Anet A8 Front Frame Brace

by Leo_N Oct 29, 2016
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Thank you so much !

Super ! Fits 100%, Thanks !!!!

Soo, I printed this, over 6 hours print at 20% infill. The problem is after cooling down, the whole part got warped on it's length. The sides are sturdy because of the big L shapes printed on top, but the middle that makes room for the belt tensioner is structurally weak and warps... Bottom part of the piece that's on the heat bed is hot, top part is cooled while printed. After the whole piece is finished and the cooling of the bottom part proceeds, it starts warping :(... Can I maybe solve this with smaller hexagonal infill shapes?

You have a general problem with bed adhesion. I am almost certain that changing the infill will not solve your problem.

Bed adhesion is just fine. I'm printing on glass, above the aluminum heat bed. The problem is my prints, if they are more than 15 cm long, like this one, get warped after the cool down. After I take them off the heat bed...

Have you tried a different filament manufacturer?

Nope. Well, generally PLA plastics behave like this. I was just wandering if there is a solution for it. I must add that I'm using 85 degrees C for the heatbed and 210 for the extruder. Could that be it?

Go with 195 on the PLA and lower the temp on the heat bed as well.

Ok. I will try that. Thank you :)

Thanks! Fits perfectly on 2018 Anet A8 V1.5

Just want to say thanks for a great design, I've been using this for over a year now, and in conjunction with my top frame brace my frame is very rigid. I've recommended this many times, and will continue to do so.

You're welcome. Remember that the front brace goes hand to hand with the rear brace.

Anet A8 Rear Frame Brace
by Leo_N

Thanks, but I'm planning on moving the motor to the back of the the frame, so your rear frame brace won't work.

Interesting ... :-)

Made one (or several, poor bed adhesion but I got it to work with a raft and 0.2 air gap height) and installed it while installing an ultrabase bed, it instantly corrected the bending in on my anet's front frame.

That is what they are for :-)

Just printed the rear one and fitted it last night, will print this one tomorrow. Curious though why on the front brace you put holes for the rods, instead of U-channels like on the rear brace. That would allow installation then without needing to actually disassemble the whole front end. Was there a reason for this?

The front nuts are easily removed with out compromising much of the setup of the printer.

With the rear brace you would have to disassemble more parts of the printer. I felt that wasn't worth the effort.

Ah; got it. Makes sense.

Hi. Does these brace affect the y axis travel in any way?

I wouldn't think so, neither in a negative nor positive way.

That's great! I'm about to hit print. I only ask as having updated to marlin on my A8, the auto bed level travel for the y axis now takes the y carriage bearings upto 10mm from the front acrylic plate, whereas on the stock firmware it didn't. Thanks for quick reply. Jim

Is there an Anet A8 vibration dampener foot like this that works with this?

Anet A8 Foot

Hi, i have a quick question. Would this work for the Tronxy X8 version as well. They do look very similar (Anet A8 and X8).
If anyone knows and tried that already i would love to get feedback on this.

Comments deleted.

I printed this for my Anet A8 purchased in December 2017 and it fit great when used in conjunction with a screw type Y-tensioner by Photograaf16. The only issue I notice is that the rear acrylic frame piece now bows significantly more so it will need to have a brace printed for there as well since this causes the motor not to sit at 90 degrees to the rear frame. Great work Leo_N!

Front and rear brace are intended (a must) to be used in together.

Thanks Leo


Well just got my Anet A8 a couple weeks ago. and unfortunately the holes in my front acrylic do not even come close to lining up. On mine the holes are lower. The top of the hole on my acrylic just about lines up with the bottom of the hole on this part. Looks like they are now putting the holes lower for the threaded rods now. or at least they did on mine.

Probably sold as an Anet A8 but isn't.

I don't know what you mean with "The front acrylic frame is NOT symmetrical.", I measured mine with a precise caliper multiple times in different ways and it was always perfect symmetrical. Has this maybe changed?

I changed the text in the summary. It seems newer models are now symmetrical.

I got my A8 just a few weeks ago and I noticed, that the front acrylic frame is symetrical with my A8. Have you heard of this and does your frame fit anyway?

The brace will fit.

Very nice but your front acrylic frame is mounted incorrectly.
Check out my picture #2 for reference.

Thanks for the tip.

The front brace reduced around 0.12 mm of backlash that I was having in the y-axis down to about 0.04 mm. The rear brace (tightned up against the rear motor) reduced y-axis backlash to under 0.002 mm -- as perfect as I can measure it.

These prints are big, and take a long time, but are probably the best thing one can do for an A8 after the fan nozzle.

Thanks for the fantastic designs!

Obviously I concur 100%.
First thing is to print the Mistral 2.1 to make sure you have good qualtiy prints.
Then front and back braces to remove what you have mentioned above.
Next is to reduce x-axis motion by printing my Hulk braces.
That is all you need to improve the A8 printer.

Comments deleted.

Thank you for this post. I printed it and installed on my A8 3D printer. Fits perfectly and prevents my acrylic frame from bending due to belt tensions. This thing works.

Great to read. Is the A8 a newer version?

I just got his from Gearbest last week. I assume it is the newest. I am new to this.

Ich habe mir vor 2 Wochen den Drucker gekauft und ohne Probleme den Remix https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2397219 Gedruckt.
Ein Problem gab es beim Verbau, der auch bei dem Original auftreten wird, die Gewindestange ist nurnoch 1cm und nicht mehr 2cm vom untergrund entfernt...
Ich habe dafür mal 2 Bilder angehangen.

Ich hoffe, dass andere ersten den Post lesen, bevor sie selber feststellen, dass es nicht passt...

Anet A8 - Front Frame Brace with Mounting Holes

Na super! :-(

Kannst bitte vom ganzen Drucker ein oder zwei Bilder machen?
Konkret wie die Gewindestange von vorne nach hinten verläuft.

Ich hoffe, dass unter den Bildern etwas ist, was du verwenden kannst.
Ansonsten mach ich morgen Abend eine kleine rundfahrt um den Drucker, sind ein paar Kleinigkeiten, die anders sind.

Die Bilder nach zu urteilen muss ich feststellen das es sich nicht um ein Anet A8 Drucker handelt.

Vielen Dank für das Aufklären per Privat Nachricht.
Nur weil ANET A8 dran steht, muss es keiner sein...

Thanks - it works great and was one of the first mode I made for my A8 - followed by the rear brace..

How you guys prevent wrapping? I print on a raft and it's still wrapping slightly on corners

i am using abs, bed temp 110 and 230 on extrude.raft seems stick to bed well but the raft seems can not grab the corners of the print

Try to level your bed correctly. Worked for me.

What does this brace do? Does it reduce vibration or something?

Thanks! :)


The primary goal of this brace is to eliminate the acrylic front frame piece from bending.
It also adds is stability for the front portion of the printer bed.

You will also need to use my back frame brace for the same reasons.

I cannot get this design to fit on Cura, HELP!

Go to your printer settings and increase your X/Y size a little

What vibration feet work best with this? Thanks :)

First layer didn't stick to the bed :(

try using brim or raft as your bed adhesion. that should help with bed adhesion. another reason could be that your bed is too low. maybe if you loosen the screws on the bed it will adhere better

How long does your prints need? Mine is about 5 Hours, is this correct? Printspeed 75 mms Movespeed 150mms 0,2 layer height 0,8 shell thickness. Any tipps how I cant print it faster? Have to do the back frame too, which also needs about that much time :D

Yep, 5 hours is what you should expect.

Danke dir, damit ist das Wochenende ja dann auch durchgeplant ^^.

Leo are You sure that 104mm should be on the right side ? many ppl claims oposie.

Absolutely! I am 110% sure.

Of coarse this is only on the assumption that Anet didn't change anything to the design of the printer in the mean time.

Since installing this and the rear brace.. I'm getting kinda loud vibration/pop in the frame, and a "twanging" from the top of the frame. I think its based in the X-axis but cant be sure. Any ideas?

Hallo Leo,
erstmal Danke für das tolle und zugleich einfache Design.
Meinen ersten Druck musste ich wegen schlecht gewickeltem Filament leider bei 12mm abbrechen, allerdings habe ich da beim Probe-Anlegen bemerkt, dass V1.1 das kürzere 104mm Stück auf der linken Seite hat anstatt rechts wie die erste Version. hatte zuerst Cura im Verdacht aber bereits im thingiview erkennt man den Unterschied.
Ich habe das Modell jetzt gespiegelt und drucke es erneut und hoffe, dass dann alles klappt und es passt.

Nein nein... Du musst das Teil so ausdrucken wie von mir vorgegeben und stattdessen das Acryl Stuck des Druckers umdrehen!

Also ist Version 1.1 absichtlich eine Spiegelung zu Version 1?
V1: 104mm rechts
V1.1: 104mm links?

Nein, es gibt keine Spiegelung zwischen 1 und 1.1 die sich unterscheidet.

leider doch. Man sieht es bereits in thingiview wenn man beide Versionen auf die Frontseite dreht und dann schnell zwischen beiden wechselt, dass der Freiraum für den Zahnriemen nach rechts und links springt.
Ich habe auch beide Versionen in tinkerCAD überlagert, Bohrungen und Außenmaße passen überein, der Freiraum für den Zahnriemen ist dabei um mehrere Millimeter verschoben.

Ich sitzte nun mit Unfassbarkeit vor meinem Rechner! :-( Du hast recht!!!

Scheinber ist bei der Bearbeitung beim CAD Zeichnen was schiefgelaufen mit der von Dir geschilderte Konsequenz!
Bin jetzt rot im Gesicht :-/

Heißt für Dich spiegelverkehrt drucken oder warten bis ich es korrigiert habe.

Vielen Dank für den Hinweis!!

Musst nicht rot werden, wir sind alle nur Menschen :)
Ich werde es jetzt spiegelverkehrt drucken, da ich gleich zur Arbeit muss und für das WE noch die Verstärkung für die Rückseite und der Um- und Einbau der Teile und Elektrik geplant sind.

Neue Version als 1.2 hochgeladen.

Viel Spass dabei!

Thank you Leo_n This was one of my most important upgrades..

You are welcome. Be sure to make my rear brace as well as it's just as important!

Hi, würde ein Rahmen der die Vorderseite mit der Mitte verbindet Sinn machen, oder gibt dies hier genug Stabilität?

Leider kann ich nicht ganz folgen. Kannst Du vieleicht eine Skizze machen?

OK, habs nun verstanden. Die Lösung bringt m.M.n nichts. Es könnte sogar passieren wenn das gedrucke Teil krumm vom Heizbrett kommt es sogar negative Auswirkungen auf den Rahmen haben könnte.

Die fordere und hintere versteifung dienst nur dazu das man den Zahnriemen fester verspannen kann ohne das sich die Acryl Teile verbiegen,

Ok, vielen Dank für deine schnelle Antwort! :)
Ich hätte dir/ihnen auch eher geantwortet, aber ich hatte bis vor kurzem noch geschlafen ^^

Thanks for the model, what infill do your recommend ?
Thanks in advance

It's documented in "Print Settings".

Ok I missed it, then 20% is enough

I think it'd be nice if you'd have included a belt-tensioning.
Its well made so the original belt holder and printed tensioners fit in it - but an included tensioner would be the best solution i guess, to have that enforced aswell in one Piece.

Anyway, Keep that good work up
Greetings from germany

this belt tensioner might work for you just mount it as close to the middle as possible

Adjustable Belt Tensioner/Tightener and Belt Tie (Tevo Tarantula)

That's not a very good idea. If you put the tensioner on the printed brace then it will have to take all the stress. If the tensioner is mounted on the acrylic frame then the stress is spread out on both parts.

Anyone else had serious warping issues printing such a long piece? Mine warped a lot across the longer edge printing it in PETG, 70° heated bed, 230° nozzle, 50mm/s and 0.3 layer height.

Just printing this... Could you recommend a Y belt tensioner to go with this design?

Sure :-)

I'm using this and it does it's job well: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1959208

I would also strongly consider using this one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2024293

Anet A6/A8 upgrade: Y-Belt tensioner
Anet A8 Y-belt tensioner V2

Great! Thanks for the fast answer. !

I have put the model into cura, and set up my printer (Anet a8 offcourse) But the Cura model looks to be too small relative to the size of the machine of the "build plate"? Is a little confused about this . :s


In your slycer program you need to rotate it on the Z-axis to around 45° until it fits nicely on the bed.
Also be sure that scale is set to 100%!

Dang, I printed one before figuring this out!
I've now gone into Cura prefs and unchecked "Scale large objects" and "Scale extremely small object". I prefer dimensional accuracy.

JUST LIKE THAT. That's looks perfect now!

Thanks for your reply Leo,

Will this part be all right with printing in PLA ? :)

Yes. I have mine printed in PLA:

Hey Leo. Sieht echt super aus. Kannst du auch noch eine Version machen, die man auf einer Platte verschrauben kann?

Ja, das ginge. Wo möchtest du die Bohrungen plaziert haben?

Habe mir das ganze jetzt so designt und würde es mir mal drucken, wenn du keine bessere Idee hast? https://picload.org/image/rcgcdagr/frontbrace.png

Das Gleiche würde ich auch noch für deinen hinteren Framebrace nehmen. Auf ganz thingiverse gibt es da keinen guten Brace mit Mount für ne Platte :)

Schaut doch gut aus. Einfach bei beide als "remix" reinstellen. Gib Bescheid falls ich helfen kann.

Hey Leo beide Versionen sind online. Jedoch kann ich bei der anderen leider keinen remix einstellen, da er mir sagt, dass du dies nicht wünscht. Würde natürlich gerne sagen, dass es von dir ist. Ich habe ja nicht viel gemacht.

Das sollte nicht sein. Habe die Linzenz richtig gestellt. Kannst jetzt als Remix reinstellen.

Printed good works perfect Thank you

Found my issue – Brace works Perfect! 2017 model Anet A8 !! - - I had a cord on the rear brace that was pinched ever so slightly on the underside, underneath the back brace and made the front brace seem raised. Taking it apart the second time over, I found my mistake. Amazing design Leo this gives real stability to the frame. Thanks for sharing your work! Excellent !!

Great news!

Hi, I have printed this but having a issue installing my belt tensioner, upon further inspection the frame brace is covering part of the bottom hole, See picture below: http://dedi.alext.co/files/Anet.JPG

Edit: I j ust measured and it´s sticking over by 2mm, Here is a image of mine with the measurement, it´s 5mm and on the item it´s 8mm

Hi, 5mm and 8mm is correct. Please check that the distance from the hole to the bottom is 23mm:

From the bottom of the hole it measures 18.5mm and to the center it´s 22mm

Looks like the laser cut is a bit off on your printer. However, in your case I think the easiest solution is to remove some material from the printed brace.

Yup, Seems like that to me aswell. When I get back from work this afternoon I will remove some of the material and let you know how it goes

I had the same situation, mine is off by a bit also. It may be a huge batch or they changed the design, mine was purchased Apr.

I've uploaded version 1.1 to accommodate the variations of the front acrylic frame being shipped.

Hi. Vielen Dank für die front- und back-frame-brace. Die passen wirklich sehr gut! Vor allem das hintere Teil passt hervorragend!

very good piece, it fitted perfectly without any scaling or editing. The printing bed is much more stable now. A must-have for every Anet A8! :D

How do you print this, the length is 237mm and i can't figure out to fit it on my build plate

All...Is it my 2017 model of the anet a8 which has new measurements on the acrylic frame?? For me this lifts the frame up on the front and back about a quarter of an inch. Is this the intended design that the printer sits up on top of the printed part so the printer is resting on the printed support piece??

I don't don't know if the manufacturer changed anything on frame dimensions. That's something I can't control.
Fact is with the brace installed the bottom should been even with acrylic frame so that both rest evenly.
Maybe recheck if your scaling is correct?

In your slycer program you need to rotate it on the Z-axis to around 45° until it fits nicely on the bed.
Also be sure that scale is set to 100%!

Thanks Leo great design massively improved the stiffness of the whole frame as for previous comment I had no issue with scaling printing perfect first time.

My first attempt seemed far too small.

Indeed, upon checking the setting in Cura, the length of the longest edge was set at 165mm.

The acrylic plate on my printer is 235mm.

Be aware of your sizing and scale accordingly.

Comments deleted.