Fidget Spinner 608 Bearing caps

by idnarbjm Oct 25, 2016
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Thanks for sharing! These are by far my favorite caps. I've printed over 20 pairs of them.

a lot better than other caps ive tried, but had to sand it down to get them to fit together and still had to use a vice, also had to put a bit of paper around it for it to fit in the 608 bearing properly

Do they fit 60rs bearing?

Great shine and iridescence on the prints. What filament are you using?

That was Inland PETG.

Amazing caps. Only thing that I wish is that the part you hold was a little bigger. This would make the spinner easier to grad when doing tricks and more stable. But still, it is a great design. :)

I've given away a lot of fidget spinners to friends and have replaced all of their previously printed caps with this one. So far only one person out of ten has requested a replacement. This 608 cap is my go-to. Thanks Thingiverse user "idnarbjm"!!!

I prefer this version to the "improved" version. They snap together tightly and I have replaced all of the caps on my spinners with these.

They're too small for 608 bearings. I'm not sure that's what they're intended for but they don't work.

Sorry these didn't work well for you, but I've made dozens of them and plenty of other people have posted makes of them. They fit 608 bearings. Depending on where you got your bearings they might have an over or undersized inner dimension. Print them at 101% and try again. Keep going up until you're happy.