Tevo Black Widow - Modular X Carriage

by Elzariant Oct 17, 2016
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Hello, first, thanks for making the template available, is the LP_E3Dv6Hotend_v1.9.2.stl file compatible with the Modular X carriage for TEVO Tarantula project?
My original factory hotend gave problem and I will exchange for an E3Dv6

Thank you!

Yes it is compatible.

Gli inserti in coda di rondine sono impossibili da stampare.

Do you have a suggestion for a part cooling shroud that will work with a Titan Aero mounted on the Tevo Tarantula with your modular X Carriage?

do you have a part cooling shroud that works with a 50 mm fan

Printing all my pieces now. looking so forward to this. I've upgraded the hell out of my A8 and look forward to starting on my BW now. I have dual V6s ready to go, the BW disassembled and just waiting on the A8 to finish the prints!

Thank you very much...

Do you have fan shroud that would work here? And a layer fan as well. I'm having a hard time trying to find anything compatible with dual e3dv6.

this may be a dumb question but, can you print the extruder mounts from PLA?
no issues with them melting from the heat-block?
I didn't know if I should have them made form ABS or something else?

I've printed all of those in PLA and never got any issues. I assume PETG or ASA would be better (I don't like ABS ... that smells too much and I don't have enclosures on my printers)

Do you have a plate compatible with the e3d volcano?

Volcano nozzle only add few mm height. The E3Dv6 plate is compatible with it.

Volcano heater block itself is more than twice higher than a standard v6 heater. So - nope, your project can`t be used with volcano at this point

Hello Elza, This system has been incredibly valuable. I have the stock extruder and I need a fanduct that will be compatible with it. I also have the bltouch located to the left as well. Any suggestions from the master would be great.

im having issues with the dovetail groves what is the best situation to print? supports? inverted with supports?

You can add supports of course.

Wich one can be used to mount a direct drive Dyze Xtruder ???

Errrr ... none. But I provided the CAD file for the daughter plates so you can update it to that extruder.

Anyone made a mk8 bracket by any chance?

Any ideas on a fan shroud for the Titan Aero daughter plate?

Has anyone else with this on a E3D V6 with direct drive had a problem maintaining bed level? I can barely make a print. I'm thinking its because it doesn't have the screws on the right hand side

That is the setup I've got and I don't even have any screw on it. Would you mean that the hotend plate is too loose ?

So I think what it was was that my screws through the titan to the motor were too long by just a hair so that assembly was jiggly

Yes. I thought so at first, but it seems to be ok now after tightening the screws a little. Maybe ill reprint the plates at .1 layer height

In the files for the Tarantula carriage you put the LPA_EmptyPlate_XCarriage_v3.0.stp for the front.
Is it possible to get the file for the backplate also ?
I would like to try to combine the backplate with a carrier for my xt-30 connectors for the wiring (I dont need a sensormount).

P.S.: Tried to print the e3d-v6 plate v1.9.2. the plate is again not plain the surface while the coupler is. Could you please fix it again ?

E3Dv6 plate corrected and uploaded. Thanks.

Currently, I did not think about releasing all my work for BW as I did for the Tarantula. That's why I did not provide any STEP file here. Thanks for your understanding.

Hey, I love your work, especially the x carriage design. I uploaded a photo of my make. Is there a reason you only put 2 mounting holes to attach the titan mounting plate to the x carriage? I'm hoping to get a titan, but I think it'll be a bit wobbly cause I would only be using 1 bolt at that point (upper left not in use without parent plates.

Yes, there's a reason. The right side of the plate is unreachable because of the stepper motor. Normally, screws are optional (I don't have any on my setups) as the slides are tight enough.

He, I just switched to a e3d v6 bowden setup thanks to your files:) I'm a bit new to this, if i understand correctly i need to offset the x-axis -40 and y +10? I also use BLTouch, do i need to offset that as well? Thanks in advance.

Is there anyway the mother plate can be used on the Tarantula, or is there a way to use the LJ18A mount on Tarantula. Great work BTW. Thanks.

Unfortunately no. The X-carriage on Tarantula is horizontal. But You can use my modular vertical carriage on Tarantula. There's a support at the back for sensors (even if I'm not pretty satisfied with it).

Thanks. I didn't realize that I'll use it. Do you know the offsets by chance for it.

Yes : Y=92 (you see now why I'm not happy with it, that's pretty long. On a 200x200 bed, it means you cannot sense more that half of the bed).

Any chance I can get the files to be able to edit the E3DV6 plate mount? I would like to give a try modifying it to make some Anet A8 layer coolers

I wanted to edit it to fit this square connection (holes do not match and his block seems more solid.

Anet A8 E3D V6 Bowden MODULAR X Carriage V4 *BEST ONE*
by Don1337

I know this is a stupid question, but.. I have to drill the holes out for proper clearance for the screws. What size screw is used to hold the clamp on to the e3dv6 mount? Thanks!

(small) Hole clearance is always a mess as it depends on many parameters : your extrusion settings, the filament retractation, your printer's tuning. I used to add.3mm clearance around each holes but it may not be sufficient for some people. For holes that need to tighten threads, I reduce the diameter by .15mm.
Anyway, you must use M3 bolts on the mount.

Yeah, my printer probably is in need of a tune up :) Thank you. My e3dv6 should arrive today, so I am looking forward to installing this. Thank you again for so many great upgrades!

Do you happen to have an E3Dv6 bowden mount for the left-side plate? I designed a 33mm laser mount for the left-side that I'm printing right now. If it doesn't exist then I will design one; if I could have the CAD files for the regular E3Dv6 bowden mount, it should be very quick to do.

I want to have one direct drive nozzle and one removable bowden/laser nozzle.

Hello! It's possible to upload .stp for direct E3D Titan? I want to try raise it as munch possible, to get some more printing height, because this carriage is very nicely designed, but that 50 mm lose in height is not nice :(

You loose at most 16mm heigth, not 50mm. If I raise it by 50mm, your X carriage will hit the bed before the hotend nozzle ;-)

Where do I get the x carriage mount?

Hey these are great. I've used the E3D v6 mount on the X carriage you designed for the Tarantula. Would it be possible to do a version with the hotend mounting bracket a little higher so we don't loose so much Z height?

Cheers, friend.

I've published a MOD version of the plate for E3Dv6. I cannot raise it more than that as I want to keep the compatibility between Tarantula and BlackWidow

Yes, I'll do customized higher parts soon. The main idea of that design was to have the end of the nozzle at the same height whatever your hotend is. So you can switch between them without changing your sensor height or your Z endstop position

fantastic. Thank you very much :-)

Hi, great work! Just a question, for what use the gd mother plate is please ?

No real use for the moment, except it can help to get more X travel. My first idea was to design it for camera support, but I did not achieve that idea yet.

Does anyone have the e3d titan extruder mounted? Is it had to access the tension adjustment? Is it compatible with the thumbscrew?

you can access the tensioner by disassembling the motherplate. Not compatible with thumscrew

Would there need to be a height adjustment to the Titan Extruder with Volcano hotend? I'm also using a BLTouch with the ANTCLABS factory mount... Maybe it would need to change height as well. The issue is that I don't have a working printer to print the mounts.

Would it be hard to make this for tarantula?

Already did (almost) with the modular X Carriage (link in below comment)

awesome work! Could you please add the mounting holes for the E3D direct drive plate so that it can be mounted on a Tarantula x carriage? Thanks in advance!

If you mean the modular X-carriage (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2034743), you can already use the bottom left hole on the carriage.

Modular X carriage for TEVO Tarantula

I tried to put it on and tighten the plate with a M3 screw. It still moves slightly without the motor and hotend mounted on it. Might be better to put the right two mount holes in use. Anyways, great design, I'm using the plates to swap between different hotends (stock, V6 and V6 direct).

ok, I see what you mean. I'll check how to add a second hole ... somewhere ^^

yes ,1 hole is not enough ,its shacky ,needs at least one screw more.

Maybe I just need to review the adjustments of the sliding part. I took into consideration the retraction of PLA but I've just made tests with PET and ABS and it appears the sliding part is too loose for these materials.
The screw hole was just here as a security but the motherplate should be stranded on the carriage.

Where is the black widow carriage? STL??

Have someone made one for SG90??

using the plate for BLtouch that sits on the back of the carriage,with the Tevo original hotend,I think the given sensor offsets are not right.The offsets are for the daughter bltouch plate or for the bltouch fanduct?

You are AWESOME - Chimera mounted Bowden and BL Touch - fits together very nicely!
Don't suppose you have the offsets for the nozzles? just starting with the firmware edits now

This looks great.
Than you very much for your answer and for sharing your designs.
I am just new in this field, and recently I bought a tevo tarantula printer.
By now I only have printed with PLA, and I ma still i the setup estages.
During the last mounth I been playing trying to understand all the basics at least of 3D printing.
Bye and thanks again.

Hi, the dual E3DV6 clamp doesn't fit my extruder. The diameter is 12mm (inner) and 16mm (outer).

Also will your dual E3DV6 layer fan (http://www.thingiverse.com/download:2758715) work with dual E3DV6 clamp on the Tevo Tarantula and how do you mount this layer fan to the extruder or clamp/bracket?

And one last thing, if the dual E3DV6 clamp part was positioned higher up to give more Z printing space, would your dual E3DV6 layer fan still fit onto your Tarantula bracket (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2034743) or would it collide/interfere with something (hope my questions makes sense). Thank you.

Modular X carriage for TEVO Tarantula

Is there a daughter plate for the stock Tarantula dual extruder?

I'm almost done printing the pieces from the Tarantula X carriage plus the aero plate from this file but I see no way to install a bltouch. What other files do I need to print? Also, where can I get all the screws and nuts for cheap in USA?

I just printed the rear plate. Disregard my previous post, I am not a smart man.

Dear Elzariant,

did u drill the hole on the daughter plate urself? I download v1.8 stl and saw no hole on the model

Which daughter plate ?

I assumed you meant the plate for Titan extruder. You were right, the hole disappeared from last version. I've uploaded a v1.8.1 with the 4mm hole to adjust Titan's tension

yeap I meant titan plate. Thx for the fast fix !!

Elzariant, are you working on a Titan Aero mount? Also, any thoughts of a common cooling fan mount?

Also, I'd be more than happy to print/test/etc...

Soon guys. I'm working on the Aero design.

There is an issue Aero Mount the Titan newer extruders have a thumb screw for tensioning the filament. The thumb screw sticks out past the case by 6mm an the head diameter of the thumb screw is 15 mm. Because of this there is not enough room for clearance and it hits base of the mount and the support of the motor mount.. Can you extend the extrusion of the motor mount by 7mm to increase the clearance from the back of the mount to the extruder also cut back the support on the front of the motor mount by 7mm this will allow enough room for the thumb screw.

You're right. I just got the official CAD file from E3D portal. I'll adjust the design for that thumb screw.

Hi thanks I appreciate that wanted to retain the tentioning vs the button head.

Thanks!! I don't mind wasting some plastic if you'd like to test.

Has anyone mounted a laser cutter to the BW? If so, what were the results? I like the look of this laser cutter: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-arrival-High-Power-12V-2W-2000mW-Focusable-Blue-Laser-Module-445nm-450nm-with-TTL-Wood/32439376930.html

I did following that tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1KTGC1Dbz0
Pretty good results.

Wich Laser would fit to the mountingplate ?
The one from the Video ?

Please release a Chimera mount, Awesome Vertical carriage!

Comments deleted.

could you check the e3dv6 bowden version? the stl might not right the based is not stick into the surface. the base lloks like too high when printing. could you check it out?

Hello, I've corrected that point yesterday. Can you recheck ?

thanks a lot.. it is ok now

Btw have you try print the e3d v6 bowden version. I try with 3 different types of the heatsink. It cannot fit tight. Always loose. What e3d v6 you used for this?

I used a clone ordered at Aliexpress. I know there may have differences with the genuine one (and even between different clones). Give me your measurements so i can adjust the design.

I also cant get the E3D to fit. The hole is to big. The diameter of the E3D is 12mm.

I've added a v1.9.1 for E3Dv6, it should be compatible with genuine + clones

how to give the measure .. i have pic that can get you see briefly.

I got them from Messenger ;-)

Is there a good layer fanto use with the E3D-V6 & Titan? Would prefer a 50mm radial or dual 40 axial if possible.

Thanks for this

BTW - I'm using the original Tevo extruder - is there a compatible layer cooling fan with this setup?

LPA Fanduct v5.5 - E3Dv6/Stock hotends with 40mm fan

Oh and the current E3Dv6 daughter plate doesn't have the two other holes so it can be used on the Modular X Carriage for Tevo Tarantula. Can you add another daughter plate to this set with the holes or add an E3Dv4 plate to the Modular X Carriage for Tevo Tarantula set?

Greatly appreciated!

Nice work here! Any way a dual E3Dv6 can be incorporated into this design?

Good idea. I'm on it

Hi Laurent,

I just printed the E3DV6 plate. I have a genuine E3DV6, not a clone, and it's too big. I just wanted to check with you, the collar for the E3D is 12.6mm when assembled, whereas my E3DV6 in the same area is 12mm. I'm going to just sand the mating faces down to make a clamp essentially, but I was curious what the designed diameter was in this area. I am referring to the raised boss in the diameter that clamps the E3D in, which would be the recessed groove on the E3D.


Thanks for the information. I'll adjust the design for official E3Dv6 (I only own clones I must admit).

Hello there! Any chance you could release a chimera version of the daughter plate? I am planning to use it with your Tarantula x-carriage. Thanks and really awesome work!

Comments deleted.

titan mount is sideways and should be mounted facing forward...bad design... must be looked at in new design....

Yes and ??? Did you ever try it before writing it's a "bad design" ? Did you ever read the comment concerning that setup with Titan position on carriage ? I guess not.

actually i have used your 15 degree mount for original extruder! and it worked great....! and i have tried your titan mount too... no need to flame me i was just telling you that its a slep to adjust you extruder for filament now you have to losen two screws and slide it out just to adjust filament pressure..... but as i said it does work i was just giving you constructive criticism and btw i do like most of you designs so sorry if i pissed you off :) keep up the good work :P

Actually, the screws are really optional. I don't use them personally.
Concerning you comment, I must admit the "bad design" pissed me off ;-) Especially because I already mentioned that fact in the description.

Comments deleted.

E3D V6 Plate is not at absolute Zero.
The coupler is.
Can this be fixed or we have to do it ourselves?

I need a bit more explanation. If you mean the hotend cannot reach the left limit of the heating bed whereas the sensor can, that's normal. You've got the opposite for the right limit.

on the stl.. the bottom of the plate is not at 0 but the clamp is.. it's above it about 1mm so when you go to print it will not print properly. I don't have anything to split the parts to make it proper.

ahhh ok ! I'll correct that quickly.

It seems like the bottom of the plate is floating again (in the file) for the E3D v6 plate. Is it possible to fix it again?

yes, thanks. I've fixed it

And if you flip the coupler over you will be able to print without supports on it.

Yes, I do not know why I flipped it that way. I've uploaded a new version.

Actually, I remember why I flipped it. You can print it like a bridge without supports but the holes are bigger for the screw heads so supports are mandatory in the other way.

Bravo! Great upgrade kit!

Hey man - how do you know where to put the BLTouch?

I use this to get the proper height for the bltouch

BLTouch Home & Auto Levelling Height Gauge

Hello, look at the photos. If you mean the "height", you have to adjust it so it can trigger correctly.

Thanks - are you sure your offset for BLTouch + E3D isn't +16 on Y? My BLtouch sits further back of the machine from the nozzle which should be -

// +-- BACK ---+
// | |
// L | (+) P | R <-- probe (20,20)
// E | | I
// F | (-) N (+) | G <-- nozzle (10,10)
// T | | H
// | (-) | T
// | |
// O-- FRONT --+

My mistake. Thanks for the correction.