Batman Fidget Spinner

by TenDutch Oct 23, 2016
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hey some dude is selling these spinners at http://www.ehrenfidgets.com/ he isn't giving you credit

Very nice design. Any chance toy can upload or send me a version where the side holes are 22,01 mm in diameter?

Does anyone else have issues with these double-sided fidgets vibrating when tilting or turning while spinning? Doesn't seem to happen with the standard tri-sided ones.

This is a cool design by the way. I customized it to use nickels instead of bearings as well. Will post a remix later

What settings did you use?

Nice design. im making these for friends , for non friends ive charged 5$ to cover the cost of bearings. Thank you for your effort!!

Can you upload the CAD files? I really like this one but the ears and tail are ever-so-slightly offset from the face of the spinner. I'd like to move them 0.1mm to get them flush.

you are doing great i want batman fidget spinner

Do you just print it like you download it?

Can you please send me the exact measures for windows 3d printer program. Im just starting at this, I just know very few things. I need width, high and depth. I think I just have to print it in mm measure, do I'm right?

do you read your comments?

Sorry I've been traveling for a while now

Would you happen to have a dxf or sketch file for this. I want to mill one out of acrylic. Black on top and bottom with neon green in the middle. Thanks for any help.

I can try to convert the file but I do not currently have one sorry. Google Sketchup has a plug in that allows you to convert and export the different file types

Do you mind if I sell one of these to my friend?

not a problem. If you sell them commercially I only ask you give my account credit for the design

Nice! Where can we get the caps from?

I added an improved version of the caps I made, the should stick together on their own but I have had to add a drop of glue on some after prolonged use.

I try to add the .stl for the caps soon


I am working on a bearing cap I have a few issues with the interference with bearings though

are the rings over the bearings 3-D printed? if so can i have the link?

I have some designs but have issues with them warping when pulling off the print bed. When I get a chance to work out some issues I would be more than happy to post some. I did find some other designs on thingiverse back in December that worked alright for the exterior bearings but they impeded the speed of the spinning

TenDutch, can you open up the holes a hair... I broke the first one putting in my 608 yellow jackets. I heated the second one up in warm water, got them in, and 10 minutes later it cracked.

Hey CB1MAC, I will try work a new design for you, but I would recommend checking your feed rate settings. The current design is 21.95 mm only .05 mm smaller than the diameter of the 608 bearing. This is to create enough frictional force to ensure the bearings do not move freely without the use of glue or other compounds. To be this precise you must ensure your printer is calibrated very well. I have yet to have any issues with parts breaking with PLA, PHA, or ABS.

that 1 has flat edges

thank you @heraldomedeiros. I have updated the info for this print. I don't mind if others would like to sell it but when they assume credit for the design it does really bother me. I would like to continue to design and post here on thingiverse in fact I am currently working on a DC and Marvel series of spinners which are turning out quite well, (i.e. spideman, superman, hulk, and Thor)...so far. I haven't posted them yet but would like to if the attribution issue weren't so prevalent. I still probably will...

Don't worry! I reported this to the website and gave sufficient evidence.

Great job with this. Don't let anyone rip you off.

It's really hard to spin it with one hand due to it's design.

If you use your finger to spin the ears and tail it gets much easier!

Mind if I sell some of these to my friends?

I responded to you in a PM

Downloaded the file ages ago and finally got around to printing one. The holes appear to be a tad too big for my 22mm bearings? I will try to print again and see what happens.

Think I figured out the problem X_X....My fault :(

Awesome, glad you got it to work!

I made it and it works like a charm. The only downside is that it doesn't spin as long as a tri-spinner fidget toy, but the batman design is enough to impress me!

Edit: I saw people having issues with bearing installation. I used a little 180 grit sandpaper and then used a rubber mallet to push the bearings in. Just don't be too rough and the bearings should go in fine.

A heat gun judiciously applied works too.

how do you make that

I use my prusa i3 model and print at .15 mm it take about 20 min. I don't usually have issues with bearing installation but if I do I slow the print down and they fit perfectly.

20 minutes wow i need the extra 600$ for the real prusa

If you have any issues printing this model its because one side is not flat. If you open it in a slicer and zoom in you will notice that the ears are sticking out one layer on one side. So if you have issues flip the model and just don't print the last layer. When the model is imported the layer with the extra is facing down.

Thanks for the heads up I will edit the file.

Hey! awesome design I printed it a couple times but the left wing keeps cracking when I put the bearing in, any advice on correcting this? Maybe less infill to make is not as rigid? I'm printing at 100 for weight right now.

calibrate or upscale 1.001 to 1.003

I print at 100% infill as well, try slowing down the print speed, the diameter is set so that there is some friction when the bearings are set. No glue should be needed to hold them in place.

I have had this problem before, I would use a little bit of sandpaper and sand down the inside of the print just a bit and then evenly press the bearing in (i usually use a vice to make it easier).

Comments deleted.

what size bearings did you use

These are using standard skateboard bearings which have an inner diameter of 8 mm and an outer diameter of 22 mm. They are also known as 608zz bearings.

Thank you Adrainh! I am currently working some new deigns which will take advantage of other items to provide the weight of the external bearing to make the construction of these a little cheaper and simpler. As well as designs for smaller bearings, I will probably keep the central bearing a 608 though.