Temperature Calibrations

by inventimark Oct 4, 2016
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Thank you for the calibration block and the g-code instructions! I have only had my printer for a couple of months and I am also using Repetier. I have not seen a lot or, or maybe any, tutorials using this software. Your video was just the nudge I needed to dig a bit deeper in to it. Thanks again! If you have other Repetier videos, maybe post some links :-)

I am using an Anet A8 with Repetier-Host, Repetier server on Raspberry PI, and slicing with Cura in Repetier.

Thanks! I had issues using the Raspberry Pi with Repeteir server, so I switched to an older desktop. My prints kept pausing randomly on me, but went away with a faster computer. I used it for a while though without any other issues. It was a R-Pi B+ though, the 3 might do a lot better as well as software improvements since then. But if you're having that problem... it is likely the cause. I don't have any other links with repetier, but I do have a Youtube channel that teaches how to use Blender. Just look up inventimark in youtube search.

I am using a Raspberry PI 3. Also, Repetier has a prebuilt ARM image for Raspberry PI, I think it is new. I was surprised how easy it was to setup. The other issue I read folks talking about was stable power so I sprung for the 2.5A adapter to connect to mains power. Has been stable so far but I will have to stress test it when I get time.

I will defiantly check out your other content. Thank you!

Hi, I have flowrate issues, but this tower prints perfect for me at 210-215 with my PLA. Could you share your gcode's line width, flowrates, and all those parameters?
Other printings show delamination with a total flowrate of approx 96%, but this doesn't

The flow rate is 100% and the nozzle size and line width is 0.4mm. If it's printing correctly at those temperatures, then that's the temperature you should use on other models. It's more than likely you're printing too cold so the layers don't have adhesion. 210-215 seems hot for PLA, but it's probably just your thermistor calibration being off slightly. You could try calibrating it. I have a video of it on my Youtube page.

Very helpful. Much better calibration checker. Thank you

Hello, this is excellent, now you needed one for filaments that require more temperature, like ABS, Polycarbonate, Pet-G etc.
Can you burn a temperature in the 220 and end in the 275?
Or two with temperature in the 220-245 and another with temperature 245-275 :)
Thank you

I'll make the models, but the gcode should be adjusted with your own printer and the filament you want. The video I have that goes along with this shows how to do the temperature adjustments. I haven't printed with PC or Pet-G yet.

Gcode analyzer says the slow step calibration is 26 min and the fast is 1 hour 13 min. Are the files reversed?

Actually, it looks like the "Slow" gcode is scaled down to about 1/3 of the size of the normal model. I'm not sure what happened there. It's best to adjust your own Gcode for your printer if you can. I'll work on this and try to get the correct model up there. Sorry about that.

Am I missing the video somewhere? That is exactly what I have been looking for and I cannot find that anywhere.

It should be on the "Thing Details" tab under post-printing. If it's not there, here's a direct link to the video on my Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EATU7grYZ8E.

If you are wondering if you should... just do it.

Wish I would have done this at the start. I have been having issues with under and over extrusion and could not figure out what was wrong. This one print solved my issues!

This is will be my first print with every new roll. Printed gcode on my Anet A8.

Which gcode did you use and did you have to modify the code for the Anet A8?

Looks like he used the fast tower g-code.

:) Thanks! Even with the manufacturers recommendations on the filament, every printer is different when it comes to thermistor calibration. With the same model printer, one printer can be at the correct 200C, while the next one made might be at 210C or even 220C!

It's important to calibrate the thermistor properly, but in the meantime, this will help to get it dialed in to what works for you. Even then, different blends of filament print differently. This is a good tool to test that! Which one did you print?

Fast tower. I include the print time in my make pics. Totally worth the time it takes!

That it is! Looks like it really helped you out. It's hard to know the temp accuracy with all of the budget printers coming out in the last year or two.

Thank you very much! Just tried it out and it worked perfectly!

You're very welcome! I hope you got your filament temp dialed in just right!

can i print this with s3d? is there something i need to setup? or is slice and go?

I have never used S3D, so I'm not 100% sure. If you want to make your own however... If there is an option to export the gcode to a text editor or edit it inside of S3D (which I'm pretty sure it has at least on of those options), then you can export it and edit the gcode manually. If you watch the video that's included with this, I show you how to edit it. Just make sure you double check what you type in though! You just need a text editor to edit gcode. Find out which layer you want the temperature transition to be at for each temp and change or add it in. Save the file, load the gcode and it should print and adjust temps as needed. The original gcode file included is from the current Repetier-Host with Cura on the default min and max settings.

Hi, I noticed one of the temps in StepCalibration_Slow.gcode is wrong, goes 195-185-185, skipping 190.

Thanks for letting me know! Sorry about that. I accidentally put 185 twice in there. Update is already up.

Thanks! It's been getting a lot of attention lately. I have no idea where from though.

probably the i3 clone support fb page. what are the settings used on the fast version. best print i have done.

That was the default cura settings inside of Repetier-Host. With a 0.4 nozzle. Full speed ahead.
Print: 60mm/s
Travel: 150mm/s
First layer: 30mm/s
Outer Perimiter: 60mm/s
Inner Perimiter: 80mm/s
Infill: 100mm/s
Skin infill: 60mm/s

Layer Height 0.2
First Layer Height: 0.3
First Layer Extrusion Width: 100%

Shell Thickness: 0.8mm
Top/Bottom Thickness: 0.6mm
Infill Overlap 15%

Retraction Speed: 40mm/s
Retraction distance: 4mm
Min Travel before Retract: 1.5mm
Min Extr Before Retract: 0.02mm

And the settings for the slow version?
Thanks for the gcode, really helpful.

Print: 40mm/s
Travel: 150mm/s
First layer: 30mm/s
Outer Perimiter: 30mm/s
Inner Perimiter: 40mm/s
Infill: 60mm/s
Skin infill: 30mm/s

Layer Height 0.2
First Layer Height: 0.3
First Layer Extrusion Width: 100%

Shell Thickness: 0.8mm
Top/Bottom Thickness: 0.6mm
Infill Overlap 15%

Retraction Speed: 40mm/s
Retraction distance: 4mm
Min Travel before Retract: 1.5mm
Min Extr Before Retract: 0.02mm

Nice calibration tool, thanks for posting it. The video on how to edit the G-Code was really helpful too.