Windup motor Car toy

by brico3d Oct 25, 2016
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OK, so does it print good and work or does it not??? Everyone is saying something different...

I don't recommend this one unless you want to tinker with sizes. The tolerances are not done well, everything is loose and parts will come apart unless you glue them together. Printed with PLA on Prusa mk2.5S.

Does anybody know the measurements of each piece? Or do you have the blueprints in solidworks?

The body parts that unite the two chassis parts had to be done with rafts, same for the wheel and gear axles (the one without base).

Everything printed fine except the eje and eje principal. They both had serrations on one side of the axle about halfway up. I printed several times with the same result.
Do you have new files for these two parts?
George T.

This wind up motor toy car is very interesting and cool I had a very fun time printing it on my flash Forge 3D printer I had to print some stuff out twice because it wasn't the size but that doesn't matter because it didn't take a lot of filament I used pla if you want to see how it came out check out these two links to put it together or just to see if you want to print it thank you


great one !!

I would skip this one a find something with better quality files, instructions and pictures. This is not ready and needs modification. Sorry I wasted the filament and time. Printed on my Flashforge Finder which is fully calibrated and working superbly. I have no issues with my printer or software. It's the files and design. Thanks for trying. P.S. If you took someones design and modified it then it should be a remix.

Hi and hello there my name is Ryan I have a flashforge finder and I printed out this this wind up car and it came out beautifully it does everything that it needs to do in perfect Ashley I will say there was spring needs to be thicker and that's it but I don't know what material you are using but I know mine came out and if you would like to I'm going to be posting a video of me doing it on my flash for 3D printer on my YouTube channel so go check that out if you don't believe me

hi i try to print using prusa i3 origional but the size of the rod is too big. what slicer and firmware are you using for your printer. thanks

Hello, I use cure, and marlin. I am very surprised that you can not print it because its length is 48mm. Could you give me more information to help you?

well it print out perfectly, but the hole too small so i scale the rod to 80% by using scale function on slic3r but it still not fit. if the problem is my printer(prusa i3 origional) then if should fix the hole never change

With the information you give me I can not know the problem exactly. The impression of the axes is a little delicate and you must calibrate the height of the printing bed well. On the other hand if the adjustment is complicated by a few tenths, you can always link or enlarge holes.

Hay,,, Nice Design, ,,”No Attribution needs to be given” it’s a windup toy and has been around for a hundred years,,, I’m really starting to get sick and tired of people wanting credited for old designs,,

I agree with you that the design of the windup motor is an old design from which no attribution can be expected. But the application of that design is something else. In fact you can neither expect attribution of the windup engine printed in 3D since there are already people who invented it.

Here you are looking at the design of a toy car, where the chasis is 100% invention of mine, the assembly, the aesthetics, etc. Not asking for attribution is like not expecting attribution of the design of a novel robot simply because it use microchips, stepper motors or sensors fully distributed and known in the market. Or even how not to expect attribution of the aesthetic design of a lamp because the bulb was invented two centuries ago.

In my opinion one thing is the windup engine and another the application that is given or the "aesthetic" design of it.
Thank you very much.

Your assembly video shows the spring going in upside down. Winding with it that way has the spring expand rather than wind up. Nice build other than that. If you watch the wind-up starting at 11sec, you can tell it is upside down. I confirmed on my build as well. Thanks.

You're right, in the assembly sequence I did it wrongly. After posting everything I noticed this error and it was a bit late to change everything. The important thing is that people have a small montage guide and they will normally know how to do it correctly.
Thank you very much for your correction.

How did you get the black rubber for the car? Did you make that too?



Looks like O-rings. You can get them pretty cheap from Ebay or most hardware stores.

Thanks for your answer, it's exactly that.

Thanks for your projects, they were the inspiration for my version of the windup motor car.

Stealing others designs without attribution is not cool!

No doubt. Seems like you should have submitted as a remix of gzumwalt's things.