Acro Whoop Race Frames

by DavidJohnson Oct 5, 2016
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Could a friendly soul make 7mm version of this?
That would be awesome.

The build in the video is super sped up, I didnt really catch what was going on, could someone explain to me: (1) how the camera is mounted if a beebrain FC must be mounted from underneath due to the USB (mount beebrain upside down?) and (2) how do you mount the battery?

Just printed this frame and woah! This is exactly what I'm looking for! 2.40 grams in ABS with the bumpers! Just perfect man, thank you!

thanks, I have a couple others that im working on that I plan to upload soon.
what FC are you using?
stock or beebrain?

BeeCore (banggood Beebrain clone)

damn they are fast!
any advice on tuning rates for it :)

This doesn't work with the stock FC. There is no room for the JST connectors for the motors on the frame. It will not sit flush with the frame and there is no raised support to allow you to set the FC down.

it was designed to work with stock fc (or bee brain) mounted via screws or double side tape to the bottom side of the frame.
camera sits on top side of frame. may see more details in the video.

Makes sense. I did that and it worked fine until I tried to do a flip and blew it up! Guess its time to print another. ;)

:) like to see that video!
what material are you using?
i use abs and hips and have been unable to break one. :)

It was PLA and I didn't print solid. I need to get PETG and try that.

Is the fusion model available somewhere?

That worked great. Thank you.

Cool, have fun! Thanks for the sub

I could upload those for a youtube channel subscriber. ;)

Deal and done! Thanks

Uploaded fusion 360 files, let me know if you need a different format.

sorry, for Inductrix "Tiny Whoop" drone builds.

Inductrix uses the same 6mm motors that the NanoQX does.

cool, I don't own a NanoQX so I cant say if the FC board has the same mount holes.

I'm working on a remix that fits NanoQX FC because I still have a lot of those. Should fly the same as a stock inductrix board. Will post the remix when it's finished. Only a small change required.