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by Zarlor Oct 17, 2016
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Is there any way to create the 4th position shoulder rests that you can run a bolt through it? Maybe have the allen head on the outside and the inside have a sunken in space that the nut can fit into?

I think the ocello-middle-v2.stl file is what you want instead of just the ocello-middle.stl file? It has the hole that the bolt can run all the way through.

I am referring to a bolt that would be perpendicular to the existing bolt. This way you can lock the two shoulder pieces together with glue plus the bolt for added stability. The shoulder piece with the curved edge that touches the cello's neck would have an inset nut in it that way it can still sit flush against the neck, but this allows the opportunity to have a bolt run through. Do you understand what I mean?

Oh, I see what you mean now. Good idea, but for me the epoxy holds it together really well and there is hardly any stress at all placed on the shoulder pieces. You are welcome to modify the parts if you'd like to. Thanks!

You purchased the 3 feet of the angle iron. You cut it at 1.5 feet for eat brace right?

It's 370mm long for each one, so that's about 1.2 feet or 14.5 inches.

Hi Zarlor, do you have any instruction in regards to where to fit the 4th finger position piece? Like how far it is from the top should I place it on? Thank you very much for your work on this, looks so neat!

The bottom of the curved part connects at the second bolt from the top. My v2 piece has an actual bolt hole where it would fit into the O'Cello.

Hello Zarlor,
next question - after printing the chestrest and the fingerposition (nice tight fit into the middlepartv2!) I thought that it might be a nice addition to these parts if some of the edges and corners - mostly the bottom left corner of the chestrest - were rounded. Sanding through 3layers does not give a good result at all, and it is not easy either on the delicate fingers or blouse of a female cello player. Could you do something like a 5mm quarterball at this corner and maybe 2 mm radius for all the lenghts as an update? I think the community would be very grateful for this addition to an otherwise very good idea.
Thank you

Hello Zarlor,
I am currently in the process of printing the parts of the O'Cello. When I happened upon your addons which are looking great (I am NO cellist, just a simple builder with friends in the orchestra) I found that chestrest and fingerposition are ident (just turned 180°). Not knowing what a fingerposition should look like I'm turning to you.
From my point of view I would incorporate a stiffener between the aluminium extrusions, maybe duplicating the O' logo by doing so. (I don't believe too much into hot glue on aluminium)
greetings from Vienna

Since you play the notes with your left hand, the finger position part goes on the left when you are sitting in playing position with the cello. The parts are a little different because they have only one stuff with a beveled edge. I hope this helps. You can see 4th finger position when I move my hand down when playing Game of Thrones.

Thanks, I have seen and understood.

Hey! I only just found the O'Cello, and already you are improving it..

I want to use it to learn cello on, so I might wait to print until you have a working version of the brace and rest. Are these modifications to O'Cello parts, or extras?

Also, you seem to have removed the tripod stand and have it on a spike.. Is this just an extension of the 12mm internal rod or something else?

Thanks for your efforts.

The brace and rest are new parts. You would print out and construct the O'Cello and then print out and add my parts. The O'Cello creator is also working on added some of the things I have added and we are also working together on some things. This project is still in the prototyping stage, so it's not complete and some things may change. For instance, if you look at the last picture in my Remix you will see a possible future middle piece that attaches to the second bolt from the top in the O'Cello. I may end up trying to epoxy or superglue what I have printed out already to my O'Cello.

You are correct about the internal rod -I simply drilled a hole in the 6th piece so I could keep it going and use it as the end-pin.

I'm currently modifying the original O'Cello design to incorporate Zarlor's remix ideas. I would wait a few weeks before you start printing if you want to get the latest version. Part 1 is probably not going to change, so you could print that now, but the other parts are likely to have some small changes.