Micro Quad

by kaefert Oct 8, 2016
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hello there abertheam!
you're welcome, now to your questions:

-) Difference? Well I'ts remade using openscad, so that the model is parameterized and can be easily customized. The most notable "out-of-the-box" difference is the higher motor-slots, which are thanks to the hex-cylinders still leight-weight. I've used those since in my print of the original my motors pointed everywhere but not straight up..
Also It does not have any of those camera mount options or any screws for those, I am still thinking about how to mount the fpv setup.

-) to be honest, I haven't flown it more than a minute, I still have problems with the electronics. Also I think I will increase the thickness in my next print of it, since my first print is a little bit too flexible and one of the motor holding cylinders has crumbled a bit on a crash (It still holds the motor well enough, but still..)

-) Recommended print settings? Well I used ABS because it's more flexible and therefore less likely to break on a crash then PLA. I didn't have to use any support structures or a brim.

-) Things I am planning - Well I am thinking about making a hexacopter version to use it with this flightcontroller:

Thanks for sharing! Looks awesome - I love the cutout motor mounts. It would be really helpful if you included some more info in your "Thing Details" section, though.

Some examples of things I (and probably others) would like to know are:
How is this different than the 105 Micro Scisky/8.5mm design that you based it on? How does if fly? What size are the motor mounts? What FC is it designed for? How does it handle crashing? Recommended print settings? Things you'd like to change or are planning on changing? etc etc.

Thanks again for your design!

Okey, it should work now. replaced the scad file with a all-in-one version having all the required modules. I'll upload an rendered STL in a few minutes.

Ups, sorry that was a brainfart on my side. I'll put all the used functions into one file and upload it when I get home to my computer (I estimate 5 hours)

Can you provide stl export? Openscad seems to be missing few libs for this scad file on my install at least. Thanks