space shuttle (fixed)

by basbr123 Oct 25, 2016
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This is awesome model. Thanks for posting.

can you make the nozzles walls a bit bigger still? (on both the boosters and the shuttle) i cant get them to print at 100% scale.

Amazing model otherwise!

done on the single parts

thank you very much it now prints without any problems

I'm printing a 200% version and it looks amazing so far! Thanks for doing this!

great! post a picture when its done, id love to see it.

Comments deleted.

There's a problem with the bottom part of the shuttle, the 3 engine nozzles don't slice and print properly in cura. Is there a way to solve this?

i took a look at the shuttle bottom and fond some non-manifold errors in the mesh.
i fix it and made the nozzle walls a bit thicker so its easier to print.

let me know if it helped

I'll try to print another orbiter. So far the fix i did was to remove the engine nozzles completely in fusion 360 and design a separate engine nozzle so i can print it in another color. But thanks for your effort in fixing this model.

no problem, and thanks for bringing it to my attention.
i would love to see a photo of the end result, if you could post a make it would be awesome.

can I scale this up by 150%?

as long as it fits in your printer you can use any scale yo like

Do you recommend a specific material, ABS PLA ULTRAT? I'm running on a Zortrax M200. Thanks.

i print everything in PLA myself but any hard fillament wil do.

Hi will ttis work as a postbox my wife whants a shuttle postbox



it wont as it is now
it would have to be modified to be a postbox.
you can use this model as a start if you want.

Looks much more accurate than the other shuttle models posted on thingiverse, any chance you can cut it in a few pieces for easy printing?
Is it to any scale?

i found this model on grab cad (link in the description) but is was full of holes, intersecting faces and non manifolds. i went through it an fixed all issues and optimized it for 3D printing.
i think its a 1:200 scale.
is there any specific way you want me to cut it up, just separate tank and boosters or also cut them in half so they can be glued together later?

thanks for the complement!

Comparing some measurements in MeshMixer with the Wikipedia numbers for the space shuttle, it looks like it's roughly 1/350 scale.

The actual numbers I got were roughly 1/349.69 for the SRBs length, 1/348.75 for the external tank length, and 1/343.39 for the orbiter wingspan, but given the Wikipedia numbers are rounded that's pretty darn close to 1/350 for everything.

Numien, thanks for confirming the model scale. Should be easy to get the multiplier to make them 1/72 scale. I've got a couple of Revell 1/72 Space Shuttles waiting to be built and they'd look pretty spectacular on a correctly scaled full stack :) Need the SRB with a scale height of 631.4mm and the main tank with scale height of 651mm. Oh, and a whole lot of metal pins to hold everything together :P

Yeah, it would be awesome if you could cut it up somewhat similar to the other shuttle designs on thingverse, just something like a 2 piece booster fuel tank and perhaps also the shuttle, aranged upright so we can take full advantage of the printed layer direction.
Perhaps with some holes to stick pieces of 1.75mm filament in for reference? and the struts printed seperately, perhaps requiring a bit of support, with little nubs that fit in holes in the fuel tank and orbiter

It would be awesome if you could make this model easily printable

Thanks already,


i added the the cut up moddel for easy printing,