Double Barrel Candy Corn Launcher

by DragonflyFabrication Oct 22, 2016
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Made this a couple of days ago. Also had the issue with the bolt sticking in the front of the slot. I solved it by re-printing the bolts at 98% scale. Probably could have done 99% and still worked...it's a little sloppy at 98%.

Caps at 98% did not work at all...the walls were so thin they broke off immediately.

Fun project.

Printed this for Cosplay. Made it smaller so I could print it faster at 50 fill.
Worked well!


Is anyone else having a hard time printing out the end caps. My printer< with a .4mm nozel, will not print the thin walls unless I scale the build up. Could you possibly thicken the walls? Love the design by the way.

I had trouble with my slides making it all the way to the front. I used a medium size steel file to open up the groove in the breech and this works great.

A word of caution though: I doubled up a couple of heavy postal rubber bands on one of the slides. The second time I triggered it, the breech exploded with pieces hitting me in the cheek and the eye. I'm going to reprint the breech with more shells (used two shells the first time) and greater infill and put lighter rubber bands on it.

I had the same problem with the slides. A file fixed it, but it was almost .5 mm off.

I also had problems with the caps fitting. They were too wide. I scaled the cap width down to 95% for a perfect fit.

I need a candycorn magazine for this for semi-rapid-fire action! AWESOME!!!!!

It need an auto-reloader !

Just so you know, in the description, you spelled infill wrong. You said "infil"

No issues printing it however I’m having issues with it sliding all the way to the front. Also it won’t “fire” without a little help.

I’m trying to see what the snag might be but have not figured it out yet

OMG LOVE THIS!! Could this work with Nerf bullets??

Finally, someone found a use for candy corn.

whaddia mean its delicious

Are the 2 medium rubber bands you mentioned for the wrist straps?

Would Formlabs resin be durable enough for the breech?

Depends on the resin. Any of the general purpose would be more than enough. The Tough resin would probably be ideal. I'd stay away from the formlabs Durable resin material though, as it would be WAY too compliant for this application.

Source: Am Formlabs Form 2 user

Thanks. I used Grey V3 cuz I'm at the limit of what my college's printer is using. Actually hold up quite well and hasn't broken.

Good choice! Grey prints the fastest (with the singular exception of the High Temp), and should continue to hold up nicely. Happy printing!

It depends more on what strength of elastic you use. I've never tried one on the formlabs, but I'm sure it would be fine. Let me know how it turns out!

Will do! I don't have a printer so I use Penn State's MakerBots, but there's a weight limit to the print you can submit, and the breech was too heavy since it has to be 25% infill. So I'm gonna try to make it with the Formlabs Form 2 with v3 resin to make it. They're all solid objects, but can be fragile, but hopefully it'll work out.

Some of the ideas that people come up with are just amazing. It gets better too when people bring them to life like this. Great work.

why did you fuck this up?


Great work. I have one question, yo cut the elastic bands, I have to cut them?

LOOKS awesome! "Pew pew pew pew" ;)

Printing one Now. Looking forward to this one.

Does it just shoot cany corn, or are there other safe projectiles that won't jam or break this awesome creation?

Firecrackers, small gumballs, and pretty much anything else smaller than 10mm that you can shove in the barrel.

you should make a single barrel design and make it activated by the flick of a wrist