Had to scale it down to 96% just to get Cura to slice it. Then when printing, it would cut about 1/4 inch off of one side.

Yes same thing Prusa i3 clone. One side missing part.

Hey man, I posted a pic the other day with the 4in1 ESC setup. I should be able to finish the build tonight but I can't seem to figure out how the GoPro mounting holes work. Based on your design, was there a specific mount or piece that you used to mount the GoPro cam on the top plate?

Nice Frame! Would you have a list of the hardware needed to build a quad using this frame available and where to get it?

just quickly pulled up these links since I knew that this place had hardware. You can use any place to buy these online as long as you are getting the same thing.

6 of these http://www.armattanquads.com/35mm-black-anodized-aluminium-standoff-5-5mm-o-d/



Thanks for that! I'm actually interested in a full list of all the parts needed to build a fully functional quad with camera like the one you are flying in your video. If you can spare the time it would be much appreciated. What is the total cost to build one of these?

Hey Colorist, I'm a noob with fpv flying. could you recommend a build for me using this frame?

To be honest, maybe not, it is not the hardest frame to build but the ESCs can be tricky to solder with the tight tolerances of the wires. For an experienced builder it is no problem and if you are comfortable with soldering and electronics in general then you will have no problem but if all of this is new to you... then you might be better off getting a bigger carbon fiber frame. I am bias but the spaceone 220x frame is very durable and a easy build space. it was 35 dollars last time I checked.

I've bought a ready to fly racer off banggood should be coming in like 2 months lol so before it gets here I want to build a racer to mess around on and learn the ropes which is why I thought this frame was perfect. I also live in the butt end of the world. (South Africa) so getting things delivered takes a long time and most of the suppliers here rip you off. :(

Well in that case you should give it a try. Just spend the time to make sure you don't short anything and you should be good to go

Can you fit 6" props? Also, try printing it in PETG yet?

This frame can only spin 5in props, I have not personally tried PETG but I know a few people have printed with that filament. I think it will work. Flex would be the only issue but I have designed the frame to help a lot with that so I would say give it a go.

Why is the item appearing vertically when I download the .stl files? I do have a 20cmX20cm build platform on my wanhao duplicator.

hey did you get this figured out i cannot get to print on my wanhao duplicator it cuts off part of it

Yeah it printed just fine using Cura 2 as the slicer.

I worked for the biggest part of a day and couldn't get it to fit in cura to slice ot I got my build plate set to 200 x 200 x 180 and I rotated it 90 degrees and I can't get it to turn yellow and slice it

One of the menu items in Cura is to center the item in the platform maybe try that. it is a tight squeeze which is why you are getting those issues.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Sounds like a simple bug in curas software. I will turn it 90 degrees in my software at home and send you a link. Hopefully that will solve your problem.

Ok my email is [email protected] if you wonna send it directly

just sent it to your email

That is just how my software exported it. You should be able to simply rotate it 90 degrees to make it print flat in your printing software

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Hey, The Colorist. What kind of transmitter do you use? Taranis?

It's on the way to the printer now. :) After having some frame issues with my racing frames, I decided to make one or 2 of these as a backup :)

It won't compete vs my 300g AUW carbon fiber 184mm frame..but...should be great!

Glad to hear, yea this will not replace carbon frames but it is a great frame to play around on, especially in dangerous areas. It is durable and cheap. This way you never have to be down because of not having a frame. Try vapor bath too! I have been playing around with it and have been getting great results. I also plan to update the plastic beast version within the week. Some minor tweaks based off people's suggestions

I am making this one out of Taulman910, so acetone vapor shouldn't do much.

Taulman 910 would make this thing indestructible I think

I am so new to 3d printing, haha, I am guessing that is a stronger filament. What is the weight like compared to ABS?
I just bought the xyz davinci 1.0 since it was only 300 dollars...but it can only do ABS.

If you do print it with taulman 910 please let me know how it goes!

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