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by dragonator, published

Dreadnought by dragonator Feb 27, 2012

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A totally printable support free dreadnought.

I designed and printed it in two days straight as a last minute birthday pressent for my in-law.

Included in the files are the solidworks files so that you can customize it. The right side is left blank for you to put names on it etc.

you can also find it on deviantart

Please if you intend to play warhammer just buy a real one from the owners of the franchise. this one is solely designed for show.

no profit is to be made of this design, it is just here for you to print and enjoy.

Having said that, download it while you can. I expect it to be removed at any time.


This design is split in to many pieces so that no support is needed. I only uploaded two zipped fodders because there are quite a lot of parts. I will upload all the seperate STL's on request.

-print two of the feet and two shins
-print one of the remaining parts

You will need glue, preferably fast setting glue, to glue most of the parts together. also you will need three 8mm long of 5mm rod. I used a M5 bolt cut into pieces.

Due to a design flaw you need to glue the feet to the crotch with no guiding pins, there were no guiding pins put in the design.

The Picture where you can see all the parts unassembled you can also see the orientation to the printbed.

the things that should be moving when you're finished are:
-The upper body
-Both of the arms
-The hand on the left arm

In the design left and right are inverted. if a part says left, it is right and vice versa.

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Edit: It took Gameworkshop a whopping 11 months to take down this upload. I will look for a new way to upload these files. Until then, good luck

why not put your files on pirate bay?

Nice work!

Somehow it looks very similar to my dreadnought which got the takedown notice in december 2011...

So I hope it will take some time until they doom it, too.

love you thing...

I hope thingiverse helps peps fight(inform on what can be un-DMCA) so user generated files can come back to life from "fraudulent" DMCA requests.

BTW use misprints and acetone for ABS glue works better

Looks sweet! This will live on my hard drive since it won't be here long.

The solution to these ridiculous DMCA takedowns is very simple - never buy anything from Games Workshop ever again. They'll have this file taken down because they'll lie and claim dragonator stole the file from them. Boo!

Since they are a business that specifically caters to geeks, upsetting the geeks should have a direct impact on their wallet.

Thanks for the model dragonator!

No, they'll have this file taken down because it infringes on their intelectual property and threatens sales. It's the first part that makes it illegal. It's the second part that makes it worth squaking about.

It isn't their intellectual property. A person can make artwork and share it for free.

You can't copy someone else's art and share it without permission.

Dragonator made this on his own, and gave you permission to copy it.

To bad. Because DMCA is not about IP, it's about copyright. So it is a false DMCA claim.

Wow... so what is IP if not copyright? I guess patents are probably not IP either. Who knew!


Sadly, this will not be here long. Grab it while you can!

I can't do anything to make this better, this isn't my property. I intentionally thought of calling this:"totally not a dreadnought" but that won't help a thing.

I am already working on a human figurine scale 1:10 and a bender figurine. the bender figurine will ben done within a week but the human one will take me at lest three weeks, if I don't come across some major problems designing it. solidworks terrible for humans.

for now, just enjoy it while you
can and if they take it down, so be it.

Can't you remove all w4k specific marking from it and just make it a generic mech so Games Workshop won't have a beef? Or even better, just make your own mechs independent of the game but compatable with them.

...or even
make your own game :-D

Games workshop has been sending DMCA takedown notices to Thingiverse to take down models of it's minatures (even compleet redesigns) so this won't live long here. As Thingiverse has to respond by taking down your model. And you have to respond to take it back up, with a lawsuit and everything...

As a response the Piratebay has added a category "Physibles" to the infamous download site.

On the model, looks great! Right amount of detail for a 3D printer. A friend of mine just started W40k, so I'll print him one :)