Lego Batman with LED-Eyes

by Wargaming_Miniature_Showcase Oct 18, 2016
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has anyone else noticed the arm and legs missing? or am i missing something

Arms, legs, hips etc. are from skrimbals original minifig (see discription):

Blank Minifig, Jumbo Snap-Together Version
by Skimbal

For anyone having issues with the torso slicing in Cura, I've uploaded a remix that seems to have fixed all the problems for me. It works in Cura 3.0.3 for me, so hope it helps!


Repaired Chest for Lego Batman with LED-Eyes for Cura users
by Daeloth

The knob for the head one the body keeps breaking off. I doesn't matter on the fill percentages.It seems like the layer the knob rests on comes apart easy, hard to describe.

Hm, on a second inspection I found a few errors in the mesh on the knob and corrected them. I uploaded a fixed version of the chest piece. Please let me know if this solves your issue.

This solved the issue. Head attached with no problem. Thanks for the work on it.

Hm, odd. I checked the files for double planes but everything looks fine. With my prototyp the fit of the cylinder on the body was a very thight fit to the hollow cylinder in the head. If you plan to dismount this more often, you might need to sand it to an easy fit or pulling the head off might stress the plastic too much. Infill from the body through the cylinder should make the knob on the body rock solid. Did it break just after printing or after multiple (dis-)assemblies?


Where you found the clip for batteries?

I dissambled a lighter that had an LED-Flashlight inside (see third picture). Thinking about it as casing for the batteries could be printed but I haven't designed it yet.

Thanks for your reply, it will be hard to find the same part, but i will tinker a metal part. I am designing a batarang to join this batman :)

I print the eyes part with phosphorescent PLA and it's working great.

Hi, parts are scaled to fit the Skimbal's Blank Minifigure, top to bottom about 18cn. I guess it's roughly 4-5 times larger than an original figure.

What slicer did you use to print this? in Cura the bottom of the body is a solid object. Any comments or anything that might help? Thank you.

I've just remix this part and it's working fine now with cura

That's odd.I have checked the files, but couldn' t find anything. I am not using Cura as the Up!mini uses its own kind of slicer/printer software which worked fine for me so far.

May there is some kind of Autorepair in Cura that closes the bottom of the chest?

It's only in the layer view. Outside of that, the holes are there. I Brought it into mesh mixer to see if there was an error and nothing so I will try it in slicer and see what happens. Thank you!

Good luck! Let me know how the print turned out and if the file needs repairing.

Update. Okay so I have tried a few things. Slicer did not work. I repaired the files in Meshmixer, NetFab, and slicer. I even brought it in tinkercad and it was having a problem opening it. The Same problem occurred with the different file fixers it closed the bottom up or it messed the file up really bad. Are you willing to reexport and report the body? if not I understand but thank you for the help.

Oh boy, on closer inspection I found the mesh in the lower section of the chest was a mess. I didn't alter this section in the first place from the original modell and the up printed the part fine so I didn't bother to look any closer until now. I did my best to repair the file and I hope any issues are now resolved.
Uploaded the repaired body, please let me know if any errors still occure.

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