Magnetic X carriage

by Banholm Oct 15, 2016
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could you create a remix for the tevo Nereus? Could you or someone mod this for a Nereus? its definitely becoming more popular, plus, I noticed an issue with the stock one clogging and oozing. I also wanted a popular hotend that many people can vouch for and upgrade it with ease. Love the design, but the only part I'm stuck on is for the heater wire, and stuff plugged into the hotend, how did you make it so that you could swap in the magnetic hotend, attach it to the carriage, and swap it out, by just pulling it out and then connecting the wires at the "top" of the carriage? and please please please make an instructional video or Instructables page, it would help a lot!

hello I need a Mgn9h version. I've tried to modify it myself but no matter which program I use I seem to be unable to make the needed modifications. I'm still new to most of these programs but even following video tutorials the model wont allow me to make mods. any chance you could include a mgn9h version?

EDIT: I was finally able to edit it in tinkercad so I will include it as a remix for anyone wanting it.


thank you for this great thingi.
A question:
If a 3-Wheel Carriage planned?
I mean 3-Wheel like this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2628544
Because you can fasten it better on a V-Profile.



[REMIXED] Tevo Tarantula 3-Wheel X Brackets.
by sarpua

Hey! Could you share the .STEP or any design files for the attachments?

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which carriage for the mgn12

do you think mgn9 rail would work

Any way to modify these to work with 8x3mm magnets?

which fan duct bracket do you use in this project?

Can i change the size of neodymium magnets to 5mm by 2mm?

As long as the diameter is 5mm you should be able to use 2mm length. I haven't tried with 2mm but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

How we are use direct titan extruder?

I unfortunately don't own a Titan extruder so I can't design the mount for it.

Did you use PLA or ABS?

Brillant !!!
Try to make a small CNC for PCBs...a small engraver adding a module for a motor like this.

You have tried it yet? :)

Hello, not too sure if this question has been asked, the polarity across the two sides has to be opposite for each pair, but what do you suggest the orientation for the magnets to be side by side?

| | | | |


| | | | |

Hello This might be a silly question and I do want to make this for my tarantula I have printed most of the parts but I'm stuck at the hot end cable connector. For this to work you need to be able to easy disconnect all the hot end cables. I managed to do all cable joints on dupont but since this cable is a special cable covered in some kind of heat isolator I'm not sure what kind of connector to use? Will SM2.54 connectors work? Or maybe spade ones covered in shrink wrap?

XT-30 as shown in the video should do the trick

Hey do you have a piece for the chimera dual extruder like Robs original design? Thanks

Hey! The design is so beautiful, I like it very much! Just wanna ask if there is any mod for adjustable wheels but without eccentric nuts, Hate them :D


I would like to know this as well

What should I use for the dual chimera hotend? Will Dual E3D fit?

Really wanting to print this, the only question I have is on the carriage when I put it in repetier host it appears on its Side. Would it be better to print it on its bottom or would that effect it?

Thingiverse doesn't let me orient the part the way I want to so it comes up on the side in slicer programs. Just turn it flat and print and that will work great.

I had the same issue, in you design you have to have Z axis up and it will put it right on thingiverse.
What CAD did you use ? If F360 is it possible to have the file to make a remix (ex : my wheels are 50mm appart, not 55)
Great idea, well done !

I'm an engineer and rc junky. As an engineer (especially in the plastics field) we struggle to incorporate mechanics and convenience with aesthetics. You hit it right out of the park. You're hired. I'm using it right now with my own slight tweaks and it's rock solid. Thanks for the first rate design.

Thank you very much for your kind words! It means a lot cause it took some time and testing to get it right. But I'm very happy with this design. There's a lot to be improved but I learned 3D design in 2-3 weeks and started making and printing my own things within a month so I'm quite happy the way it turned out. I see a lot of people using my parts and this just motivates me even more. Especially when I get comments like yours! Thank you very much!

Hi Banholm.
I'm planning to upgrade my Tarantula with your beautiful Magnetic X carriage, so I'll be able to easily swap from stock hotend to a 2.5W laser for cutting/engraving.
I also have a spare MGN12(The other one is mounted on Y carriage upgraded to aluminum). I also just bought a BlTouch clone.
Could you add the mount for a BlTouch? I would do that by myself, if I was able :( I still have to learn a lot in 3D designing...
I think there is some space left at the back of the endstop mount. Is there a chance to have this add?
Thank you.

I found this remix for BLTouch

TEVO Tarantula Modular Magnetic X Carrier with BLTouch

A version for the BlTouch is coming. Unfortunately, I don't have a BlTouch myself yet so it's hard to design for it. It needs testing and if you don't have a part it's hard to test.

Next development I am planning for this is to use pogo pins (spring loaded connectors a la Makerbot Smart Extruder) - this would make for a beautiful design! Then I can swap a bowden for a direct drive just by pulling on it...

Hi! Any chance you could share these as step files (or anything parametric)? I'd love to adapt it to the corexy I'm building.

My magnets are too strong. They pull the magnets out. Can i use superglue or what do you recommend

You shouldn't need to use super glue. It should be press fitted but if the magnets come out just add some glue. That won't affect the performance.

This is a genius idea. You rock!

Thank you very much! :D

Thank you again for your amazing design and idea :) i already printed with this setup and it is just amazing .... and now after a month waiting for delivery and customs ..... i received my MGN12H rails :D yeeey
but when it's all mounted i just now noticed that my extruder nozzle is actually higher then the x-axis frame, about 1,5cm higher to be exact. So if i would try to home the frame would hit the bed and the nozzle would still be 1,5cm above the bed.
And one more thing ... the holes for the x-axis home switch are in such position that the switch clicks on the wheel :) it still works, but i don't think you intended it this way? :)
Hope this helps you in any way for improving on the design :)

Yeah this was not at all intended for MGN rails. I made the adapter for MGN rails very fast without really testing it too much cause someone just asked for a way to mount to MGN. When I upgrade these parts I'll make a better part for MGN. Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it!

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What material is all of this printed in ? Thanks

It's printed in PLA.

Any chance of putting up a design file for at least the V shaped portion of the various ends? I'd like to make some small changes to mount it a little further out to allow for my layer fan duct.

Shouldn't be a problem but I don't have the time at this moment! Give me a day and I'll fix it for you!

Don't worry about this, I've been trying to learn some Fusion 360 anyway so used this as an example and managed to recreate it.

Hi, first of all ... great work you've done with these things.... i just have a small "problem".
With the MGN12 carriage, the holes for the belt are not aligned correctly? or am i mounting it somehow wrong?

What's wrong? I mean what's happening when you try to mount it? Doesn't the holes align or doesn't the carriage align? I just checked both the 3D file and the MGN12 rail and it should work.

Sorry if i wasn't clear ... i didn't mean the holes for the screws, i was talking about the holes for the belt, shouldn't those holes be located in the middle of the rail? if the carriage is mounted on the rail the belt does not go straight on the x axis, but is bent to the front.

You are completely right! I made a mistake! When I designed this I had no intention of making a carriage for MGN12 rail but someone in the Tevo Tarantula facebook group said that it would be nice if I made one so I quickly made one without even considering the alignment of those holes.

I've now corrected that mistake so if you download the MGN12.stl you should have the right version with the holes aligned correctly.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I'm happy you pointed that out! It really helps me improve my designs and I really appreciate the feedback! I hope it will work out for you now and if you come across any other problems don't hesitate to tell me. I'll try to correct them as quick as I can.

Thank you very much for the fast reply and fix :) i'm already printing the new part ... i think this will work out perfectly now.

No problem! Please let me know how it went and if you like it! :D

what size Profile is carriage?

If you by "Profile" mean "aluminum profile" it's 20x40.

what are the bearings in the carriage X, and rubber on them?

Any chance of adding the dual extruder option? It looks simple enough, but not simple enough for those of us without CAD skills. Know what I'll be studying this winter break; Fusion 360!

I'm not sure what you mean by "dual extruder option". I've included the option for dual E3D V6.

The dual extruder is an option on the Tarantula, based on the E3D Chimera (http://e3d-online.com/Chimera). There's a head for it on the original modular x-carriage (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1413114).

TEVO Trantula E3D Chimera/Cyclops Mount

That would be nice.

Oh! You mean that one! :D Now I get it. It shouldn't be a problem but give me a couple of days. I'm drowning in work this week :D

Hey, you're the man with the CAD skills and doing me and the other folks who want this a favor. It's the holidays and we're all busy, so absolutely no rush. Thanks c(^__^)b

Looks great! I would love to see adapter for chimera

Great job!
But I can't find belt clip stl file?

It looks like very nice. I'm just assembling my printer today. After playing with it a while, I'll try your designs. Both this and Wind Fan Attachment. Please keep up the good work. :)

I´ve just ordered my Tarantula yesterday, this looks awesome. I´ve added it to my to build list. (After the reinforcement pieces for the printer)

Neat concept but have you printed with it yet? How much does it move around when printing?
Having the hotend that far away from the carriage could be problematic, maybe moving it in closer may help.

Of course I've printed with it! I wouldn't release this design if I didn't know it worked! It doesn't move around when printing. There are 10 magnets and 3 notches holding it in place. It takes 6kg of force to remove it and even without the magnets it stays in place.

Why would it be problematic? "maybe moving it in closer may help" May help what?

2h prints with this carriage. It doesn't get much better. Those prints are hollow too!

Whoa, take it easy there. What happened to wanting some feedback? Why I was asking if it moved when printing, was that in your video (20 sec) where you're pulling on it and it slide up a bit. But if you say it doesn't move, that all I wanted to know.

I've seen some other E3D mount that had the hotend about 50mm away from the x carriage, causing the twisting of the carriage when under pressure. But like you say it doesn't move. So there's no need to change anything.

Look at the model of the holder. You can see three notches. Two on the sides and one in the front. Those notches hold the part so it doesn't move in any direction until I pull the hotend out. I made it with no tolerance so once you print it you have to file down those notches until they fit in place. It all depends on how well you do it. If you file too much the part will move. But even if it does move when you pull on it, it doesn't affect the print. The model in the video is a prototype that doesn't have the front notch and it was poorly filed. but the pictures of the prints I sent you are from that carriage.

One problem I had with that was when the table was moving forward sometimes (very rarely) the nozzle of the hotend would catch on the print and the hotend would tilt then go back to its place. That for some reason didn't affect the print quality either. I of course decided to fix that with the front notch.

The side notches are to prevent the part from going up and down.
The front notch is to prevent tilting.
The magnets hold it in place.

But what I'm trying to say is that even if it moves it won't affect the print quality at all.

When it comes to distance it's 30mm from the aluminium extrusion and can't be any closer cause of two reasons. One is that it will make contact with the wheels and the second is that the LPA fan duct that everyone is using won't fit.

Ah, that makes sense. Just need to tweak some of the things and you'll have a awesome design.

I noticed that you mention that it may be hard to print, especially the X-carriage. I printed and notice that the 2 notches on the sides had some overhang problem. You may want to add a .3 mm support wall just on the inside of those notches. I played around with it on my printer and it looks like this.
After I cut out the support material with a knife.
Just a suggest.

The Fan part makes sense too. You ever though of adding magnets to the fan mount or maybe some LED mount. Be kind of neat.

What material are you printing with? Seems like your printer can't handle overhangs that well. I had no problems printing that part at all with PLA. The only problem I had was with the print sticking to the bed and that was easily solved with some hairspray.

Yeah I'm working on a magnetic mount.

PLA, Doing this for 3 years now, I don't know any filament printer that can print 0 degrees overhang without support. It's not like we are using nitrogen to cool the filament. That why you need to add support. Like I mention before I added 0.3 mm support wall to keep it from sagging.

You can also use a Glue Stick to hold your prints.

You've been doing this for 3 years and haven't seen a printer that can print 0 degree overhang? How come mine was able to?

No, 3 years and not one person has ever printed 0 degree overhang with filament without support or support material. But heck if you think I'm full of it, prove me wrong. How about make yourself a little reverse or upside down "L' shape and print it out and show me the result.
Here's a sample pic.

I know you can't print a reversed L shape but the overhang on my carriage is easily doable!

Mak-a-face concerns are valid. While printing ABS or PETG (I don't use PLA anymore, not a good material) I noticed sometime slight blobs the head would hit without any issue as it would go by and eventually melt it. I too looked at a quick way to remove/disassemble elements like hot end, extruder ... I preferred to use simple mechanical solution like clamps, butterfly nuts because of better reliability and position accuracy.

The time saved with magnets is not worth as anyway the filament has to be reinstalled, the connectors too, adjustment checking etc...

I use magnet in some case though.

I'm not going to argue about material. You print whatever you want but printing mechanical parts with abs is like making stuff with clay. ABS is good for impact resistance but PLA is stronger and in my opinion superior for what I'm using it.

Interesting how you say"use simple mechanical solution like clamps, butterfly nuts because of better reliability and position accuracy."

And you base that on what data? What says that my solution isn't reliable and accurate? I want feedback from people but I hate when people base they opinion on nothing else than crap.

PLA soften at 50C !
Wow, crap ?, you want feedback ? Fine, your "design" looks great and fancy to the ignorant but learn about mechanical assembly constraints then you will see your design is crap.

PLA softens at 60-65 and so what if it does!? I'm not exposing it to high temperatures anyway!

"learn about mechanical assembly constraints then you will see your design is crap." How is my design crap when it obiously works!?

Great design I too use xt60's and jst plugs awesome work

Nice. Thanks.

Only thing I see "missing" is an all-in-one electrical connector mount option. Could you possibly mix up something for mounting a 24-pin PSU connector? This is the only one I have been able to find so far that should be able to handle the heater.

For Mounting Plate:

Fot Hot End:

It's really hard to design things like that cause everyone is using different connectors and somewhere you have to meet the "universal standard". Most people in 3D community use JST and XT connectors. They are safe and proven to work reliably and safely. It's the same question with the notches on the holder. Some want it without while I know that if I designed it without notches people would complain that it wasn't stable enough. So somewhere I have to meet the "middle ground".

Like I tell people addressing the notches. You can just cut them off and if you'd like an "all in one connector" you can just glue it onto the carriage.

I was thinking of designing something like that but opted for a customizable clean look instead.

I understand.

I just ordered 100 of the N50 magnets. I'll need them for other projects too.

If you have any other single connector that would work, it would be nice to have the option. Pogo pins at the mag mount would be even better, but I'm being realistic.

Great design and I'm DEFINITELY using it! Thanks!

You can have a single connector or any other connector if you want. You can either glue them down or have them like I have mine right now. I'll look into a mount for the connector but the problem is that they have to be safe enough and the only ones I've found to be safe are XT30 and JST.

Comments deleted.

Brilliant. clean. Perfect. Nicely done.

Thank you! I really appreciate your comment! Have a look at some of my other designs! They might be useful for you.