FLex Filament and easy filament change adapter for ANET A8

by ashrafau Oct 15, 2016
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This is the best mod I have seen yet. Thank you for uploading it on here.

You are welcome and thank you for your kind comment.

I didn't think this would make much difference, but I was wrong. I printed TPU on the first try, a perfect print with this mod after doing a quick test print. Amazing what this one piece will do. Thanks!

You are welcome.

Very useful, first try today with the flexible filament after many months of regular plastics. Tried 2 times in a row and didn't have any luck after only a couple of layers, having the filament rolling over the extruder gear and failing to go through the nozzle.
Tried your mod and found it pretty much amazing, I completed my very first flexible print without any problem.

If you want to have a look is a 70% (scaled down) low poly Bulbasaur, pretty tiny, not processed yet, just out of the print process (res:0.2mm).

Nice print, thank you for your kind comment, I am glad that it helped you with your prints.

J'ai imprimé et monté cette pièce très facilement par simple emboitage dans le bloc extrudeur, sans aucune modification d'aucune sorte ni démontage autre que le ventilateur.. Elle s'avère très efficace pour le PLA mais je ne l'ai pas encore testé sur du filament flexible.

You are welcome, i dont speak french but i translate what you said and i am glad that it helped even you didint print with flex filament, it makes inserting the filament into the nozzle an easy process.

So according to a YouTube video, this is the only upgrade I need to print Ninjaflex on my anet a8. Is this true?

Yes but other upgrades help printing in general, also you need to change your slicer program setting like reduce retraction speed and distance to 1mm or 2mm max, also slowing the printing speed to 30mm/s or 20mm/s if the object is small.

I made this and it's the first time I've changed the filament without taking off the fan and heat sink. Thanks

You are welcome, I am glad that it helped.

Worked amazing for me. Ive been printing tpu without issue. Even at 80mms. Feeds perfect and layer adhesion is great.

Thank you for your comment, I am happy that it worked well for you.

Theres no issue with not having the heatsink and fan on the extruder?

After you install this you put the heat sink and fan back on.

You may need to fix it by hand while installing the filament but after that no issues while printing or when the filament is installed

Once installed should i remove it when printing with other types of filaments or i can leave i there?

It should stay all the time when installed

How does this get installed? Any pictures of it installed?

https://www.thingiverse.com/make:291813 , this link has a picture of the part installed

FLex Filament and easy filament change adapter for ANET A8

hi guys is that really working ? should I print it and is it easy to install . Any special instructions

if you have ANET A8 and the extruder is as from supplier it should work

Got it, print it! It works like a charm. Thank you guy!

You are welcome :)

I have tried to use this on my a8 and it helps but, wouldn't it be better having a connical hole for the filament?
Thank you for your design anyway!

the Nozzle throat has conical hole, this part guide the filament to that conical hole.

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I've printed that, but it's not working. The gearwheel is touching it when I assembled that.

try to sand where it touches the wheel

OMG ! I've been fighting with flexible filaments for months and tried other solutions and none worked... Now i find yours and I'm going to give it a try (i haven't given up). I've tried printing at 5mm/s, 10mm/s and 15mm/s and always the darn filament starts to get stuck between the gears of the extruder... Sometimes it prints, sometimes it doesn't.. Is always a lucky guess...
I'll print it with PETG and try filaflex (a lot flexible) and flex45 (less flexible). I'll post my findings ! Thank you for the design !

Dear feiticeir0
You are welcome, I will be glad if it will help with these types of filaments, please share your results, and also please make sure to remove retraction or reduce it to minimum in printing settings.

Works like a charme!!!
love U man <3 haha

I am glad that it worked. thanks

Great thing thanks for your creation :)

You are welcome.

Holy cow! That actually helped. Thanks for sharing. I've always hated fighting the filament. Just when you think you've mastered it you find yourself tearing it apart again. That little bit seems to close the gap. Such a small piece to fix a stressful issue.

You are welcome, yes I think beside it help printing with flex filament, it help a lot with changing the filament which without it its a stressful process as you said.

Works like a charme :)
Printed it for for use with Sainsmart TPU out of PLA

Thanks for the comment.

Printed up some of the other things but didn't put them on (fan cover that swivels, etc). Tried this thing and it works so so well that I'm not going to even mess w. other filament guide things. Straighten out the bottom two inches of the filament and this sucker guides it right into the extruder! I heat the extruder to 230, pull out the old filament, then immediately put the new filament in. Wow, Thanks!

You are welcome i am that it helped

you are welcome, i am glad that it helped you saving time changing the filament which is more useful than using it for flex-filament.

hey could you make a photo of how it's mounted? thank you :-)

oh thank you very much!

Hi, do you think it's ok to print it in PLA or to close to the hot parts to require ABS? Great design anyway

Hi, yes its OK to print in PLA since its above the heat sink, the heat sink shouldn't reach temperature where it will melt PLA, i printed in PLA and i print with 240 temperature and it was fine, and thanks for the compliment..

is it work for ANET A6

I didnt try it with A6, but it seems from pictures that they have the same structure for the extruder so it might work

Thing works. Good job Ashrafau!

Thanks pushmaker3D, I am gad that it helped

Could this also help with alignment when changing filament or is this just for flexi filament?

It helps a lot with alignment when change filament, not perfect but much better than without it.

I have the a8 and a sample of ninjaflex. I was looking for something to bridge the gap between the extruder gear and the throats of the hotend.

Is this what your design does. I am finding it hard to picture where it fits.

you can see the pictures on
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1450941 in post printing area

Flexible Filament adapter for MK8 extruder

Yes this is what you need, you need to remove your printer extruder fan and heat sink and install the adapter just above the internal heat sink and below the gears.

Ah I see that looks just the job