Polyhedra - Hinged Nets and Snap Tiles

by mathgrrl Nov 18, 2013
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Matgrrl, your work is awesome and inspiring.
I've been working with designs taking polyhedra as a point of departure, and how to print them flat. Your post enlighted me a lot. I would like to apply live hinges / compliant mechanisms to my designs but before experimenting with classic mechanics. This is one of the designs I`d like to work on. Im asking you for permission to use your hinge design into my polyhedra derivated designs.
Thank you!

That's a beautiful design in your picture. Thank you for asking and yes, you can use the hinges from this model. I also have a standalone customizable hinge here that you can use if you like: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:436737

Customizable Hinge

I would like permission to share a link to this project and physical examples at my 3D Printing in the Math Classroom presentation at the Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference. Thank you. -Josh

Permission hereby granted for DesignMakeTeach to use any of my projects, photos, or printed examples at any event ever because he is awesome.

This is an awesome design! From looking at your pictures, it seems like you need multiple models for each polygon (because the sides with 2 and 3 teeth can be distributed differently). It is possible to do this with 3 teeth on each side instead (and moreover with each side identical). The big advantage is having only one model per polygon. To see an example, do a google image search for "zaks". The idea is that each side should have trough, peak, trough, peak, trough, peak (with the alternation continuing as one goes around). Joining polygons, which are part of an orientable surface, will always work as if by magic.

Very true, and very timely of you to say so, since this afternoon I *just( finished printing a whole set of things just like that... will be posted soon and linked to here. Same snaps on every face and as long as you don't try to make a Mobius band or Klein bottle you'll be fine, as you point out! The new ones are also designed in OpenSCAD so you'll be able to customize the gaps and tolerance level of the snaps.