MPCNC Belt Mount/Tensioner

by DodgeDerek Oct 18, 2016
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These worked great for me. I just started milling, but so far so good.

Just wanted to thank you for this design.
I think it should be included in the "base package" of MPCNC instead of the zip ties.
I printed mine with 65% infill and they seem to be rock solid.
Great work!

Is there any chance i can get a step file.
Without any fillets or chamfers. the piece that the screw goes through is very weak and will break easily.

i am sorry, i liked the design, but mine also broke few times... the piece ind the middle with the screw breaks very easy(tried a lot of versions more shells, more infill, gyroid infill..nothing worked well)

Someone here made an interesting remix that might work better for you. I think it's the newest remix for this thing.

Hopefully these will work for you. These were designed in Fusion 360 so I just exported them.

Great design, simple and effective. Thanks!

I find this design doesn't work for me, the trail the belt goes through is too large and allows the belt to slip through.

EDIT: Turned out to be underextrusion. 95% or 100% works fine with proper e-steps.

Hmmm, maybe print it at 95% size or something like that? Mine fits pretty snug.

This is what I was searching for, Great!
I am wondering, if these tensioners are for 10mm belts od 6mm belts?

Thanks for this design. Works great, much better than zip ties. Three advantages: 1. Tighten the belts much more than zip ties. 2. Fixes the belts much more rigidly than the ties which have a lot of stretch. 3. Finely adjust the location of the carriage to exactly line up and square with the base. My existing belts were plenty long enough...

It is not clear to me how do you fix the tensioners to the corner blocks. I've the original corner block version, not the updated one.
Does your version fit the new corner block version?

Thank you for sharing!

I've only ever seen the one version of the belt mounting on the MPCNC. These replace the zip ties for mounting and tensioning the belts as shown on the main MPCNC project itself. Do you have a picture of the original corner block?

I think I've understood. I have first version of corner blocks, they miss the "horn" your tensioner hangs to. Need to reprint all 4 corners assemblies, which I'd like to avoid...thank you

Yep, if it is missing the horn they won't work. These are definitely designed for the newer corner blocks then.

This is a very interesting design. I have a couple questions:

Did you make one upper and one lower per leg (for a total of four) or leave one side of each track as-is and only print two uppers and two lowers total?

Does this design require a longer track than the original (525) zip tie system? I've already cut the track to length to use the zip ties and I'm looking to upgrade.

I printed four of each for a total of eight pieces so no zip ties would be needed anywhere. This should be a drop in replacement for the zip tie method. I'm pretty sure the belts will work just fine and may even have a little bit extra. You can just print 4 copies of the belt_anchor_clip_set.stl file and be all set.

The parts with the slight cutout were suggested by a fellow MPCNC builder who had pipes that stuck out past the end of his towers and there was some interference with the lower belt mounts. If you have a similar setup, you can just print two of the normal set and then two of the belt_anchor_lower_clip_set.stl

Thanks. I went ahead and printed four of each, assuming I would replace them all. I don't currently need the cutouts of the lower belt mounts, but decided to go ahead and print them in case I adjust the size in the future.

Thanks for the design! They printed out nicely in black Hatchbox PLA. Once I get them on the machine, I'll post a make with photos.

These are great. They work perfectly and the belt is in exactly the right place. They actually eliminated some belt rubbing that I had when using zipties. Thanks for designing them.

Great design. Will have to give this a try.

Is that EMT that you are using? Looks super smooth!
Can you share the brand and where you bought it?

Thanks again for sharing!

It's actually stainless steel shower curtain rods. Found a great deal on local Craigslist and decided to give it a shot. It's a little thin walled, but very smooth so far.

Good luck with the belt mounts. Let me know how they work