Math Spinner Toy

by christinachun Nov 16, 2013
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I used the numbers, endcaps and a z axis reduced inner tube to build a life counter for magic the gathering game.

Please share videos of the counter!

I was thinking of a 3 hex toy similar that would have the hexs in a constanant, vowel, constanant fashion to teach my son to read 3 letter words, could someone please modify this to a be 3 hex long and have it CVC

Great idea. I am considering if I can modify it a bit to make room for some electronics and light to make it glow e.g. red for wrong answers and green for correct. Maybe include a timing element also :)

Here is a video with a timelapse and the result of printing this math spinner. Thanks for the stl file!

Awesome, thanks for the video! :)

when i press download this thing it shows me some with no picture that say like fixed stl. should i print those in addition to the ones with pictures or just the ones with pictures or just the ones with out pictures

how long does this take to make and does it require any supports to mak

It doenst need support, took me about 8 hours and 80 grams of pla to make. I scaled the files up 20x, total length is now 10cm +-

how long does this take to make

You need to make a common core one, it would have 800 sides split onto 200 rings and be 12 feet long....

This is a great built though!

Christina: Thanks for sharing this wonderful design.

Here are some suggestions for tweaks and add-ons from teachers at the VSTE13 conference. (Virginia Society for Technology in Education)

-A wheel without a zero so that the two digits answers can be 5 instead of 05. Reduce confusion for students learning to write numbers.

-Center pieces sized so that there can be 2, 3, 4 and 5 wheels. Teachers thought this would be a good tool for place values. So two wheels would give a tens columns and a ones columns. 3 wheels would give hundreds column, etc.

-A wheel that has a decimal point and/or a comma. Place values and decimals.

-A wheel with symbols for dollars and/or cents.

My suggestion is to size end caps that will fit on PVC pipe so that teachers with small 3D printers could still create large math spinner toys by cutting PVC to size. Show millions, billions and trillions.

I had a little bit of trouble with getting the end caps and center to press fit together. Ended up using glue. Wonder if there is a design that would be a little more forgiving for printers that aren't calibrated perfectly. Ideally it would also be able to be easily disassembled so that the wheels could be swapped around for different activities. Maybe a slight bevel on the interior parts of the end caps?



Those are some great suggestions and add-ons! Thank you so much for the feedback. I'll work on them soon!

these stl files must be in inches? I just tried to print the numbers and Slic3r printed it tiny... like 1mm diameter. gonna try scaling it up

Can you download the mathSpinnernumbers_fixed file and see if that fixes the problem? If so, I'll run the rest through netfabb.

this is awesome. thanks for sharing!

Excelente regalo para mi hijo. :)