E3Dv6 extruder mod_7 Anet A8

by Jeka_tm Oct 25, 2016
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Hi, I LOVE your monolithic designs! Are you still working on this at all? I think a solution to the rear cooler might be to just turn it 90 degrees so it pokes out the back further so it's not in the way of the printer frame, or adding a ~cm wide inlet (or 'gap') to allow the frame to 'slide' in where it needs to (my frame is 8mm thick) so as not to loose any print area. Also, I love this complimentary X axis support design you made: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2227422 !!! It looks like it may fit my similar Geeetech Pro C as well! The 'Smooth X-Axis' on this site did not work for me because, even though he had the right spacing for lead-screw and smooth rod for my printer, the lead-screw and smooth rod centers did not line up (center to center did not fall on a straight line) like both of our printers appear to do. Do you have the motor side of that design? If you have abandoned this project I would like to carry on the torch, so to speak, and continue this beautiful concept! But I am not very experienced, so it might be a lot of trial-and-error and time before I finish... but I love the idea so much that I would try my best! Or if you plan to complete and share I'd be happy to help you test the designs! Amazing work my friend! Art and function done beautifully! I realize you say it has some issues, but I think they can be solved while retaining the core design! I don't know if you speak english, if not I hope my words translate correctly and convey the praise I am giving to your amazing design skill! Very few who design good things also make them appear so wonderful!

Anet A8 X-axis R1
by Jeka_tm

спасибо. английский я не знаю
я продолжаю разработку, но другой версии. там вентилятор тоже будет сзади 2 шт
держатель для мотора почти закончил, нужно проверять
у меня много разных хобби, поэтому на доработку принтера не так много времени. текущие проекты: (покажу картинкой)
это не считая гидропоники, р/у игрушки и другие хобби
да и пластик почти закончился. нужно снова закупать. 5кг ушло

Excellent work takes time! I understand my friend! I look forward to what you come up with. I like the looks of that motor mount end from the picture also! You might want to take a look at this just to admire another maker who is also very clever:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2328353 I found the 'tear drop' thing quite smart, because that has been an issue for me even with cooling. I like your design much better in general though, and look forward to what you create!
Take care.
P.S. Thank goodness for google translate! :P

X Axis motor mount for Anet A8 or Prusa i3
by Randino

I'll translate the translator, and how it correctly puts a big question. I do not recommend collecting potmou that there are a number of disadvantages:

  1. The fan base behind and run into the printer body, requires the transfer of the limit switch the X axis
  2. The belt is attached at the base of the top and bottom is necessary, since the firmware is not available to redo: flip the wires on the motor x-axis, since the printer controller thought the beginning of the X-axis on the right instead of the left
  3. cooling of 180 degrees is not enough, you need to 360 degrees
    I'm typing, but I will redo it. It is better to collect
    Or wait until I make a new model.
    я сам перевожу переводчиком, и насколько он корректно переводит большой вопрос. не рекомендую собирать потмоу что есть ряд недостатков:
  4. вентилятор сзади и основание упираются в корпус принтера, требуется перенос концевого выключателя оси Х
  5. ремень закрепляется в основании сверху, а нужно снизу, так как прошивка недоступна пришлось переделывать: перекидывать провода на моторе оси х, так как контроллер принтера думал начало оси Х справа, а не слева
  6. охлаждение 180 градусов недостаточно, нужно 360 градусов
    Я уже печатаю, но буду переделывать. Лучше собирать
    Или подождать пока я сделаю новую модель.
Anet A8 E3D V6 mount
by Jeka_tm

Thanks for your reply, i understand the problems now!

I already use http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1824307 currently, which works great!

I added a modified http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1695758 on top, but this design
is quite thick, and i loose 3 cm in y-buildspace.

So your approach with the cooling fan at the back of the carriage is very clever, i hope
you can work out the problems, and keep up the great work!

Anet A8 E3D V6 mount
by Jeka_tm
E3D Mount with blower and Z induction mount
by docbrew

к сожаления сзади не получится. если сделать вентилятор сзади, из-за особенностей конструкции принтера, недоступности изменить прошивку платы, часть поля печати пропадает
в новой версии будет похоже на:
с охлаждением 360 градусов. вентилятор будет стоять спереди. я буду использовать также турбину. но в этот раз дизайн: минимализм

Unfortunately it does not turn back. if you make a fan behind, due to the characteristics of the printer design, inaccessibility to change the firmware board, part of the printing field disappears
the new version will be similar to:
cooling 360 degrees. Fan will be in the front. I will use as a turbine. but this time the design: minimalism

Anet A8 E3D V6 mount
by Jeka_tm

Hi, i like your design very much, and would love to print it.

But i google translated your comments and
the first line says "I do not recommend to assemble!"

What does that mean?
Maybe you could post an english version of your comments?

Thank you very much!

He mean that newer model is under construction and some issues are visible for him after print it by himself and he is working on it and say that you all can provide a tips for solve any found problems or solve it by yourself...

Currently this design have issues in cooling and z-stop