V2 Sports Motorbike Engine

by gahwar Nov 12, 2013
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This is a great design man, appreciate you sharing with all of us. I am building this just for my desk because it looks cool and I was wondering if you have any assembly instructions? If yes, could you email it to me?

Hola tiene un error: la pieza "cam shaft" choca con la pieza "head" y no gira.
Hello, he has an error: the piece "cam shaft" hits the piece "head" and does not rotate.

Do you have a parts list and assembly instructions ?

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Nice! there should be more designs like this.
i also like the colors you used!

Do you have a parts list and assembly instructions ?

What diameter acrylic tube is it?

Do you have a parts list and assembly instructions ?

I just realized that there is something wrong in the video. The valves from the intake and the exaust are opened and closed at the same time. Also the opening and closing sincronization is not correct.

Awesome! Very cool! How much time did you need for the construction? Which CAD software do you use? I have seen, that you have a turbine. Is it working? It looks like a real jet engine! very cool!

I spent approx 70 hrs for the model (I used service manual of the engine for the reverse engineering), more or less the same for the printing and approx 30 hrs for filing, sanding boring, threading etc..... I use solidworks. Unfortunately the turbine does not spin, it was my first complex project and I did some mistakes (like the painting which is not a good idea since the thickness of the basecoat plus the paint created some interference)

Can you make a PDF with instructions?

Do you have a parts list and assembly instructions ?

Here you go


here are a couple of PNs,
A 6B16M275030
A 6B16M255030

do you happen to have a part number from them?

I have a student that is trying to replicate this feet of awesome engineering and we are having some trouble telling which gears are what color and where they go do you have any ideas? maybe a pdf labeling them or a inventor drawing? sketch up works too with us. Thanks for all your help this is awesome.

Counterbalance shaft (last picture on the gallery):
-1a,2a,3a,4a: yellow gears on the right side of the engine (left side in the picture), they connect the electric motor to the -counterbalance shaft.
-gear oil pump: is the white gear
-gear counterbalance1: is the blue gear

crankshaft (picture #14 on the gallery):
-gear transmission: first (white) gear from the left
-gear counterbalance: second (blue) gear from the left
-gear water pump: third (white) gear from the left
-gear1 (you want to print two pieces): fourth (blue) gear from the left and the last gear on the right of the pic

hope this helps.

Actually it would be better if you could label each part and put a PDF instruction guide to help people trying to reconstruct this.

perfect! did you do this in sketch up or another program?

where can we find the belts? i have looked at Mcmaster and other places and nothing help me please :)

I bought them from Stock Drive Product

no cam-chain tensioner? lol

Still working on it. I'm testing different options. Most probably, the final one will be e tensioner with an ajustable screw and a spring acting on a lever. The fulcrum of the lever is the knob that you see on the frame at the base of the cylinders. At the other end of the lever there is a bearing that pushes on the belt

Much respect. Great project.