BioHaz Fidget Spinner

by TRAXA Oct 24, 2016
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open mesh mixer and seperate shells
transform the two loose segments back -0.155 on z plane
and then combine and export.
should close manifold
in process of print number 2

very nice spinner just the 8mm mushrooms are actually 7mm and i had a part not print solid to the rest of the spinner but i may have been my filament. all in all though very awesome

I just test printed the mushrooms, both sets in PET-G, one set of 8mm, the others 7mm...
8mm are for regular steel or hybrid bearings, and the 7mm for the Zirconium Ceramics that I use... Both sets came out correctly sized.

I was wondering if it was possible to make one with 3 bearings on the out side. Just for added weight.

It is possible, but it wouldn't be a simple "mod" to the design to use standard bearings.. more like a complete remake..
If you want extra weight, use 14mm tungsten carbide balls..

Hey, can you please make a version for 16mm ball bearings? That would be awesome.

I'll have a go at a remix !
If I don't get round to it in the next few days, SHOUT at me!! :-) I tend to forget stuff, coz I have new ideas!!

it looks cool from the pics but ill have to print it to comment further