Oculus Rift CV1 Prescription (rectangular) lens adaptor

by unfinishedteleporter Oct 7, 2016
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Hi, what is the length and height of the lenses required for your design?


I was going to say check the link in the summary, but that page doesn't exist :( Here is the wayback machine link (I'll update the summary with working link): https://web.archive.org/web/20170331010435/https://www.4eyesoptical.com.au/6-standard-frames-discount-glasses-from-59/47-zarruchi-z04-black.html ...actually that doesnt' help much, no measurements there.

The freecad model has 13 measurements that can be changed in an internal spreadsheet. The holder height is 38mm and width 51mm.
These contain groove of depth 1.5mm to hold it in place, but the lens doesn't neccessarily go all the way into the groove so its hard to give exact measurements. However, from an email I found said width is 52mm, so I'd say the height is 39mm. (Measuring it myself would probably be misleading, since I'm not sure if I'll be measuring them the 'standard' way)

That's why I put it in an internal spreadsheet, I kept experimenting at low resolution until it felt right.

Actually that link is very helpful as I found a tab for measurements on the web page which show lens width of 52mm and height/depth of 40mm. However, this conflicts with your measurements!haha

It's close enough I would have thought? If needs be I could adjust the print with a dremel, I know it's not the ideal way of making adjustments but for me it would be a lot quicker as I have never used the software before.

I think it should be close enough. Someone else's make used a hot glue gun to put their smaller lenses in.

These fit my lenses pretty well, but the (flat) bridge between the left and right sides triggered the proximity sensor on my rift, causing it to always power the screens (luckily I caught this before any possible burn in). after cutting off that part, everything worked fine.

I don't suppose you would have a link to your frames or know the lenses dimensions?

The glasses dimensions are 51-18-142-31 (lens width - bridge width - arm length - lens height). The only link I could find was this site: www.damaroptical.co.za and then search for 'SP472'

¿son para cv1 o para mk2?

I'd suggest downloading lens_adaptor_mk2_v18.fcstd and playing around with it in freecad. If your lenses aren't too different from mine, adjusting the values in the built-in spreadsheet should allow you to get it to fit. I wasn't able to just measure and then print - I had to print, adjust, print adjust (using a lower print resolution) a few times to get it right. It's been a while since I made this, so you'd probably have just a good a chance of adjusting it as me :)

willing to help me make this work with my old glasses? let me know i can get the demensions