MP Select Mini Z Spacer (customizable, no disassembly!)

by xilvar, published

MP Select Mini Z Spacer (customizable, no disassembly!) by xilvar Oct 7, 2016

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A customizable spacer for the monoprice mini allowing you to print a spacer that clicks onto the z block. This allows you to add any glass thickness to your bed and effectively move your z zero point up to match.

A particularly nice benefit of this style of spacer is that it allows you to insert and remove the spacer without disassembling the machine at all.

Also nice that it prints with no overhangs and no supports at all.

Print Settings


mp select mini


Doesn't Matter


Doesn't Matter




100% or walls only


Normally you can set up the wall widths of your slicer to force the slicer to only generate walls to print this. In Cura especially take a look at the layer view and make sure it did not leave the spacer hollow. If it does make it hollow simply reduce your wall thickness to 0.4mm and increase infill to 100% to force a proper fill.


Installing version WITH levers (no disassembly)

Before anything else, turn on the printer and move the z-axis up a distance greater than the Extra Height you've chosen so that the spacer arm will fit. For example if you're using 1/8" glass you'll want to move the z axis up 4 mm or so.

From the rear of the machine slip the hook side of the spacer through the gap in the tower and click the spacer in place on the side of the z axis block as in the video. Gently tug on the levers to make sure the hooks have clicked in, and use the lever to adjust them if not. A chopstick from the front cover hole can be helpful if you have trouble.

Installing version WITHOUT levers (requires disassembly)

IF you've chosen the spacer without the levers you'll need to disassemble the mini as follows:
Remove the bottom cover of the mini to expose the bottom tower cover screws. Remove the rear white tower cover of the mini by removing the tower screws on the bottom and top. You can also remove the front if you wish, it makes it slightly easier to insert the spacer.

Now just click the spacer in by hand as in the video. Make sure the hooks click over the bottom and top.

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How do you customize it for glasses of different thicknesses?

Just use the customizer and you'll see that you can choose a thickness.

Very clever design!

I added 5.120”x6.30”x0.22” (130mm X 160mm X 6mm) Borosilicate Heated Bed Glass Plate Works W/ MonoPrice Select Mini 3D Printers to my printer and found your MP Select Mini Z Spacer (customizable, no disassembly!) and thought that it would be the perfect solution. Well no matter what I tried the glass was too thick and no amount of adjusting worked. Your MP Select Mini Z Spacer (customizable, no disassembly!) worked perfect, it was the glass thickness that did not work. So I went over to my stained glass workbench and cut my own piece of glass and was able to lower the print bed enough to get it to work. Now, the only thing is that I hear this clicking/grinding noise when I print. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Jun 10, 2017 - Modified Jun 10, 2017

This simple little spacer works a treat! I have a suggestion. Make one side twice the thickness of the other. That way, you can adjust the offset by installing it "upside down". I ended up snapping off one of the outside legs, and gluing it on top of one of the inside legs to get this effect.

Works perfectly!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

A simple and completely elegant solution! For me it fixed the problem that new 3rd party nozzles are longer.


Glad it helped! I was actually surprised by how well it worked after I printed the first one.

Simple, elegant, works! All solutions should be this clean.

If I could make one request, since you have the source file, make a few more with thinker arms for greater Z adjustment for glass plates, nozzles and hot ends and label them with the millimeter adjustment.

Is it possible you will release the stl file. I need to midify the thickness

May 10, 2017 - Modified May 10, 2017
xilvar - in reply to bjerregaard1

Hm. This isn't an stl file, its an openscad file. You can certainly just download the original scad file and change parameters. Does the customizer not work for you?

Awesome, simple drop-in solution. Well done! Extra kudos for customizer!

Yay, this is my first print :-)
Thanks for sharing!

Great! Glad it's helpful. Enjoy your prints!

i just bought a printnz pad and it's 1.5 mm +/- 0.2mm

with the standard thickness of this spacer to be 0.2mm, I will need to add 1.3 mm for "z clearance" as extra height.

the app customize only gives me option to add 1.5, can you add a few more option to the parameters like 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4.1 for my needs. I know I am asking a lot but thanks.

Sure, I added a 'Fine Tune Height' which you can use to tune the clearance. For example in your case you might choose 1.5 for Adjust Height and then -0.2 for Fine Tune Height which would result in 1.5-0.2 = 1.3mm.

Please note that you rarely need to get down to this precision. The adjustment screws on the mp mini give you 4-5mm of z adjustment by themselves. You seldom need to have the height be precisely where it was before you inserted an additional piece because you will simply be adjusting the screws to level anyway.

Feb 20, 2017 - Modified Feb 20, 2017

I'm adding 3mm glass + 0.5mm thermal pad will 4mm Extra Height work ok with bed adjustment?

edit: Ah, I saw my answer below. I will adjust it with bed screws. Would you consider adding 3.5 to extra-height values? I noticed someone else below is doing exactly what I am doing.

Sure, I'll put some more values in later tonight. I honestly wasn't originally sure if anyone would actually use the customization beyond making it super thick for 3/8" borosilicate and fairly thin for 3mm glass.

Feb 20, 2017 - Modified Feb 20, 2017
konsumer - in reply to xilvar

It's great!

I made one here that has 3.5 value in customizer, but it'd be better if it was yours. Thanks!

Looks like I have to wait 24 hours to publish it, but I just added 3.5 value and made it default for Extra Height

I finally had a moment to add the extra values! I've added values for most 0.5 increments as well.

Rad! I'll delete my remix.

I am adding a 4.5mm plate to my bed and found that the customizer can't accommodate this.
I could try 4mm or 5mm and hope the adjustment screws handle it.
I may just try to tweak it in another program.

Either 4 or 5mm should work fine. You don't really need the adjustment to be exactly the amount of height lost. Just somewhat close. The adjustment screws themselves can handle nearly 3mm of adjustment.

Feb 10, 2017 - Modified Feb 16, 2017

one question: once the spacer is set in place, how do you use it to adjust the Z axis ? you just move the spacer/levers up and down by pushing it ? I got a borosilicate glass (3mm) which will arrive in soon, and this looks like it's exactly what I need.
I'm gonna print it tomorrow, and give it a try anyway.
Thanks for the design !

UPDATE: Just figured out how this is put, and more important why/how it works. I added a borosilicate glass of 3 mm, and a thermal pad of 0.5 mm, which was a bit too much for the one you provided. I ended up re-making the design, with the sizes I wanted but I definetly couldn't have done it without yours. Appreciated !

I just finished modifying my monoprice select mini with a E3d V6 hot end and heatsink, since the original jammed up so bad out of nowhere, I wasn't going to chance it happening again. The mod went great and even looks great, but I have run into an unforeseen problem, the z height of the nozzle is now too... HIGH. There are plenty of mods for when the nozzle is too low, like when installing a borosilicate plate, but what about too high?
I am thinking I will just buy a borosilicate plate to artificially raise the print bed. There really needs to be a mod to put the z limit switch on a screw rod, especially since bed leveling is going to be a pita if I have to keep removing the plate to adjust the bed level... That is an accident waiting to happen...

Hm. You might considering just getting longer screws and springs for the bed. That will help you raise it up higher.

Although I haven't needed to do an e3d mod myself I thought that most of the mount systems people had designed were actually explicitly designed to place the nozzle in the same place.

Some people even manage no offset on any axis at all by sinking the mount plate into the hollow of the carrier.

Jan 20, 2017 - Modified Jan 20, 2017
rich1051414 - in reply to xilvar

I suspect it is because of the clone I bought. It had high praises, but obviously it is shorter. Also, the stainless nozzle I got for it(for abrasive filaments) also seems to be shorter, exacerbating it. I can loosen my bed up JUST enough but then the spring tension is then so loose, I don't trust it to stay true for a whole print.
I found a borosilicate plate at 120mmx120mm for 12 bucks, so I think I will just do that.

I would just print a modified mounting block, but I need a tight and well calibrated 3d printer first xD Maybe I need a second printer so I can print parts for the first one :P

After that, I may just design a screw rod mount for the z limit switch myself if it looks straight forward enough. I think this is the biggest gripe I have with the printer, no adjustable z limit and top facing leveling screws.

Comments deleted.

Printing one now. Went to Home Depot and got a 10inx8inx3/32in glass pane and a $5 glass cutter. Printing a 2mm spacer and cutting the pain to 130mmx130mm. Thanks!

Did the 2mm spacer work with the 3/32in thick glass? Looking to do the same but want to make sure I print the right thing!\


Yes, its slightly less than the thickness of the glass but there's plenty of adjustment in the bed screws to compensate for this. I printed this and installed it once and never thought about it again.

very very nice! Thanks also for videos! :)

Glad you liked it! As soon as I printed mine, I wished immediately that I'd designed it earlier.