H0 turntable

by li_on Oct 19, 2016
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Hi does anyone know what the C4 file is for cant seem to find it in the manual

C4 is tie for mounting rails - tested with Piko H0 flex

ah ok thanks do you know if it works with fleischmann profi rails?

wich Arduino you used for this project?

Arduino Pro Mini and DFR0009 LCD/Keypad module.
But Arduino Nano/Uno/Mini 05 will also work.

Nice piece of work,

but the base is to small or the A1 parts are to big.
It will fit with some adjustment

Have printed most of the parts and assembled the Platform. Having problems assembling Platform to Table and fixing in place. Seems to be a lot of slack in fitting the big gear to the platform anyone know of assembly instructions?

Glue all A-parts, B-parts (except gears of course), attach step-motor, C-parts.
Method 1:
Connect B to A.
B4 should lay flat, without connection
Insert C
Method 2:
Insert C to A
Connect B4 gear to C3, on bottom of A.
Connect A/C to B

Thanks 4 reply li_on

I have played and made the pit a bit deeper and less flexible, adding bearings on legs to the platform. I am direct driving the platform from the stepper motor mounted under the pit and currently working on using servo motors to lock the platform tracks in line with the on/off tracks and making electrical contact with the tracks leading to the turntable. I am using Pi zero W to control everything.

The deeper pit is to allow the use of a slipring contact (3D printed parts) to transfer power and signals from the fixed computer to the moving platform. I am not yet ready to share everything with the 'world' but if it all works out I hope to make my variation available to all.

Seems you have already done a lot of the work I am thinking of doing. Did you ever finish up and release your remix?

Hi friend, I liked your rotating station and I'm printing, I already have the arduino, motor, 16x2 lcd and the id but I do not know how to connect it. Can you upload a photo of the connections of the arduino buttons motor ect. ? Mucas thanks,

Connect ULN2003 with step mottor 28BYJ-48
Connect all wires to arduino in any order (but if you use analog button in DFR0009 it should be connected to one of analog input)
You can redefine PINs numbers in ino file.