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by mageli Oct 28, 2016
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With your beard, you look like you could easily go as Dr. Gordon Freeman, from Half-Life.


You even kind of look like him from that angle... it's a little uncanny.

Well i would say that I have half the life of Dr Gordon Freeman : i'm a free man but not yet a doctor… ha ha

hey ho, I just printed the eye :)
Did you use a specific Battery and switch?

I've used 2 lithium cell batteries CR1220 3V and a small switch from another device (I don't have the reference because it's a recycled part, sorry). I will upload a picture so you can see.

2 CR1220? thats 6V in total... isn't that too much for an default 5mm led?

if you say so... I'm not an electronic specialist, I've picked off the led and batteries from an old stuff as is.
Do you think 1 CR1220 is enough ?

Yes, it should be enough. With 2, the led may be brighter, but doesnt live that long. I will try it with only one and put some aluminium foil in the gap :)

noted, thanks for the information !

Great Idea, thx for shareing.
I will print one as soon my Printer is running again.
It's always good to have a costume in the drawer ;)

I had a similar Idea for Steampunk, I plane to make some lenses which I can rotate in front of my glasses but I'm to lasy to model it ;)

thanks !
you're right : one of the most difficult part is to design a model specifically adjusted to one's glasses. The other one is to find room between the lens and the eye to place a switch, a led and a battery. Fortunately 3D printing allows you to make a very unique model that fits all your unique specifications !
have fun making it !