InMoov Wrist and Servobed upgrade

by MdG_NL Oct 13, 2016
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Hi Marten,
what is about the left arm? I guess there is a mirrored servobed needed?

Firstly, Would like to say great job on this design, I just can't seem to get my INMOOV's wrist and fingers to turn at the same time without burning the servos. This really looks like its going to help.

However, after downloading the files, it seems like its all jumbled up. Exported to tinkercad cos I am using MG996R so I just wanna make a slight modification to fit the servos. Won't work. Is it possible to send me the STL files that I can modify?



Hi Jimbo,

Do you mean the servobed ?
Someone else al ready made a remix to fit standard servo's:

The servo pulley's must fit on each standard servo.

I hope this helps you.


InMoov Sevobed with Standard Servos
by Tdp378


Thanks. Cool. Now to print...YEAH

You welcome Jimbo! And don't forget to mirror some parts for the Left side !


Really nice upgrade you got here!
I wanted to remodel the servo bed for different servos but the .stl is messed up pretty bad.
I cant import it anywhere without losing great parts of it. Make solid in meshmixer shredds it to pieces...
Do you have a cleaner uncompressed version or a different format wich you could make available to me ?

Best regards

Hi Ben,

Sorry for my late respons, it's a bit busy here.

Which servo's do you like to use ?
If you like, I can export the servobed in a .step file ?


Great Design.
Fixing to start my Inmoov, so i am looking for some Updates/Mods, like this.
1 Question... in the original Design it says to add some Springs for Tention on the "Fishingline.

  1. Are the smaller Servos as reliable as the "Standard" ?? Because the smaller ones would also save me some MOney on the 10 Finger-Servos.
    Are they still required ???
    Thank you for any Feedback..

Thanks Wolfgang !

Springs are good to use like a servo-safer, see my Finger_Starter kit as example:

The smaller servo's are fine and for sure, when you will use the springs as a servo-safer.
Most standard sized servo's where burned, because of the Fishingline friction by the Wrist servo.

I hope soon to share the next upgrade, which also needs these small servo's :)
So we are able to use FSR's for each finger !


Thanks for the Info Marten,
I was refeering to the springs that Gael has in his build, where the Line goes through a Tube and the Springs go to the 1 Part of the Forearm, so there is no slack in the Lines during movement.
Yes, it would maybe also work as in your Video, just wanted to start with my Prints, and there is soooo many MOds and Upgrades available that are not from Gael, which is great for a Open Source Project, but it also makes it hard to decide what all to get on/for it now. And hence the smaller Servos would save me (here in Germany) about 1/2 of the Price over the bigger/original Servos, it would help A LOT, if you know what i mean.... sorry for my bad english btw lol

Not sure if i can post Links here, but here is a Link to a Pic of Gael with the Springs:

Hi Wolfgang,

Haha, Yes I now which spring setup you are talking about.
With the pulley's included in this upgrade, you don't need these springs that way!
Because these are not linear. (in the future I will fine-tune each finger with his own pulley, because the lengt are to different !)
These pulley's are fine for the Index and Majeure fingers.

And yes, there are many upgrades how are in some cases better then the original (in mechanical way)

Whit this upgrade, you will get a more easier way to service the fishingline(s) if needed.
Before it was hard to change a fishingline and the weight is now much better (including the "center of gravity" from the low arm).

BTW, I see that the digital version from the smaller servo is now included in the European shop !
(I can't say if these are better (less noise) then the analog version !)

Yeah, i seen the analog in the EU Warehouse, now you come along with the digital Version..... what to get now... LOL
Not getting any easier lol... finally found a Tackle-Shop in my Area that has braided fishingline, guess here they dont have that heavy Fish LOL ... what Diameter Line is preffered for the Fingers ?? they make 200lb Line with 1mm and then some with 0.75mm...

BTW, about the digital servo's...
I'm not sure if they are limited, most digital servo's can handle 90 degrees instead of 180 degrees !
The analog versions can handle 180 degrees, which is needed for these pulley's.

I will include one digital servo with my next order.

Haha, sorry for giving you the choice between the analog or the digital version :)
(The digital version wasn't in the EU shop, when I was ordering the servo's, otherwise I'm sure I ordered these ones)
The analog servo's are good enough, so it can safe you some money.

About the fishingline, both are fine but 1mm is better !
The hole at the pulley's are 1,4x2.8mm.
(I need to check which thickness I'm using)

Well, i guess there goes that Idea, cant seem to be able to print it on my Malyan M200 with 120x120x120 Buildvolume, because i cant do a Raft on the Big Part, as i cant do a Raft or big enough Brim due to the Size of the Part... the Big Gears and the Adapters are already printed..... In ABS it keeps lifting up on 1 Corner, maybe its to close to the edge of the Bed, only thing i could do is assemble my M150 Printer, or do the Servobed in PLA ... any other Ideas ?? Maybe making it 2 Parts ???

Hi Wolfgang,

Printing the ServoBed in PLA is fine and strong enough.
I've printed my ServoBed in PLA and feels good to me (even all other parts are printed in PLA)

Super! вооще! ;)
Nice work!

Gret modifications MDG.

Thanks JaideepJoshi :)

I hope you can and will use it for your InMoov Zeno ?

Thanks LinuxRodo :)

Yes, it saved 161 grams of weight and the "center of gravity" is moved more to the elbow.
And as bonus, all fishing lines running more freely ;)

Edit: And it makes it more easy, to change a fishing line if needed :)
(so you don't need to disconnect all the servo pulley's)

All things together, it's a good thing to think about this upgrade, if you all ready build your InMoov !

You welcome Perry_S,

I hope you and more InMoovers can and will use this upgrade :)

Marten I will not use this as designed. Of course I won't that is what make us who we are!

This is such good inspiration. I am going to adapt your concepts into the original Inmoov design with the bigger servos and remove the T-bone drive shaft. At least right now I am saying that. I might change my tune when I find out how hard it is.

Thanks so much for posting and helping us all out.

Hi Perry,

Later I like to share a option, to use the normal servo's instead of the small servo's.
So people don't need to buy (again) new finger servo's.
I hope to upload this option this week. (this depends on how much spare time I have)

I'm also still thinking to find a other way, to connect the servo with the small Wrist gear.
I hope to find a printable solution soon :)

Enjoy with your own design and I think I (we) will seen this soon :)