E3Dv6 Shroud and 40 mm Duct w/ Magnetic Coupler for 6x3mm Magnets

by FZS1_Fazer Oct 15, 2016
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I need a mirrored version of the 30mm fan mount the duct needs to be orientated to the left not the right for me. Its because i have a direct drive system and the csarriage gets in the way. Thankyou in advance :)

i would love to see a version for a 40mm fan for the coolend.

Hello what is this compatible with. thank you

Just a quick "Attaboy"! Very nice work! Clever solution.

I can't use it, because I have a Clone E3D. Plus I'm having to incorporate a 40mm Angel/Halo LED ring. May end up do remix in Fusion 360 from several different designs ... But I definitely wanted to give ya a shout out for such a nice piece of work!


Is it just me or is the mount on the e3d-fan-mount upside down?? I thought the extended lip should be oriented downwards to avoid overheat not upwards?

Hey I love your design and I have printed a few of these but I just can't get a good fit between the 40mm fan duct and the 30mm fan duct.

It's just a little too tight and I have to sand/file/scrape which is a little annoying. I tried to import the file into AutoCAD but even though it imports I can't change anything like other STL files... I just get errors.

Can you give the square/round key just a little more clearance or upload another format... STEP seems a good format from other cad programs.

I've added a part called: "for clearance adjustment" that you can use to simply modify the cutout of the joint inside the 40mm duct.
The part is in original size and comes in two pieces, the round and the square part.
Btw. don't think that difficult, for remixes or small adjustments, sometimes the low level software like 3D Builder will give you a much faster result that any high level software.
My thing is a remix without having any original files, only the .stl's and the little helper for you was made within two minutes or so. ;)

Comments deleted.

I have a Prusa I2. Not exactly the height. To do a bit of both circuits? Need to shift the mounts that detail E3D_40mm_Duct_3mm was lower by 7 mm.

Sorry, at tthe moment I don't really understand your problem.
If you have an E3Dv6 and the original 30mm clip on fan fits, this one will fit too, cause it's also a clip on and the 40mm filament fan is mounted on the clip on housing of the 30mm fan.
You only need a little space to one more side for the 40mm, other than that your mount doesn't matter cause it's an E3Dv6 thing and the E3Dv6 will give you the right measurements.

If the orientation of your aluminium heater block is the problem, simple twist the E3Dv6 to get the orientation you want.

I have some not standard E3Dv6, more elongated, And linear bearings are still getting in the way. I printed your model in any way I can.Need to lower the detail E3D_40mm_Duct_3mm 7 mm., then everything will work..

I've uploaded a special version 7mm lowered for you called "30mm_wnn_exotic.stl".
Let me know if this solves your problem.

Is this deeper version for the "VOLCANO" heatblock?
I have a "Volcano" in reserve and it needs round about 8mm more.
So I've added also a version with an 8mm lowered mount called "E3D_30_mm_Duct_VOLCANO.stl"

And a 7mm lower position will work with the height of your nozzle?

Btw. this is only a remix, I have only the STL file like you to make changes and the author of the original file has no base file too after he had a computer crash.

However, I had a look inside and the mount on the 30mm side can be lowered but with only stl manipulkating it'll not look the best.

Hi. Printed the modified part, everything fell in place. Certainly not perfect, but it is the Y carriage from me. In General works fine. Thank you very much for the help. Photos in made.

Hello Nikolay,
I'm glad to read that it os working fine for you!
After I noticed that it'll work fine together with the vertical "VOLCANO" heater that I have in spare and planning to use with 3mm filament and larger nozzles in my next printer with a larger buildroom (300mm x 200mm x300mm) it's fine to have that option now.

Btw. if you didn't print the 8mm lowered "VOLCANO" version but want do, I revised the part a bit by using SketchUp for a nicer look than before with only 3D Builder, measurements are the same.

I noticed that my extruder with an e3d V5 with on the larger diameter .

Wondering that it fits, cause mine is sitting nice and tight on my E3D v6
and cause I'm a noob in CAD I really don't know if I can make it wider and the v5 is outdated.

Dressed up tight, with a slight curve. But while happy with that. I'm doing a new printer. .

Maybe you should secure it by drilling 2 little holes and a cabletie.

Yes! Drilled and cable ties. Holding tight.. Thank you.