NES Controller Shelf

by RadRuss Oct 26, 2016
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Printed one button and almost finished to print the 4 parts of the Dpad, I scaled at 83% with 0% infill, I don't plan to put heavy things on it, and PLA is stronger that we might think haha !
But even like that it take a very long time to print, but I'll succeed !

Awesome! I printed mine in PLA and had no issues with weight :)

Great Idea! I always wanted some shelves above my TV but could never find something that looked good.

Thanks! Glad you like it.

hey there, how much infill would you recommend? id be using it for possible shelf for small figures

I think I printed at 15 or 20% infill, and made sure to have extra solid layers (I think 5) at the top of the print so that it looked nice and smooth when it was finished.

awesome thanks, also have you ever thought how if you printed 2 more buttons you could make a snes controller?

For sure! The SNES colors would also look very cool!

Awesome design! thank you for posting it for all of us to copy.

would you mind telling me the dimensions of each item? i have tried importing it to 123d in mm and inches but still loads in at about 9mm

I've added some edited files that should now have the size problem fixed. Sorry about the delay in my response!

How big did you print them? When importing them they are only 5mm tall.

If you convert the dimensions from mm to inches in your software, it should size them correctly.

Does the D pad dovetail part need support? I'm new to 3d printing, haven't done anything thay requires support yet. Very nice idea though!

I did print it with supports, yes. If you print it so that the dovetail is the topmost part of your print, you probably can do without supports, but in my first test doing it that way it also caused the part to not create perfect right angles.

came here from reddit. nice work. Will probably most definitely be stealing this!

Awesome! Glad you like it. Steal away!