The Humble Velocipede

by danowall May 26, 2017
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Is there any way you could add single assembly of the shin and thigh. I have a monoprice mini with a bed size that will not accept the big size also tinkercad size to large.

Added! You should see Shin x1 and Thigh x1 in there now.

what do you use to connect the parts, the metal wire stuff?

Yes, this model was designed entirely around the central steel crankshaft and spring pins, which makes it easy to assembly and results in a very durable toy.
A previous version of this machine that uses a 3d printed crankshaft can be found here:
but this version is a lot harder to assemble.

I bought a couple of crankshaft kits from adafruit. Can you let me know where to find instructions/files for laser-cut parts. Very keen to put these together with my kids.

Laser file added! Certain dimensions may need to be altered depending on what machine/settings you use to cut them. Kits of these parts will hopefully be available within the next few months if you'd prefer to buy them already cut :)

Almost done assembling mine. Got the crankshaft kit from etsy for about 20 bucks. First time around i couldn't get the pins to fit in the shin holes, so i drilled them out. Then they were too big, so i printed new ones at half speed, and they assembled perfectly!

Good to hear! Yeah the size of the holes can vary slightly depending on print settings and type of filament used, so some tweaking of the settings or post-processing of the parts isn't unusual in my experience. Cool to know a slower print speed helps!

I have one of your kickstarter ones and really like it. I'd also like to print my own, though. Do you still sell the crankshafts anywhere?

Update - crankshaft kits are now available here: https://www.adafruit.com/product/3542

I'm so glad to hear it! Yeah, the crankshafts are a crucial missing component. They aren't currently available anywhere but I hope to have them up on Etsy within a couple weeks, stay tuned :)

Could you possibly make it a printable file?

I've tried, but it needs to be quite strong and 3d printing just can't compete with solid steel. Though they can be printed (http://shpws.me/Ozks) they don't work at all... :(

Hi, can you please provide a 3D file, with sizes, for the crankshaft? I'd like to try to make it myself, it's not easy to order to where I live :-( I'm almost ready to print all the components, and the only thought of how to make the crankshaft is stopping me... Thanks a lot.

How about a bending template/fixture?