MY FAV PI ( raspberry pi 2/3 case )

by Tripnutz Oct 6, 2016
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Sorry for the question, will this box work for the Pi 4?

I'm thinking about printing one of this in the future. :-)

Looks awesome, I want one! I got little heat sinks on my Pi. Will they still fit?

I'm also interesting in this question, have you printed it? Did it work?

Just a general Thingiverse question. How can you tell which stl file matches the part in the image viewer window? The thumb nails are too small.

Hi - To be honest, I don't think there is a good way. Better off just downloading all the files and sort through the zip file for what you need.

Is there a version for a 30mm fan instead of 40 mm?

There is in the remixes


You will need to use MY_FAV_PI_BOTTOM.STL for this fil. You can try the snap version with it but it may not fit as intended.

Good Luck

MY FAV PI case 30mm fan
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Auch, it hurts when you realize after 6 hours of printing that there's no holes for camera cable :D well...
I've thought that that under the My FAV PI is the hole for it... lol
Wil need to do some DIYing to the case :P

Someone remixed with cam holes somewhere on thingiverse

Awesome work!
Any chance you could upload the files in STEP or some other CAD format? I'd like to remix this with some slightly larger holes for the HDMI (my connectors will not fit) and some screw holes for more secure fitting. There is only friction holding this together now, and mine keeps falling apart when the kids tug on the USB cables. Also, I've made some adaptors so one could mount 30 and 25 mm fans as well. I could make those part of the remix as well. I guess the R1 version with fan is all I need.

Anyone know if it will fit the orange pi pc

How can i edit this model to include a hole for the GPIO pin cables? Thank you in advance!

There is a model t bat has the pins accessible

Hi can you make the case with 4 hole on the bottom and 4 place for nut on the top?
I print it and the bottom and top have a little cleareance and they don't stick together.... like 0.2 latch space
You have place to put nut hide on the top ( of course it's nylon screw and nut)
By the way thank for the case.

PS and it's possible to make a hole for a switch, to start and stop the pi like > System.power.switch = PIN56PUSH


Could you add for 30mm fan?

Looks Like Phil_Maddox did the work for you here :)


MY FAV PI case 30mm fan

Do you have a version with 30mm fan mount? Could I get the model to make it into 30mm?


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See comment above. It was already made in the remix section :)

Hello, thanks for this. It came out pretty good. Love it.

Can you please help me with one info, i understand the fan is 40mm but whats the depth it supports since 40mm fans comes with multiple depth. like 6mm to 20mm.

Awesome to hear. Anything 10mm thick and under will fit for sure.

How do you have the fan attached to the pi? Does it just plug into the GPIO pins?

Yep... The fan plugs directly into the GPIO pins.

what pins does it plug into?

Very cool design. But do I really need a fan to cool the board? What it gives to me? I'm new in this.

No, it was just there for the people that did want it. There are versions without the fan in the stl files.

Here is a different version that does not use the fan if you are interested.

TurboPi (Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 case)

Would you be willing to make a version with mounting tabs? I would like to be able to screw this into my enclosure. Thanks!

Looks nice, but it would be nicer if there was a cover that hid the fan.

Looks nice, but it would be nicer if there was a cover that hid the fan.

haha very clever with the JL logo on the fan! looks like PI!

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What should my print settings be for this and which is the best way to print it normal, upside down, or vertical? Thanks.

Can you make a version that has the break for the connectors AND the GPIO port?

Could you post a step file of the bottom too. I would like to make the adjustments that I discussed in my previous comment but it will involve the bottom too.
Thanks in advance.

Done :) I hope you get it to work.

Printing one now. Ill follow up with my results

I will let you know

Maybe a small ridge on the edge of the body would fixate the bottom in the body.Say enlarge the hight 0.5 and but a ridge of 0.5 on the inside. It would probably do the trick.
I had some troubles with the bridge over the HDMI hole (the wall is very thin here) but in the end I have good looking print.
Thanks for sharing.

I love this case. It's the one and only I printed for my first Raspberry Pi 3 B since it was featured on Thingiverse. I am using an HDMI to VGA adapter and the plug is very fat. It seems to work but I could use an extra mm or two all around for a strain free fit. Anyways, no complaints this case is a gem!

PS I'm using the version with the fan...

How about documenting why's and what's of each of the files? Do any of these support camera ribbon cable and usb connections?

Came here by way of this being one of the "featured" items because the colour first caught my eye.
That really is one of the nicest cases I've seen for pretty much anything so far, and there's some very nice designs out there.
Beautifully shaped, The colour suits it very well I think. :)
I'm almost tempted to get me a Pi to play with now :)

This is wicked cool, I will make one as soon as I am back home to my printer!

Thanks again!

approximately how long would this take to print?

3 hours... Total.

What are the specs of the fan (size: h x w x d, rpm) you are using?


40mm x 40mm x10mm or less...

hi, what fan did you use for the 3d model?

Did you ever do one with the IO cutout?

No, not yet... I will though very soon.

awesome, thanks

Amazing Job, I would like to print it but I use a lot the I/O ports. If you do this update it would be fine.

Hi love the design! I was wondering if you were going to possibly also upload the non-fan new R1 with the split ports but the fanless one that has the star shaped air venting rather than the new R1 which for some reason is now totally solid?

I too found it difficult to angle in the board with the old first revision but really want that non-fan slotted vent version so it would be super if you could!

These files are on another machine. I will update this though soon.

I added the R1 version top with no fan just an opening for air movement.

Just setup my maker bot. I have a raspberry Pi 3 I want to house with your design and am new to this and just curious about how you decided which orientation to print the top and bottom of the case? Did you stand the top up and the bottom flat as pictured in your screen captures?

No - when I upload the files they seam to rotate incorrectly. You want to print the flat surfaces to your print bed. So the top would be printed upside down laying flat. The top of the cover is the first thing printed and work your way to the bottom " open" edge of the cover as your machine prints.. The bottom is printed, again flat side down, with the bottom of the bottom plate to the print bed and working your way to the top of the bottom plate.

Good luck!

Great Design. However, is there a place for the camera cable to come out of the top? Obviously, I use my Pi for OctoPrint, and the camera is great for time lapse. Where can the camera ribbon come out?

I guess this is the best pi case I've seen. Nice job.

Great job on the design. Could you please design one with the IO pins?

IO pin cut outs would be great too. In my case, no fan's needed.

There should be one there for you... If you do print it, let me know if there is enough room for the IO pins.

You're right, I totally missed that. will get this printing soon

With or without the fan BCufr?

Nice case. Love it. Would like to have a version with cut out GPIO too. I don't have a fan, so could be without fan mount.
Would be great, if you could design one.

Nice case!

The original was too difficult to mount the Pi in though, ended up snapping off the two "fins" separating the USB/ethernet.

Great to see you've posted a R1 model to address this, could you post a R1 top with the "no fan" option ?


I was using PLA so I just flexed the side out a tiny bit. I am guessing you are using ABS or something stronger? Either way I have added the R1 version without fan. Thanks!

I was using PLA. Thanks for the fanless R1 version !

Very stylish ..... and you even fan the fan blowing in the right direction ..... Hot air out the top and cool air in through the sides.

This will make a nice case for my next Octo-pi project for my newest printer

Beautiful design. Decided to print this for a friend of mine.
The parts do not snap. Base easily comes out of the case. That was mentioned in description, so just warn you it's possible.
Will try to find some workaround to fix it without scaling and printing new parts.
Unfortunately have no any RPI on hands to check how it fits.
Anyway, thank you Jeff for the design.

Gosh this case is beautiful, you are a legend at designing.

a question
can you make a 50x50mm fan model??


I get it now. It is kind of shaped like a raspberry.
This is a very good snap fit case.

Pulling the STL files into S3D, it looks like the parts need to be rotated on X 90 degrees.
They aren't meant to printed standing on end, are they?

You are correct foofoodog. I don't know why when I upload they are always rotated incorrectly.

Whatever bro. I am still printing it but your design is space age and high-level design. You have to let us tip you or contribute to your patreon. The non-commercial part of the license hurts because I can't sell these to my friends if I print them.

Thanks foofoodog!! Appreciate it!

No problem, I can't wait to see what else you come up with in the future.
One thing I am going to have to tease you about is those drywall screws. I too use them for everything, in my house, car, boat, bike and airplane, but your model deserves better ;P

I update my profile to accept tips. I also appreciate the compliments and honoring the non commercial license. Enjoy

That's a great looking case!

Looks super cool! Printing one now.

One of the most beautiful cases I have ever seen! Great Work!

Appreciate it! Thanks.

If you could post the .stp files for this, that'd be awesome. I know you said you wouldn't mind adding the GPIO and ribbon cable cut-outs, but I'd hate to ask you to do it.

Uploaded step file

Be kind and post your modifications!

Any chance you could post the .stp files for this model. I would like to modify it with access to the ribbon cable ports on the top...

I have an original pi. Will this case work for it or is it only for newer pi's?

Only 2 and 3's

It should work for the B+ model too

Great design!
Can put on fan hole some let's say cover and make some holes or slots?
Thanks for sharing!

I don't know what you are asking... Sorry

On the top side, where is the hole for the fan mount,put some small holes or slots for venting,and will be possible to use it without fan.

Maybe you were asking to remove the fan? I have added a body with no fan and just slots. :)

Great! a big relief!
Sorry for my "tv learned" english.:)

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