Killer Cactus! - Pet Monster

by EpicFail Mar 2, 2012
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this year is a ghost month

I think it looks funny, reminds me in a odd way of emperor Zurg. The seperate rock will most likely get lost sometime so it may be a good idea to attach it to the cactus somehow.

And unfortunately the deadline was yesterday. :(

"And unfortunately the deadline was yesterday"

Yeah I noticed there was a time difference when I posted it, i assume its based on where Thingiverse's origin is.

I'm not too worried every contest I have been a part of has used the final hour of the day on a global scale to determine the end, and not manage it by timezone to give everyone the
same last moment to enter. If its overlooked because of a timezone technicality then I have no control over that. :-D

THAT'S WHAT IT IS! Oh my god you cant believe how much I kept thinking " .. does this look like something? It feels like it looks like something." I was thinking i must be channeling some old windup robot.

I think the outcome might have been different had I inset the teeth rather than put them on the outside.

But there was only so much time to get it done for the contest, so.. time constraints. Though I guess I could cut a new mouthpiece now.