The Amazing Tool Organizer (lasercut)

by jasonwelsh Oct 7, 2016
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When I open the dxf file or ai in the corel draw, I'm very confused and I can not separate or recognize the parts.
please guide me


Could you tell me what is the maximum dimension, the place took by the organizer on a table for example please?

thanks a lot,

When I open 1 of the dxf files it actually has the vectors for ALL three files in one...
So its a jumbled mess to say the least.

I can't get any of DXF files to open keeps saying can't open format
i'm using Illustrator to open =(

very nice. what kind of laser cutter do you use?

I would like to know this too since I might pick up one

ok I can change metric system inch by millimeter in illustrator, it should be fine, thank you

Scale are wrong into dxf file
Could you give me the dimension of one part(like the bigger partwith the curve of the layer named "Drawer case 2") that I use to rescale all part please?
I will send you the file once I have rescaled it to publish on thingiverse


I have an issue when I open your dxf files on QCAD.
All layer are melt and dimension seems wrong.
Could you tell me which software you have used to design this please?


Nice work !
Which kind of wood did you use ? and which wood thickness did you use please?

1/4 plywood
Maple works well

sorry for some reason there is multiple requests, but I think you get the idea

DXF. please
great design

DXF. please
great design

DXF. please
great design

DXF. please
great design

could you upload a dxf or dwg file, please?