Terraforming Mars components

by Kickbut101 Oct 7, 2016
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These are super awesome designs. Unfortunately the only 3d printer accessible to me is a Makerbot Replicator Mini+, that only has a 100x120x120 print area and I can't figure out how to split your half-splits into 3, for a total of 6 splits per player card tray

Check some of the remixes, I believe someone has made smaller splits of the pieces to accommodate smaller beds!

These are great designs. I remixed your hexagon holders into a different configuration, so hopefully you like it. (photo attached) The resource counters look like a great idea. I'm going to see about printing those out.

Ooh I do like that! and on a prusa no less. How do you like your prusa?

Mostly love it. I have the MMU2, now, so SOME days it gets frustrating. But as a stand alone, one-color printer it was amazing. I really want to get a second, just to print single color. My wife seems to think that's extreme for a hobby... :)

Just wanted to say thank you! just purchased my first printer for this game then found your files. everything has printed perfect so far. ill post photos once done!

Please do! And you're welcome, it's been pretty fun making the files. Which printer did you get?

Da vinci mini... great little starter. defiantly does the work i wanted. already looking for a larger heated bed.

Go big with the CR-10! Those printers seem phenomenal

Its actually one of the top 3 im looking at already. im going to finish printing out 4 rolls of items then look into it more. ty for the advice and the print files

I know this is probably a huge pain, but I have an Ender 3 and the bed isn't large enough for the cube mat; can you split the 2 pieces into 4? Outstanding work as the game is great but I shove of the table and your positions are lost forever ...! :)

the 4 part mat for a 6" bed was remixed by asunday. I also only have a 6" bed to work with.

I believe that's been done by someone, check with the remixes I think it's listed in there.

Hi - I'm attempting to print Hex and Cards v4.0 as a single piece (I have a large enough print bed) and noticed that they do not line up properly because each piece has a different width - this makes it hard to merge.

I also noticed that they have different "patterns" (see Capture2.jpg) - was this a design choice?

Thanks for sharing your design!

Hi, I've just printed the Card and Hex Holder 3.2 and followed your advice to stack it on top of the Hellas & Elysium boards, but if you add in the main board as well it sticks out. Do you store one of the boards outside of the box or just let it stick out, risking box lid damage?

I referenced using the 4.0 hex and card holder, that is the one designed to fit on top of the 3 maps and the venus mat. That one sits nicely on top of all of the cardboard-boards and still lets the lid close.

Oh right, I totally missed the 4.0 files! Why is one end of the 4.0 sloped? Is it wide enough to fit two stacks to draw from and the slope to start dropping in discards?

It's sloped so that it can be short (not full width of card) enough to fit on top of maps and fit with box lid closing. The cards sit in that holder almost like in a card shoe, they are slanted. For discard I've just been using the empty half of the game box for people to throw discards in.

I think the 4.0 piece 2 file has some kind of geometry issues. My slicer (Cura) does not see the bottom when I slice it with normal settings. I can kind of get it to work with "Keep disconnected faces" turned on in Mesh Fixes settings, but it wants to make the sloped back out of a strange solid wedge shape.

pshhhh, what the hellllllllll?

I swear mine sliced correctly in cura back when I printed these many months ago. Needless to say, I was able to recreate that issue in cura myself. It should be fixed now, try downloading that file again (hex and card 4.0 piece 2). Sorry about that!

Works great, cheers! Now just waiting for delivery of some toxic glue that welds PLA...

Hello, the job is fantastic but I have two questions in order to the playing cards mat:

  • Is there a possibility of doing just the mat for the cubes?? Just a rectangular object with the space to put the cubes, I think it's the less intrusive mat and you have plenty room in the box for the rest of stuff.

  • The money track could include one slot more with +20, in that track is easy to be in >20 coins per turn.


Hey pedrotronic thank you;

  1. Player card 2.3 or 2.2 might be what you want, otherwise I haven't really considered doing just the rectangle without the "legs" as it would potentially become problematic if someone were to bump a table while playing and mix up all the cubes in each zone. The player cards we're made to prevent issues of cube confusion and bumping, so I don't know that I'd do that.

  2. This is on my todo list < DONE! 9-1-18

great job!
i have a few questions:

  1. how do close the TerraformingMars-_Card_Tray_separate_1.1 - so the cards wont spill inside the box?
  2. the player mat, is it possible to make an addition for it, to add income of 20,30? especially in the ME income...

Thank you!

  1. I don't have a lid as it stands for that, the cards I have are all sleeved so the spilling hasn't really been a problem
  2. Yeah I have been toying with adding the +10 or +20 to the counts for production. It's however already pretty crowded in those spaces so I'm hesitant because I don't want it to look squished and messy. < DONE! 09-1-18

you don't close the card tray, they cards can spill everywhere, you could use a rubber band, or if you sleeve them they stay pretty snug in there.

It depends on what player mat, for some of them it might be possible to squeeze in the +20 +30 but others, not so much

Awesome set!
I'm trying to print the "TerraformingMars-_PlayerCard-_Split_1.stl" (and #2) files for a friend and I'm using a MP Maker Select Plus with a 200x200mm bed. The files are just a tad too long for the bed. I attempted to split those files again myself and totally botched it (Still new to this).

Any chance you could split those files again so they would be less wide? Thanks!

I'm unsure if I can trim that down anymore. If I try to make them into 4 pieces I'd have to introduce another jigsaw tab on each one and the space is already very limited in between.

You may have some luck with the windows 10 built in 3D model viewer. You should be able to slice the model down into smaller pieces and you could glue them together.

Otherwise have you tried seeing if the player card version 2 (any of the 2.0 versions) fit on the bed? If they don't fit orthogonally try rotating them so they are kitty wompus.

Backer/player card holder - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2657345
Fits this perfectly for the full-size card cover.

Terraforming Mars playcard backer: Companion to 1812360

So I'm looking to make this but my printer isn't big enough to print the player board even with the file split in 2, would it be possible to create it in quarters?

Any chance you could split this to fit on the bed of my MP Select Mini? The printable area is only 120 x 120.

Unsure, it might be possible to split it into three sections. Which piece in particular?

Hey, I just tried to print the "TerraformingMars-_Player_Card.stl" file twice. Did not finish any of them since my printer seems to print the left and righ sides of the frame odd. It is like the border is too thin to be printable. I took some photos but can't seem to add them here. I would rather have this one piece overlay for the player board than the 2-piece. I will try to print the split one tomorrow.

Sounds like an adhesion issue, you printing in ABS or PLA?

Also what do you put on your bed? Hairspray, slurry, gluestick?

It's not an adhesion issue, it's sticking really good to the bed. I use PLA, but that is not an issue either. It seems like the printer is printing the left and right sides several layers on top of each other at the same spot, when doing the infill (not doing the typical "x" pattern for infill, just going up and down at the same spot). This results in that the sides are twice as high as the rest of the print and it result in ridges and deep grooves in the left and right boarders of the print. When the extruder moves over these ridges and grooves it forces my print bed to flex down.
Could it be that my print bed is too small (8*8 inch)?
Sorry, my native language is not english, I'm trying to explain as good as I can without pictures.

You're saying the print is literally causing your bed to move as the extruder passes over it? That sounds like it's overextruding, so much so that when it gets to the top layers of the print it physically runs into the print because too much plastic has been added on the layers prior.

Yeah, that sounds like the issue I'm having. How would I solve that?

Make sure your bed is actually level for starters (it will help), and then try turning down the extrusion ratio (or percentage) in your slicer software. If it makes it better then you will want to do an extruder motor calibration, which should ultimately fix the issue.

Ok. I have printed before with no issues with over extrusion. This is my first printer so I have no idea what to do but I'll try with the help of youtube. Will take a few days though :).

Have you printed anything of that size before?

Here is a well written guide; https://www.matterhackers.com/articles/how-to-calibrate-your-extruder

Nope, just small things. Does size matter? :)

In this context... maybe.

These are great!

Perhaps you could upgrade the "split" card and hex token holder to hold sleeved cards? The complete upgraded version doesn't fit on my printer (it is rather small)

Thank you in advance!

Does it currently not?

Also could you please tell me the name of the file you're looking to have sized?

Hello! The file is the "TerraformingMars-_Hex_and_Cardsv2_split" one.

I think that for sleeved cards, the hex zone and the square zone should have identical height. It isn't?

Also, I don't know if the card zone has the tolerances for sleeved cards. I think that in your "hex and cards 3.2" (the big one with 4 hex slots) has increased tolerances for sleeved cards.

Thank you in advance, again.


I see what you mean, I added a new file with matching height, and yes the card holder with the diamond holes in it should be fitted for sleeved cards. I use 64.5x90mm sleeves and they fit nice and snug.

Thank you very much! I will try it tonight.


Have you glued the player trays to the original player mat? Or do you simple put it on top?
Is there a version of the "sparse" ones (2.1 or 2.2) with a small outer frame?

I have not, however it does fit over the top of the player mat quite nicely. I have been just putting them on top.

No I don't have a version of the sparse ones with a frame, I'd be afraid of running out of room for the cubes

Any chance of making a bottom piece with a lip around it for the player matt and frame to lay inside of so they cant slide around?

My Dremel Idea Builder-printer can only build up to 230x150mm (x140mm). Could you be so kind to design the playercard-holder to be printed in my Dremel in two pieces?

Which piece? The one I most recently added for the player board is already 117x214 which should fit on your bed.

Is there anyway to split the large card holders into two pieces? Each piece could have 2 tile holders on them. As of right now its too long for me to print this.

The player board piece is just a little too long to print on my printer (max. 20 cm).

Would it be possible to post just the individual cube track parts as standalone pieces?

That's actually a good idea. I can see if I can rip it out of my model.

Just made this and I think it's really good - my only suggestion is to make a version (sleeved) where the height of the card holders are taller (to fit more cards). This is in the event of expansions or sleeved cards. Thanks!

which version did you print? I made two, one that should be able to accomodate the width of the sleeved cards. But I didn't necessarily account for height. I would have to check to see if I can lift that section a bit higher, I made all the parts low enough that you can set the gameboard above them and have it all fit in the box.

I printed the version made for sleeved cards (and they fit) but the height was too shallow. Even if you lift it I suspect there won't be enough space. Non sleeved I find that things aren't fitting 100% (box lifts slightly) but I did print the player boards in one piece.

I was looking at the player mats and was thinking that if you made a slot through the centre of them you could perhaps slot the cardboard mat through. You would have to get rid of the flat number portions but keep the dividers between the numbers. I'm not sure how hard this would be to design though and also not sure about the structural strength of this.

I considered doing this with the player mats but decided to err on the side of a stiffer board, I played last night with the player board and didn't have too much trouble (or care) with the mat shifting a little bit. I was much more thankful for the cubes not getting bumped and pushed around. I might redesign the player mat eventually but it was by far the biggest pain in the rear to create.

Hi there, which bits of this combined together make the best full insert? Do you have any pics of this laid out in the game box? Awesome design by the way!



I added a photo of the pieces laying together, I could not get the Player card holder 1 piece to lay in the box nicely, but the split pieces looked like they would work just fine even if you printed out 5 full sets. The cube holder fits either in the split format or the full format (I designed it to fit in the box either way). The hex/card holder goes on the side somewhere and then the gameboard and player cards themselves along with the instructions still fit on top of all of it nicely as per my design.

I would make the card/hex holder slightly bigger so you can fit sleeved cards in the card holders - its too tight to do so as is ...

Done. Let me know if those dimensions on the picture will work.

What settings do you use for this piece? Mine came out looking nice but the sides are weak and brittle.

Make sure to do 3 walls, did you print with solid infill?

I will take a look, I originally made everything capable of fitting in the box just so so I may not be able to do so without redoing everything. I'll try to check measurements tonight when I hopefully finish up the player card holder for this game.