LPA Fanduct v5

by Elzariant Oct 7, 2016
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When compiling the Marlin software with the BLTouch offsets, I get the following error message:

sketch\src\inc/SanityCheck.h:897:7: error: static assertion failed: LEFT_PROBE_BED_POSITION can't be reached by the Z probe.
static_assert(LEFT_PROBE_BED_POSITION >= MIN_PROBE_X, "LEFT_PROBE_BED_POSITION can't be reached by the Z probe.");

sketch\src\inc/SanityCheck.h:900:7: error: static assertion failed: BACK_PROBE_BED_POSITION can't be reached by the Z probe.
static_assert(BACK_PROBE_BED_POSITION <= MAX_PROBE_Y, "BACK_PROBE_BED_POSITION can't be reached by the Z probe.");

The offsets are for the BLTouch when using the simple config seem wrong... It's at the front of the bed instead of the center... Any idea why?

do you happen to have an STP for this?

Just installed this, worked absolutely perfectly the first time around. Thanks for the offsets, that made it a lot easier. I also printed a BLTouch version for when mine comes in next week.

I keep getting temp dips as much as 15 degrees when the fan turns on. Do you know what might be causing this?

Came here with the same problem, I noted that the air outlets point more at the heat block then they do at below the nozzle or to cool the work.
Ended up with a filament jam and removing it. Does not work for me!


What hotend do you use ?

Also if you mount it flat to the hotend fan. The front of the loop rubs the X rail.

The standard Tevo single hotend. 4 screws in the heatsink type. Seen it called E30 and Kraken.

I keep having this sag over time, guessing from the hotend ambient heat. Anybody fixed this? Do I need to print it out of Adamantium?

Any chance we can see a version made to use 50mm blower fans?

This is great! Thanks a lot for designing this!

Hey there Elzariant. I love your stuff, great work. I am in a predicament however. I need this particular duct with the attachment for the SN04 but I have the dual nozzle setup. Any way to make this work? Thanks!

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hey could you share the firmware for the SN04 sensor. for some reason i cant get mine to work at all

My firmware is completely modified due to all things I've changed on my printer. There are no specific things related to SN04N sensor. The firmware provided on the FB group will work as far as you activate the Autolevel feature in it.

I can't print this without warping. I spent a fortune for tapes, sprays etc. I tried pla and pla plus. I tried different temperatures for the bed. Different nozzle temperatures. Slow to fast speeds. Tight first layers, loose first layers. Small brims, large brims and it always start to warp 10-20 layers later at best. I'm using a deformed one on my hot end. It barely does its job. Calibration is great, a little smaller things are flawless. But somehow I couldn't print this properly.

Is your motherboard attached on the frame (on the right) ? There's a known issue with the fan that flows on the bed, causing warping.

The Print Settings says to print with Support enabled. In Cura, would this be [Everywhere] or [Touching Buildplate] ? If I select [Everywhere], it prints support on the inside of the ring that, I would assume, would be impossible to remove, but since it wants to add that, I just wanted to be sure that [Touching Buildplate] would be enough support? Thanks.

Don't add support everywhere or your piece will be unusable. Support are only mandatory for the BLTouch model. For other model, they're not mandatory.

Wish I had read this before I printed, and then spent an hour trying to get all the support material out of the duct...


how it can work with E3Dv6 and the SN04 sensor ? Stock hotend clip of E3Dv6 can moving freely around hotend. Offsets only works for the stock hotend ?

  • Offsets are the same for Chimera (Stock) or E3Dv6.
  • I don't get your point concerning your "moving" E3Dv6

Hello Elzariant,
thank for your answer and sorry for my english. You can see how clip can move here: https://youtu.be/8ZNael3JqVY

I did not use a correct fanduct with e3dv6 ? I've printed LPAFanduct_SN04N_Unified_v5.0

hi i cant find where to write offsets in marlin ?

configuration.h in "Z Probe Options" section

define Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER (39,-42) // Z offset: -below +above [the nozzle]

is it this section ? thank you

no ... as you can see, this parameter deals with Z axis (height between nozzle and sensor) whereas the offsets I provided are for X and Y. Keep searching, you are close ;-)

Could you suggest the prints setting for this model? Like layer height and infill


  • 2 or 3mm layer height
  • 50% infill is enough

Hi thanks for sharing, could you do it for double extruder Thank you very much

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Hi, thanks for sharing, but what mean?: Offsets for LJC18A3 Sensor :
X : +40
Y : -45

That's the position of the sensor from the nozzle. These offsets need to be entered in the firmware.

I love your design. I would like to know if you plan to make a model fanduct for the induction sensor model PL-08N.

Thank you.

PL-08N dimensions are similar to SN04-N sensor. You may need to drill a bit the mount holes.

Hi LP, can you modify the volcano cooler 30mm fanduct mount to 40mm? So it would fit the Anet A2 3D Printer


The model for 40mm fans already exists :


But as I never got the dimensions of Anet A2 hotend, I cannot ensure it will work.

LPA Fanduct v5.5 - E3Dv6/Stock hotends with 40mm fan

Screws to mount the fanduct on the 30mm fan at the front : ---> The bottom-holes were designed to be obstructed by the head of the screws (DIN912 models).

ok here is the problem for me, i did a mistake, in fact it was with the 3mm fan not the 4mm,
my screws doesn't obstruct the bottom holes and i m using the DIN912 models
i will add some hot glue, or could you design an other one without the holes, and i will use longer screws,
thanks again for your nice work

Lol. My first version was without holes but people complained about the screw length it needed. So I designed the holes to be able to use smaller screws.
Hot glue is a good idea.

Do you still have the version without the holes ?
Or is it the version 4 ?

hi, i printed it but i found a mistake, the air can goes out from the two bottom holes for the 4mm motor, it should be closed or not ?

Which bottom screws are you talking about (I don't understand what you call the 4mm motor) ?

  • Screws to mount the 40mm fan on the rear face :
    ---> I don't see how it can be possible

  • Screws to mount the fanduct on the 30mm fan at the front :
    ---> The bottom-holes were designed to be obstructed by the head of the screws (DIN912 models).

Hi, can anyone tell which version is for Tevo Tarantula standard printer? Is it LPAFanduct_Unified_v5.0 or LPAFanduct_SN04N_Unified_v5.0, or something else. Thanks.

Both are for standard. SN04N is the version with the sensor for autolevel

Cool. Thanks for the reply and great design.

I plan to graft this onto my Tronxy X3 as it looks to be a very clean and well thought out design. Is there a recommended clearance from the build surface?

I'm not sure it will be compatible with Tronxy "cube" hotend

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I would like to ask is this suitable for dual extruder and if not then could you recommend me a fan duct for Tevo tarantula dual extruder?

Hello. V5 is not compatible with dual extruder. In V4, there was a version for it.

Would it be possible to get a version of this with a 50mm fan mount for the air ring?

No as you can use an adapter : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:21112

Various fan size conversion adapters.

Would it be possible to get a version of this with a 50mm fan mount for the air ring?

Which measures the screws are required to mount the extruder fan? TNX

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can anyone recommend the slic3r setting to print these fans at?

I'm upgrading my system from 12v to 24v and need to select a new 40mm x 10mm fan for the Volcano version. Since Digi-key has such a wonderful selection what CFM would be recommended?

The most powerful, the best.

Ok, thanks for your hard work with these.

Have you tested your fans without the airflow diverter that's right in front of the fan? I understand why its there, good work, but I just wonder if it impedes overall air flow much.

First models did not have divider and the air was very strong at the back of the ring and almost nothing at the front. The divider does not impedes that much as it is quite thin.

gotcha, cool, thanks for the reply. I was just wondering before i went ripping mine out just to test :). Thanks for the nice models.

is the unified version fit stock and e3d hotend (normal/volcano)?
i'm switching between stock and e3d volcano and i want to know which to print.
thanks :)

The "unified" version means it is compatible with either E3Dv6 or stock-chimera-like hotends with their original heating cartridges+nozzles.
Volcano setup (vertical cartridge + longer nozzle) changes the height of the whole hotend. So you need to use the "Volcano" version if you want to add this setup to your hotend.

To summarize, here are the compatibilities :

"Unified" in the name :
E3Dv6 + standard nozzle
Stock-chimera-like + standard nozzle

"Volcano" in the name :
E3Dv6 + volcano nozzle
Stock-chimera-like + volcano nozzle

Thanks for the tip to print the new version. Am I right to say that I should also use the modular x carriage mount? how is it different from the one in the default modular x carriage pack?

It depends. I've added 2 mm on the Y axis to ensure the air-ring don't hit the X-gantry.

Thank you for your work on these. Do you plan on releasing a version for the stock hotend and BLTouch?

that's on track. But I'll release first the version for Volcano nozzle.

Good to know its planned, I'll hold out till it gets posted then, thank you!

i did the offset for the SN04-N Sensor but it still move the same, how do i adjust it to sense the correct position? thanks

same issue here... in fb someone suggest to make the bed configurations smaller :(

By default, firmware will perform the Z-homing at X=0 and Y=0. That position is not good as the sensor will be out of the bed.
You must perform Z-homing in the center of the bed. Ensure this line is not commented :

Then, as per the following, the following lines define the Z-homing position :

In that case it will be in the center of the bed.

I am having the same problem. I have setup the offset as specified here, and I have set the FRONT_PROBE_BED_POSITION to 100 and BACK_PROBE_BED_POSITION to 200, but after homing x and y, it moves a little bit in the y direction, and then starts moving the z down. I have to reset every time, because the probe is still not quite on top of the bed. And changing the FRONT_PROBE_BED_POSITION value does not seem to change the offset by which it moves before moving z down. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Did you ever figure it out?

You should post that issue on the FB forum. For me, it is a firmware configuration issue.