Simple Defrost Diverter for Jeep JK

by jvdillon Nov 15, 2013
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Are you still printing these for sale? I'd love a set.


I can print you a set for $12.50....shipping included.

send through PayPal to jvdillon70@hotmail.com


  • Jim

I have been using these for about 2 years now. Had a local teen print them for me.
My Jeep is a 2007 JKRU

These work awesome during heavy snow and ice and divert the heat really well. However, when the plastic is heated the shape actually seems to warp and the diverter regularly pops out and flys off and usually end up under my seat.

2 things I think could improve this even more (and would be willing to buy a set to test):

  1. widen the device by a tiny bit or lay in a reinforcement layer to keep it from flexing
  2. increase the tabs that hold it into the vent so that they are a little more substantial (I layed a little bead of plastic glue (ugly) on mine and they hold much better and you actually have to squeeze the a little to get them out)
  3. If you consider 1 and 2, also add tiny slits to allow for independent flex of the feet without having to squeeze the body of the diverter.

I am trying to remix but i suck at the tools. :)

Other than that this has been great! Excellent thing!

Thanks for the feedback! The prints you have may be PLA. ABS prints will not deform at normal defrost temps.

I am pretty sure he printed mine in ABS, and the deformation is really minor. With heat I can squeeze them a little.

Maybe I should have you print some for me and I can compare and see if he did them correctly. Should I send a request by paypal? (jvdillon70@hotmail.com)

Sure, just send $12.50 through PayPal. Do you want me to try and incorporate your ideas?


I just sent the paypal from Brent.
If you are willing to try the suggestions I am open for it.

oops. I sent it using my other account!

Is the address correct? If not send me the address via email to the same address as paypal.

yes, same address. thanks for checking

I have your new diverters printed. I made the wall a little heavier and the barbs a little longer. I couldn't make the slits for independent feet and still keep it as a support free print. I'll leave it to you if you want to do a little fine tooth saw blade cutting.

I'll send them out in Monday's mail. Let me know how they work out and I'll add them to the downloads as the Brewser Variant.


Sweet! they fit perfect and actually tighter to get into the vents, which was exactly what I was trying to accomplish. Removal takes a little bit more effort, but nothing crazy. I ran them really hot last 2 days after sitting in very cold temps. No popping out. I should of had them printed in red like my JK :)

*Anyone reading this comment should know my Jeep is a 2007 JKRU.

How much would you charge to make me a couple of them?


I can print you a set for $12.50....shipping included.

I would like to get two sets of these please. I have been searching for a solution for this problem for a while now. Let me know how to go about ordering & paying for these. Thank You!

drewwhite, you can send payment via PayPal to jvdillon70@hotmail.com

Two sets will be $25.00. I can print them this weekend if you pay by Friday.

I just you sent $12.50 for a black set.

They were mailed out yesterday.

Tighe32, got it and printed them this weekend. I'll get them in the mail on Tuesday since Monday is a holiday.


Thank you, jvdillon! I don't have PayPal, but my buddy who wants the other set does so he'll be sending you the payment if he hasn't already. I'm really looking forward to trying these out! I have had this problem for way too long! Thanks again!

drewwhite, I received the payment and will print them this weekend and get them in the mail on Monday. Thanks!

jvdillon, Excellent! Thanks again!

They were mailed out yesterday.

Great, thank you very much!

Can you print them in black?

Yes, black, red, blue or green.

I would like a black set.

Tighe32, send $12.50 to my PayPal account jvdillon70@hotmail.com and I'll get them printed right away.

thanks, needed this for my old wrangler.

We're you able to make these?