Table Top Forest

by l7arkness Oct 21, 2016
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I've fixed the stump3 in two different ways. It was brimming with self intersecting surfaces which caused the gcode slicers to freak out.

Thanks for the fix will be good for those who where having issues

When I print one of the logs, the bottom layer is only half of the length of the log and the second layer is the full log, but printed lenghtwise instead of diagonally like the other things I print. There may be an issue with the STL.

Also, 2 of the 3 stumps don't print a first layer, only a few dots, then the second layer prints on top of that. There may be an issue with the STL files. I use Cura 2.4 Beta 2, but I have not had any issues printing any other STL and I print a lot.

Ive ran these through a repair and printed them all without issue, if possible maybe run them through meshmixer or something like that on your end and see if that fixes it. If that doesn't i will re-export and repair then upload

I had the same issue with stump 3 (only one I've tried). So far two out of three have stuck to the bed because of this (I have two more printing now with a couple of other things because I didn't watch close enough the time it failed to know what went wrong)--the third one popped off the bed mid-print. Cura 2.5 shows the stump sitting on the bed so I'm not sure why it wouldn't print it. Next time I'm going to try moving the print down on the z axis slightly to see what happens then.

I don't know if it's a problem with Cura or the STL, I'm just reporting what happened.

What is the very cool looking grid battle mat made of?

Its made of 2 layers of dollar store foam poster sheets and a layer of double corrugated cardboard for a little more support. I used cheap spray adhesive to glue the sheets togethere then lined the sides with brown craft foam

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated I am fairly new to detailed 3d modeling