Raven Skull Bottle Stop

by ForgeDynamics Oct 12, 2016
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Great job on this model. I'd like to make it one day. What material did you use to make this? Is PLA acceptable?

Thank you. This model was printed on a Formlabs SLA printer (it uses photo-reactive liquid resin and a laser). I have an Ultimaker Printer for doing PLA stuff but I haven't tried this model yet (I'd assume you'd have to add more scaffolding; with an SLA printer the uncured resin surrounding the model helps to support the layers beneath it). Several people have made this model with FDM types (PLA and ABS) and its worked out for them so I'm thinking it would work for you also. Well I'm glad you like it and let me know how it turns out should you get a chance to make it. Take care and have a wonderful afternoon.

Oh this is perfect!! You just made my life so much easier, perfect gift for my hubby and his uncle lol they will both adore them. Thanks for sharing!!

You are very welcome. I went to school to be a Prototype Fabricator so 3D modeling is just one technology I use (along with carpentry, metalworking, and mold-making). Honestly I really really need to sit down and work on some other projects for Halloween 2017. The next thing I want to do is Victorian era Werewolf hunters kit. The main 3D printed object will be an ornate palm pistol (they look like little disks that fit in the palm and the barrel rests between the middle and ring finger with the trigger under the ring finger). I want to place the palm pistol in an ornate velvet lined box like the old dueling kits you see in antique collections. I'll likely add a couple other items to the box that will add more flavor to the overall piece (I already printed up a phase-one proof-of-concept of the pistol just to get a feel for the design in my hand). Again I am a big fan of Gothic Horror & Steampunk type props and I think this would be a great conversation piece if I had it sitting on the mantle. I'd like to do an entire collection of oddities and curios based around the types of objects you'd find in a dusty magic shop. Well again thank you to taking an interest in my little design and have a wonderful weekend.

That sounds wonderful! I adore steampunk but until now have no way of getting my hands on something like that. I've only built a printer a couple weeks back and haven't started learning how to 3D model. I tried many years ago but I was setting myself up to fail but designing something too complex. Now that I have a printer it gives me more of an idea of what I can make and how it can be used in real life. I want to do miniatures for dolls houses as my family work as interior designers for adult collectors. There are many things you just cannot buy in the scale you need.
I've followed you, would love to see what you come up with!! :)

Back in 2003 I was hired as a drafter for a local boat builder here in Northeastern Wisconsin (I made 'designer 2 years later). I went to school for Prototyping Design (Model Building) at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. I've been exposed to 3D Modeling software since then but really only took up 3D Printing two years ago (my first printer was my Formlabs +1, which uses SLA technology). Its more expensive to operate than an FDM printer but the resolution is just spectacular. A year ago I bought an Ultimaker 2+, a solid FDM printer that I use for proving out designs. I'm impressed that you built your own printer (that was just too intimidating for me to try, and I envy that you have a greater understanding of your machine than I do mine; since you built it yourself). I want to do more miniature and small scale modeling (for a long time I was an active Tabletop Gamer; Battletech, Warhammer, Warmachine, even historical stuff). I have dozens of painted miniatures so I can understand when you talk about the limited access to scale objects (one of the best parts of tabletop wargaming is building terrain; wizard's towers, blacksmith shops, rustic walls, even entire villages). It sounds vain to a guy like me but I know that some of the clients that buy yachts from my company also commission artisans to build full scale models of their boats that they proudly display. At work we 3D Model the interiors of our boats (along with the exteriors) so we can check space and lighting (as you know proper lighting can make or break a living space) :) I mostly do exterior work. Well I have enjoyed chatting with you and in the last 12 hours I've come up with one or two more models I want to try my hand at. And thank you for following me (I appreciate the support towards my work). Have a great weekend. :)

I have tried to make this 2 times, and both times, the beak messes up during print. The printer seems to stop printing on the model and print into the air instead, then prints the rest like normal. any ideas?

That's odd (I'm sorry to hear that). I made mine on an SLA printer and I know of two other builds from others on Thingiverse that didn't encounter any issues. Did you go back into your Slicing software and see if there was something that got missed? I haven't tried printing this on my FDM printer but I know in the Cura software I can run a simulation of how the layers are going to be laid down. Maybe its not recognizing those layers? I'm not sure but that's where I would start.... Good luck and thanks for taking an interest in my model.

Looks awesome i do bottles for Halloween decoration and this will be a fantastic addition to my setup at home. Thanks for posting.

Awesomeness!! It's the cork for my best whiskey