Kylo Ren Mask in 8 Parts

by gcrocker Oct 27, 2016
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What resolution and infill to print?

i am getting cracks when i slice it in simplify3d....


More like Kylo Ren helmet in one part :D I'll post pictures soon

would you print the eyes the way they are already

Hi ! I don't know how to place the Left or Right Eye part.. If i use supports it's going to take 18 hours.
Could you send me a screen of how to position the pieces for printing please

when I slice the left collar piece in Simplify3d there is a part that is messed up. it's like it's missing one or two whole layers. Any ideas how to fix this?
http://prntscr.com/fd8ygw http://prntscr.com/fd8z2a

Try turning on the "Heal" feature in the advanced tab:


That's weird. I had no issues with the file. I also sliced some parts but I used Meshmixer. Maybe that will help you, its also free.

Looks amazing!! Thank you so much for slicing it for smaller printers!!

What is the completed size? I'm wanting to adapt it onto my motorcycle helmet.

The inside of the front of the 'helmet' part (not the 'chin' part) is 19cm in mine.

What was the build time in each of the pieces?

Simplify3d says the Left-Helmet.stl file would take 8.5 hours to print, and it's probably the longest of them.

I am getting an estimation of 15hrs on the left chin after turning quality down to medium and the speed down 20mm/s what was your quality/speed you used?

3500.0 mm/min = 58.33 mm/sec so a lot faster than you're doing. I'm using a Wanhao i3 with a lot of mods.

How much filament did it take to complete? Looks fantastic

I just finished the printing phase of mine. I used almost exactly one spool of PLA with "aggressive" non-use of supports (think I just coined a new phrase!)

You printed it all with out any supports? How did you orientate the eye and top back parts?

To clarify, I used/use Simply3D and take away as much supports as I can afford to by looking at where it places the automatic ones. This is something you can do in S3D but I have not (to-date) seen it implemented in any other popular slicers.

So, for almost every part that didn't contain part of the face, I used no supports. For parts with face portions, I only let it leave the supports in that would affect a visible surface, and took away the ones that held up the interior 'faces' of the parts. Unless you're dealing with extreme overhangs, the non-visible faces print just fine with only a little droop on the first couple layers, and it all corrects itself by layer 3-5 of the overhang. At least, that's been my experience on all my printers with PLA.

You've made me realize I haven't posted my make of this yet, I'll hop on that and correct it!

Just as an FYI for folks, Cura now has an option to remove supports individually. Great idea to do this.

that impressive i dont think i could print the dome parts with out any support. Going to have to download a test file and try it out!

I would like to see someone come up with a version that opens up like in the movie

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I always need these big helmets in small parts!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I always need these big helmets in small parts!

What infill percentage would you recommend?

It almost doesn't matter because the mask is thin enough that your print walls will almost touch. So I went with 100% just to be safe. Decreasing it to 25% lowered print time by only a little if I recall correctly.

Do you remember how long it took you to print all the parts for it?

I think the big parts were around 10 hours and there are 6 of 'em. I'd start with the smaller two (the collars) to make sure it's all going well, then I'd do the helmets (overhang can be challenging), the eyes, then the chins last since they are tricky. By that point you'll have your settings dialed in.

Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for providing all the finishing details. Wish more people would do this!

I was really intimidated by this build (by far the most complex I've done) and hopefully having the details will encourage others to try new stuff!