Laserbeak Transformers G1

by luc1dni9htmare Oct 26, 2016
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Could you resize it to fit with the other cassettes please?

Let the printing begin! :D

Love this. Still trying to get this perfect as several pieces are too loose and fall off (mainly legs and head) but i'll get there is the end...

Which way do you orientate the body for printing?


It's best if printed as is so that the round inserts are perfect.
You will need support for this file.

Thanks, i'll give it a go

do you know if the thrusters/guns fit on the actual original laserbeak figure I lost those for mine?

not in a million years. check the original, because that was actually scaled to the g1. this one is big. 3 to four times bigger.

I don't own one, but i think the designer made this from scratch. So it may not work.
It should be easy to make one though.

do you know if the thrusters/guns fit on the actual original laserbeak figure I lost those for mine?

is there any chance you have a soundwave that this can fit in???

Unfortunately I don't.
I wish there was one out there though :)

Any chance of posting the original files if I want to modify it? Or did you just edit straight STL's?

I don't have the original files, you should ask the original designer himself.
I had to modify these quickly straight from his STL files.

I used TinkerCad and 123D to modify his files.

I made this, before you print check the pin and hole size i had to reprint my pints to fit correctly. and the Jet/cannon pins where a little too small to fit into the body. making them very loose. other wise a wonder model.

just to clarify i am not criticizing the designer these are just somethings i noticed and might help people before they print.

Thanks for the feedback. I was actually expecting these results.
I guess different printers produce different results.

Feel free to upload your files whenever you can.

What's a good scale if I wanted this toy-sized?

it is 160mm x 100mm when transformed into a cassette, a little smaller than a 7in tablet and comes to about 200mm-240mm when transformed (depends on wing span).

Did you mean like the actual laserbeak toy? Not sure what's the size of those. but this is not huge, just the right size. :)

So you mean that the one in the pictures is just scaled up from your files, or I have to scale them down?

The remix version is a scaled up version of the original files.
The photos are the actual size from my remixed version.

If you want them smaller, yes you can scale them down.