LCD Screen Mount for GEEETech i3 Pro B

by XDr4g0nX Oct 23, 2016
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Any updates for the issue with the acrylic bed mount? I am having the same problem. I think this mount is not compatible anymore with the current version of the pro b.

Thank you very much. Works perfectly.

In principle this works but now the printbed cant move the full distance and will hit the mounting brackets. Precisely the bearings mount hits the lcd mount. Maybe we need to add an offset thus the brackets are more centered?

I myself had no problems with this issue.
If you do, please check if you pressed the clamps down onto the frame tight enough and that they are on the inside of the smooth rods.
If you still encounter issues with my design for your printer, do feel free to remix them to suit your needs ans share them with everyone.

Everything looks exactly as on those pictures. But in my case, the y axis bearings are attached to a acrylic mounting/holder. And this holder hits the LCD holder when the print bed is moved to max position.

Maybe you never moved the plate to the maximum position. I added a post print script which moves the plate to the front thus I can access the print easily. I assume the same effect might happen if one prints very large objects.

I have, just like you my bed moves all the way to the front when finished to "present" the print and it still has no issues.
Can you maybe upload some pictures to show me where the mount has some problems?


As you can see there is an additional acrylic mount for the bearings

That is really weird, maybe there are different iterations between our printers.
I will look into a offset for the brackets, can you tell me how much offset would be needed?

Roughly 15mm, the shape is more like a hexagon.
When adding an offset we need to make sure the the mount is not sliding left/right.
Maybe we can add another structure which pushes against the threaded rod.

Edit: I found a picture of the bottom: http://www.geeetech.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/DIY-prusa-i3-14.jpg


very simple, make what i expect nice part.

Thank you, I hope it will make your printer a bit easier and nicer to use. ^^

sorry not sure that my comment reflect my feeling (not natural english speaking) my comment after re reading seem neutral.
i really enjoy this part.
thanks a lot

Hello, single piece STL is different from x2 version. The arm is shorter and unusable.
Print only the x2 (two pieces) version!!

Anyway: simple and useful design! Thanks.

Thank you for the kind words.

And I will fix that single arm this weekend, it must have gotten mixed up with my prototype file. Thanks for the heads up.

I was looking for a part to reuse the original LCD acrylic support and found the one.
Great part, it fits thightely between the Y axis smooth bar, helping to secure the screen !

Thanks !

Indeed, and no screws or glue needed either. I had a brainfart when I was designing this and I looked at it and it was actually usefull ^^.