TIG Electrode Grinding Attachment

by jag Feb 29, 2012
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can't find the stl file for the smnallest one....

This Popped on my Instagram. I do not have A 3D printer or know anyone who does. I am willing to pay for some one to print a few of these for my shop. Please let me know if this is possible. or maybe a site I can go to get this part printed. Thanks to Jag. looking forward to trying this out.

I made some modifications to your design, specifically including two slots for a Dremel wrench on either side and I also beefed up the base around the hex nut since I've snapped two of these grinders off right there.

I gave you credit, and seriously thanks for all your efforts here! Wonderful tool and I'd never see a reason to buy a "legit" grinder because now I've got one ;)


Beefier TIG Tungsten Electrode Grinder

Hey Jag! I've completely rebuilt the grinder from scratch that I remixed of yours. You might be interested in some of the ideas I threw in there but either way figured I'd pass it along :)

I created one! Seems awesome however I bought the 4 piece diamond grinding wheel set from Harbor Freight and the flat disc is far too large for this attachment but the attachment fits perfectly on the Dremel.
I'll see about finding an alternative but for those out on the hunt, you might wanna measure the opening first and then measure the disc before you buy it. There was a comment from RafScrat saying he found the 40mm disc from Aliexpress worked best.

If you measure the disc you have, I can probably modify the scad file and upload a new version for your disc.

Yeah the Harbor Freight 4 piece diamond grinding wheel set's largest wheel which has a beveled edge and is 45 mm across.

Thanks again Jag and definitely thank you for just designing this tool to begin with !

I uploaded a new version that should fit a 45mm disc. The hole should be 47mm on the new one. I haven't printed it though.

Rock on Jag! I bought the Temo 10 piece diamond wheel set from Amazon I think one of your fans suggested worked great. I think they're in my mail box so I'll probably start with those but next time I go to print a set of those TIG Monster Claws, I'll print out your new version as well and see if it works with that Harbor Freight diamond wheel set too.
Seriously though bravo on the dev work and updating your design to be more versatile. You're a true Developer!
I saw you updated your description too. It might be worthy to mention that you have the 45mm version based on the Harbor Freight diamond disc but then again you might want to hear how that works out for ya (me) too. Just a thought :)

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It is still quite bad to breath if you are doing this enough, and if you are young, have kids, etc...it would be wise to take the necessary precautions. The dust is heavy and tough, and it may not go away easy when it gets in your clothes, house, vehicle. I am just saying that there is a lot more to it than just what you breathe in personally. I made a simple enclosure for grinding my electrodes and just keep the air pressure negative. I dedicated some gloves, a rotary tool and an old vacuum and small certified HEPA filter too. I also use it for sharpening and grinding carbide bits ,blades, and anything that I don't want spread around my property inside or out. I do enjoy the radioactive electrodes, they are noticeably better for some applications and easier if your a random project tig welder like I am.

Printed one of these up the other night, great tool and thank you! I posted a pick on the Welding forum I'm in and one of the guys suggested a slot be put in it so you could use the same wheel to cut off the tips, thought I'd pass that along since I'm no OpenScad guru!

Where is the openscad file and how do I adjust it? I need this for a 1" diamond wheel

Love the idea of this tool combined with a cordless dremel. I printed it out but it was way too large ID for my cutting wheels. Do you have the .stl files for the smaller diameter tools shown in the picture? thanks

There is an openscad file that can be modified for different sized wheels. I wrote it a long time ago so it might be buggy for different sizes. The smaller ones shown were just earlier revisions while I was tweaking the scad file.

don't breath the dust....very bad for you!

I think you may be thinking of thoriated tungsten. It's mildly radioactive and not great to breath. According to the MSDS, pure tungsten isn't bad (not that I would intentionally breath it). I use ceriated tungsten which is also considered to be pretty safe.

It's also quite heavy so the dust doesn't fly around much.

Actually breathing any fine dust, heavy metal, or other irritants can cause lung cancer and or scarring. Radioactivity of the thoriated tungstens adds insult to injury.
I'd recommend some kind of dust collector or maybe just a clear cap with a slot that slides over the outside to cover the top and the unused holes.

I really like this idea. Any idea of how long to print this file and estimated cost?