Flex Box - Another one

by RobH Feb 25, 2012
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Curious if you have advice, I tried make a modular object with this living hinge, but the hinge was so fragile that that the pieces broke if they were bent much. What sort of wood are you using? (Kind and thickness)

Me agin, Also what settings did you use. I have an Epilog Mini 40W, I am new to this and every time I cut wood it burns the edges and I get black soot all over the place when I touch the wood. Any advice?

Your post is a couple of years old, so by now you have probably figured out how to handle soot. In case you haven't....What I do is coat my pieces with polyurethane or a polyurethane stain prior to cutting. This makes post clean up so much easier. Also, if you use uncoated wood, white distilled vinegar and a soft bristle brush (toothbrush) will do wonders! I also use "Fast Orange" hand cleaner and a soft bristled brush.

The wood is .2 inch thick birch plywood that I covered with strips of wide painters tape on both sides. Using the vector table on my 30W laser the settings were:

Raster 50% speed and 100% power

Vector 30% speed and 100% power 500 frequency

What kind of wood did you use?

Hi RobH, very nice design, could you give me information about your laser cutter? Is it homemade?