Linear bearing LM8UU - Igus Style by 3DRAP

by 3drap Oct 6, 2016
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For a Linear Smooth Rod of 7,97mm, the perfect fit is 8,2 ----- Printed in Antiwarping ABS at 0,1mm Layer Height, 100% Infill. Hope this helps out.

PLA: 8.3 fits perfectly!

Nylon doesn't even fit 8.5 :(
maybe ... 9.0?

printed with ender3 8,2 too lose on linear rod. 8.0 fits perfect

Do yo need an oil for this or will it work off the bed?

Printed the 8.3 and used the lead screw to file the inside. Who ever came up with that is a slick SOB

I use this on Anet A8 and work perfect! TKS!!!!

¿con que material los as echo Jotafn?,

Probé con ABS y con PLA+, y deslizaban mejor con PLA+

OK muchas gracias.

supongo que 8.xxx es el diámetro interno.

What inner diameter did you print? I'm getting ready to do the same thing.

I print 8.1 but I use a linear rod to "sand" a little the bearing

i had to print 8.3 Then used drill bit 8mm to make it exactly 8mm.

Wow.. I did the 8.1 also and was extremely tight. I used your trick of using one of my lead screws to act as a file inside since they were practically the same size as my rods and it worked like a charm! thanks!

tem um monte de modelos muito confuso ,qual seria para anet a8 e como deixar na medida certa ??

will this work with Anet A6 as well?


Works like a charm. For me the 8.2 was perfect.

I printed mine out of pla and now my printer is qiuet

can I print it with PLA or wouldn't it be strong enough?

sorry if this is a silly question, but i am new to all this... what the differnce between the simple LM8UU and the igus style?
And if i am not wrong the bearing shouldn't must have some little balls inside?
Again just silly questions from a noob first time in all this hobby guy.. :* (not meant to offend any1)

You probably found an answer to this already but Igus "bearings" are a special material bushing where the material extrudes it's own lubrication as it wears. The LM8UU bearings have small balls that roll along the rod in a linear fashion to move the bearing across the rod. These bushings are similar to the Igus style but do not have the plastic lubrication.

I think perhaps he's referring to the two files available: LM8UU_igus_style_dia8.3.stl vs LM8UU_dia8.3.stl. I'm a little curious too about this. Comparing the models in Simplify 3D, it appears they're almost the same except the non-Igus ones have channels going perpendicular to the main channels.

I wonder if one is more recommended over the other? Pros and cons?

Screenshot attached

Is Nylon a good material to use for that bearings ?

Nylon is very good material to use in this scenario. Nylon is used in a lot in plastic bearing applications already. It is low friction and self-lubricating (in that it needs no lubrication). It also wears at a low rate and is inexpensive, so from a practicality standpoint, it's a major win. Always keep an extra set printed for maintenance!

I think I'm going to go this route on my Anet A8. Tired of these cheap Chinese bearings rattling away!

If you make them too long then you will have more friction! Also I don't recommend oiling them. You may end up with layer separation if the oil becomes absorbed. Also if you use oil it will attract dust and particles. Will end up possibly acting like more of an abrasive. If you buy the IGUS type they are impregnated with lubricant. I am gonna try this print and I will repost my results....if I remember. Lol.

OMG the noise reduction in my Anet A8 is amazing. I can't recommend this mod strongly enough if your cheap Chinese bearings grind and rattle do give these a try.

which diameter did u print?

8.4 but they were still really tight and ended up working them over with a drill bit.

Im looking for lm8suu 8x15x17 i think . For a CTC rep Dual. What are theses measurmenrs. Sorry if I missed them. Thanks

Any chance you could whip up some LM4UU's of this design?

Very cool build and saves some money on trying to buy LM8UU bearings that may be of questionable quality

What kind of lubrication do you recommend, same types as metal ones (I use light sewing machine oil)

if my rods are 8.2 do I print 8.2 or 8.3?

I installed this type on my Prusa I3 Original , it's very good solution. it's more than SKF Bearing.
I printed 8.1 mm and after I grind bearing. No vivration , no play , no noise.
Thanks a lot from France.

I wonder if these could be scaled to sintered bearing sizes.... 11x8x20 - or other sizes, for example?

you can try :)

which option is best revealed himself?
LM8UU_by_3drap or LM8UU_igus_style_by_3drap?
grooves in the second embodiment need for lubrication distribution?

they are equivalent...It depends on the material

Which one for PLA? Is there information (or a README) that discusses which one is better for which material?

Has anyone tried to scale up the length of these to make LM8LUU equivalents?
Think it might be worthwhile?

It is possible :)