WRX Shift Knob Remixed for Reverse Lockout Shifters

by Dingoboy71 Oct 14, 2016
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How heavy is this? Would this add any smoothness in shifting or more of a visual mod?

This is purely visual, and if you don't interrupt the print to add some sort of weight to the interior of the print, it will actually be lighter than the stock shift knob. I am considering printing another one soon and adding some sand or metal shavings into the bottom half of the knob as it prints.

How did you manage to remix this? I'm trying to remix it as well, replacing "WRX" with "STI" but I can't seem to find a viable method for doing so while keeping dimensions.

Well, I had it easy, since the logo wasn't changing. I'm not even very goo dat CAD yet- I am still using TinkerCAD most of the time, only dabbling in Fusion360. I essentially chopped off the bottom & redesign that of the reverse lockout shifter, which needs a larger opening for the lockout mechanism that you lift up on.

I think I could manage a logo change, but it would be a bit of work with TinkerCAD's basic toolset. The logo prints separately & then you have to pound it into the main shell. So you need to make the negative/hole of the logo in the shell, then make the matching solid logo to print separately (unless you have dual extrusion, in which case, you're golden.

To switch logos, assuming single extrusion, I would say you'd have to fill in the negative space in the original, then create your negative logo & group with the main piece. Then create your solid logo to print separately. Trickiest part would be filling in the original negative space smoothly.

Lol I wish I had seen this sooner, my bad! I ended up totally reconstructing the design based on measurements and using Fusion360. I traced the STI Logo in Illustrator then used an SVG of it to extrude into my finished model. I actually even moved the nut up in the model a bit so that it would have more strength between both parts and I made the lockout plate thicker for strength. I hope you're okay with me remixing it a bit. If you want you can check it out here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2467630
I will upload the Fusion360 files soon so that you can mess with it too.

STI Shift Knob Remix

Haha glad you like it! There's two versions, one small, one big. If you want to add your own logos and stuff the Fusion360 file should be relatively easy to doctor. Thank you so much for allowing me to remix it!

Hey, mine was a remix to begin with, so I say- pay it forward, let everyone remix everything!!! :-) (But like you, I prefer to ask first) Nicely done, by the way. You're going to make a lot of folks happy with those designs.