GT2 belt joining jig

by tsohr Oct 14, 2016
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Here are simpler methods giving better results for a hobbyist. The procedure described here is used in the industry but requires better equipment and pins designed for. Here the teeth will bulge.
Loctite sells a glue perfectly suited for rubber: Loctite SuperGlue 3 gel

GT2 Belt Splicer

That method didn't work well for me as it created a harder section on the belt which caused issues going around the cog. Also the inner pitches pinch together causing a potential skip on top of that.

Could be. Mays need to be carefull and thin the top with abrasive. Note it is not mine, I gave it as reference as mine is more delicate to perform and didn't bother to explain.

But as I said, yours is more like it, in fact used in the industry but requires even more attention.

Really useful, thanks for sharing.

Update, if you smear the cutting jig with vaseline you can use it to hold both ends together with a drop of superglue, plenty strong enough so you don't need the pins!

Will the superglue bend when the belt goes around a wheel?

Works for me, check out my thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2350350

Anet A8 Z axis synchronising gizmo

Nice, thank you. That's exactly what I'm working on for my cr-10

I love it! Streamlined and well done with the tools on hand. Started looking for a closed loop GT2 belt and found prices of $18+ on ebay for 305 tooth belts. Of course if you want to wait 10-30 days to arrive from China the same belt can be had for just a few dollars but I like the idea of being able to create any belt I need with what I have on hand.